Ian Martin tells former romantic partner “F*ck around and find out” after not receiving belongings

24-year-old Ian Martin had a domestic incident with a past intimate partner, Robert Gill-Lavirgne, on June 24th. Authorities responded to a disturbance at the 7-Eleven on Murfreesboro Pike and located Martin. He explained his living situation with Lavirgne and told them how Lavirgne asked him to leave, to which he agreed. Lavirgne told Martin to grab his belongings before he left, but he left without them and called 911, stating that Lavirgne had his items and would leave them there. When Martin asked officers for assistance, he said, “If the police do not get here soon, it is going to be bad.” Martin told officers that he demanded Lavirgne to bring out his items, and if he did not, he would “beat his a**.” When officers spoke with Lavirgne, he shared a similar statement, adding that Martin said if he did not bring him his things, he would “F*ck around and find out.” Martin was then taken into custody for domestic assault.

Phenix Gleaves breaks into home, assaults multiple family members during altercation

22-year-old Phenix Gleaves was involved in an altercation with his step-brother, Joshua Vance, at Stagner Road on April 7th. When officers arrived, they saw Phenix talking to his father, Jason Gleaves. Once contact was made, officers could assess that Phenix was highly intoxicated. Phenix was asked what had happened, so he informed officers that he had been drinking. Phenix also stated that he and Vance got into a fight. Jason told officers that he saw that Phenix was intoxicated, so he told him to go sleep it off. This, however, led to Phenix following around Jason and screaming at him. Jason was able to separate himself from Phenix, but Phenix ended up pushing him. Jason recovered, entered his residence, locked the door, and contacted law enforcement. Vance heard the commotion and came outside to see what was going on. When he came outside, Phenix started yelling at him too. Seeing this from his window, Jason told Vance to go back inside, which he did. This made Phenix more upset, prompting him to bang on the windows to get Vance’s attention. Once unsuccessful, Phenix went back to the front door and began punching it until he was able to create a hole big enough to fit a human being. Phenix started reaching inside and successfully grabbed Vance, pulling him through the door. Once Phenix got hold of Vance, he started attacking him. Trying to defend himself, Vance hit Phenix in the face until he could create enough distance to run away. Phenix Gleaves was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury, domestic assault with fear of bodily injury, aggravated burglary, and vandalism.

Hyatt Al-Hasnawi threatens father over gun

23-year-old Hyatt Al-Hasnawi was booked on an outstanding warrant from September 12th after she threatened her father when he refused to give her his gun. Thaban Hasnawi told police that his daughter had been asking for his pistol, but it is under his name, and he didn’t feel comfortable giving it to her. After Thaban refused, Hyatt made threats over the phone, saying that if he didn’t give her the gun, she would do something to him in the morning. She never stated what would happen, but her father wished to prosecute her and was interested in an order of protection.

Paige Bond assaults husband; hurts child during dispute

21-year-old Paige Bond was booked on Saturday after assaulting her boyfriend on Moss Trail. Jason Morris advised that he and Ms. Bond had gotten into an argument after she woke up in a bad mood and began throwing things in the spare room where they were sitting. Mr. Morris stated that he was sitting on the floor by a computer desk, holding their 9-month-old child, when Ms. Bond started kicking and throwing boxes. Mr. Morris said Bond came from behind him, wrapped her arm around his back, and covered his face, trying to get their child from him, so he bit her arm to get her off. While doing this, Mr. Morris was getting up from a seated position, and the baby’s head struck the computer desk. Mr. Morris then took the child and left the apartment. Police observed a red bump on the baby’s forehead and determined Ms. Bond to be the primary aggressor.

Canadian Jonathan Bergen jailed for assault of wife in Nashville

43-year-old Jonathan Bergen was arrested on October 15th after he was seen grabbing his wife, Christina Alexander, aggressively inside Redneck Riviera and pushing her up against a chain link fence on Broadway. When officers arrived on the scene, they stated there were two individuals arguing, with one being Bergen and the other being a male who attempted to intervene after witnessing the altercation. When asked, the defendant claimed that nothing happened between himself and the victim, but multiple witnesses claimed otherwise and corroborated each other. Due to this information, Bergen was taken into custody that night and transported to booking.

Yolanda Morrison wields hammer during argument with husband

51-year-old Yolanda Morrison told police that she and her husband, Cecil Morrison, argued Tuesday. She said that the argument became physical when she decided to pick up a hammer to damage his vehicle. Ultimately, she said that it was not worth it and put the hammer down. Cecil told police that when she picked the hammer up he stood between her and his vehicle. At that time, he felt threatened by the hammer, despite Yolanda having physical contact with him. He said that he wished to prosecute, so police placed Yolanda under arrest for domestic assault.

Roderick Taylor charged in assault of the mother of his child

39-year-old Roderick Taylor showed up at his child’s mother’s apartment to see his son, where they argued, he told police, who arrived on September 19th. He said he awaited to see his son, who was still at school when he encountered Amanda Mallard, the child’s mother. He said they argued in the parking lot before she left, and he was still there when she returned. This time, they argued, and he followed her to her apartment, where he put his foot in her doorway to keep her from shutting her door.

He said he continued the argument with his foot in the door until he noticed she had brandished a knife. After he left her doorway, he said he returned to his vehicle. Police contacted Amanda, who was still in her apartment, and she told them that Roderick initially approached her as she left to pick up her child. She said he wanted to see his son, but they argued about him showing up unannounced and that the child was still at school. When she left and returned, she noticed that Roderick was still there. Roderick began banging on her car door, so she exited and took her two other children inside the apartment.

Later, she said that she had to grab batteries from her car and did not know that Roderick would still be there. He reportedly followed her to her apartment, stating, “Shut up, or I’ll hurt you,” until she got to the door, where he blocked her from closing it. She told police that she only brandished the knife because she feared Roderick attempting to enter the apartment further. He was determined to be the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Justin Rashad assaults girlfriend over apartment key

27-year-old Justin Rashad was spoken to by police after they arrived at his and his intimate partner, Kamryn Pucket’s, address for a domestic call on July 21st. Justin told the police that they began arguing over a key to their apartment and how he wanted her off the lease. He said she refused to give him the key while they argued outside the leasing office. Admittedly, Justin stated that he tried to retrieve the key from her several times and pulled her necklace off after she said that she did not want anything that he had given her. Kamryn confirmed that she felt threatened for her life after he grabbed the necklace, grabbed her to get the key, and the argument escalated.

Ethan Coles attacks brother in Nashville; his brother fought back

20-year-old Charles ‘Ethan’ Coles and his brother Daniel Coles were in downtown Nashville Tuesday when Ethan was highly intoxicated and attempted to instigate a fight with his brother. Daniel attempted to walk away to diffuse the situation when Ethan attempted to punch him in the back of the head at first and succeeded on the second attempt. In response to the attack continuing, Daniel picked up his brother and “threw him on the ground.” When he didn’t stop, Daniel then punched him in the face, leaving an injury to Ethan’s mouth. Witnesses corroborated the events, and Ethan was taken into custody.

Annette Jones forks lover during breakfast dispute

64-year-old Annette Milligan Jones was jailed after threatening her boyfriend, Jeffrey Ping, with a fork during breakfast at their home on 28th Avenue. Police spoke with Mr. Ping, who said he got upset at breakfast because he felt like Annette wasn’t showing him enough love, and if she wasn’t willing to show him love, then she needed to leave. Annette said she wasn’t going anywhere until Mr. Ping paid her the money he owed her. The argument continued, then Annette grabbed a fork and placed it under his neck, stating, “I am not going anywhere until you pay me my money.” That’s when Mr. Ping decided to call the police; he told them he was not afraid for his safety, but he wanted her to leave. Annette said she made an aggressive move toward Mr. Ping but didn’t make physical contact.