Bryan Essex shoves girlfriend to the ground; hides from police in bushes

32-year-old Bryan Essex was with his girlfriend at Losers Bar on Division Street on May 27 in Nashville. As they left for the evening, Bryan reportedly got into an argument with an unknown man on the sidewalk outside the bar. His girlfriend attempted to de-escalate the situation and intervene, but Bryan reportedly shoved her to the ground, where she landed on her back. When she got up and attempted to calm him down a second time, he grabbed her by the neck and threatened to fight everyone who was watching. As people began to call 911, Bryan hid in some nearby brush on the ground, which is where police located him.

Jacob Teachout punches father; upset he was “cooped up in the house all day”

19-year-old Jacob Teachout was jailed last week for giving his father a bloody lip during an argument at their home on Highway 100. Police spoke with Tom Teachout, who said when he came home from work, his son Jacob woke up and started screaming about how he’s been cooped up in the house all day and wanted to go out to eat. During the argument, Thomas picked their dog up to take it outside, and when he stood back up to turn around and head back inside, Jacob punched him in the face splitting his lip. During questioning, he stated that he did indeed punch his father, but it was an accident.

Gratton Rider charged in drunken rage assault of girlfriend, who he was visiting in Nashville

28-year-old Gratton Rider was jailed Thursday in Nashville, charged with the domestic assault of his girlfriend, Lindsey Smith. She had picked him up at the airport just before the incident, as he was coming into town to visit. She says he was already heavily intoxicated when she arrived, and he demanded they stop and get a vape pen on the way home; however, no stores were open that late at night. She continued home and attempted to “make him happy by playing a card game,” according to an arrest report.

When he began to lose the card game, Rider became even more angry and upset. She says he grabbed her by the arms and slammed her into a wall in the hallway, and she was able to escape to her bedroom. Rider reportedly came into her room and stood over her as she sat on her bed. She says she remembers him raising his fist at her and then the back of her head hitting the wall as he assaulted her. Officers documented multiple injuries on the victim, including a swollen eye and bruises on her face and arm.

Joshua Watson charged in assault of girlfriend, Tami Lee

34-year-old Joshua Watson was booked Wednesday after closing the door on his girlfriend’s ankle when she tried to leave the apartment on Hillside Court during an argument. Tami Lee told police that Watson blocked the door with his body, and when she finally got past him, he tried to shut the door to stop her from leaving and closed it on her ankle, leaving a laceration and bruising.

Bruce Lee arrested after fight family

32-year-old Bruce Lee was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from July 2021, when he assaulted family members at their apartment on Hollow Terrace. Police spoke with Ada Taylor, Tashina Taylor, and Christian Taylor, who all lived in the apartment with Lee. Ada is the mother of Tashina and Christian and the Godmother of Lee. Tashina and Lee were in an argument where he was cursing at her, and her brother Christian intervened, telling Lee not to speak to his mother and sister with disrespect. The family said that’s when Lee lost control and started attacking them. He hit Christian with a metal step stool, and they began to fight. Police observed a bloody gash on Christian’s left forearm. The fight continued into the living room on the couch, where Ada and Tashina helped break it up. That’s when Lee grabbed Ada’s cell phone and threw it to the ground, breaking it. At the time of his arrest, he had additional outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions.

Esvin Sanchez-Godinez stabs roommate with knife during argument

20-year-old Esvin Sanchez-Godinez was jailed on April 18th after allegedly stabbing his roommate during a fight at their home on Buckingham Court. Wanfer Mendez- Perez was transported to Tri-Star medical center, where he told police that Esvin stabbed him in his side with a knife during a fight at their home. Police responded to the house and found Esvin lying in bed with blood on his hands and a cut on the palm of his right hand. Officers saw a bloody shirt beside him and a broken knife in the kitchen. Wanfer told police that Esvin smashed his phone into the ground during the fight, destroying it completely. Esvin made statements during the investigation that were inconsistent with the incident and requested an attorney when read his Miranda rights.

AWOL Soldier Maccdousha Faulaau charged in assault of his girlfriend

20-year-old Maccdousha Faulaau, a Fort Campbell Soldier, was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from March when he assaulted his girlfriend, Mokadesha Williams, in their apartment on Centennial Boulevard. Police spoke with Ms. Williams, who also stated that Mr. Fualaau has a military warrant as he is stationed at Fort Campbell and has been AWOL since November.

Earlier in the day on March 28th, she and Faulaau got into an argument in their bedroom. At some point during the argument, he grabbed her forearms and slung her around the kitchen. Ms. Williams then punched him in the head with her right hand. Faulaau grabbed her and threw her on the couch in the living room and then onto the floor in the bedroom. When the fight stopped, she told him she was going to call the police, so he grabbed her cell phone out of her hands. She tried to leave, but there was only one door in the apartment, and she couldn’t get by him to go. She tried to yell for help out of the window, but Faulaau grabbed her and pulled her back from the window.

He kept her trapped in the apartment for over two hours without a phone. Ms. Williams then asked to use her phone to call her mom, and he agreed, but while Ms. Williams was speaking with her mother on speaker phone, her mother told her to call the police. That’s when Faulaau grabbed a knife from the kitchen and fled on foot. Ms. Williams had several bruises and scratches on her right forearm. Her shirt was torn, and she had abrasions on her left breast.

Beatrice Gayle Jones attacks roommate over thermostat setting

50-year-old Beatrice Jones was jailed on April 17th after pushing her roommate when she tried to change the temperature on the thermostat at their home on Litton Avenue. Jessica Abdulah told police that she and Jones were arguing over the thermostat setting when Jones pushed her away. They started to fight, and Jones tried to push Abdulah down the stairs. Jones admitted to pushing Abdulah away from the thermostat and that her fingernail was bent back because of it. Abdulah had scratches on her chest, back, and face. The injuries, plus the admission to pushing Abdulah, gave police probable cause to believe that Jones was the primary aggressor.

Neal Williams-Weston charged in assault of sister on University Ave in Nashville

27-year-old Neal Williams-Weston was jailed on April 14th for allegedly punching a woman in the eye during an argument and hiding from the police. Police responded to University Court and were met at the door by Williams’ sister, who told them that he woke her up by asking her to watch his kids, and he left. Police asked for consent to search the home to be sure Williams wasn’t inside. They received consent and found him hiding in an upstairs closet. Williams told police that he and Dominque Washington were drinking when they got into an argument, and she left. Police found an outstanding felony warrant for Williams on an unrelated incident.

As officers were leaving, Dominique arrived. She told police that she and Wiliams got into an argument over personal matters, and he slapped her, causing her to back up into a corner in her bedroom. She said that he yelled that he would hit her again while walking toward her. She told Williams he would not hit her, and she tried to leave the room when he punched her in her left eye. Police saw Dominique’s eye red with swelling and bruising around it, consistent with her statement.

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