Oscar Avila taken to the ground by police after kicking cousin in stomach

21-year-old Oscar Avila was involved in a domestic incident with his cousin Susan Garcia-Myorga at a Piccadilly Row apartment residence. When police officers arrived, they spoke with Garcia, who was standing outside of the apartment crying hysterically. She stated that Avila had bitten her on the arm and kicked her in the stomach. Garcia was then transported to the hospital for her stomach pain. Officers made contact with Avila and observed another man on top of a bed holding him down. Officers noticed Avila was intoxicated and crying. As officers were escorting Avila to the police vehicle, he tried to pull away and was restrained on the ground. Avila was then taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Jason Kromjong punches mother after daughter pours out his alcohol

41-year-old Jason Kromjong had a domestic altercation with his mother, Angel Picone, and his daughter, Ashley Morgan, at their Maxwell apartment on Bell Road late April 23rd. When officers arrived, they spoke with Morgan and Picone, who advised that Kromjong was irate and inebriated. Morgan told them that after she realized how intoxicated he was, she started pouring out his alcohol for his safety. This prompted Kromjong to run after her with a closed fist, putting her in fear of bodily injury. Picone corroborated Morgan’s statements, adding that she got between them to protect Morgan. Then, she stated that Kromjong struck her in the side of her head and her stomach. Kromjong was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault on April 24th.

Daniel Redd punches brother-in-law multiple times during argument

36-year-old Daniel Redd was involved in an altercation with his brother-in-law, Daniel Picazzo, at his Owendale Drive residence on April 22nd. Officers came into contact with Picazzo, who informed them that while he was arguing with Redd, he got punched in the face. Officers then spoke with Redd, who stated that he hit Picazzo in the face multiple times because he was scared that Picazzo’s wife had a gun. Picazzo told officers that his wife never pulled out a gun and that he did not have physical contact with Redd before Redd punched him. This led to officers speaking with Picazzo’s wife, who advised that after Redd punched Picazzo several times, so she pulled out a handgun to stop the assault. Officers observed multiple cuts on Picazzo’s nose, lips, and cheeks. Daniel Redd was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Derrick Watkins caught stealing Melograno Cocktails at Velocity Warehouse

49-year-old Derrick Watkins was caught stealing two Melograno Cocktails at the Velocity International Group warehouse on April 22nd. When law enforcement arrived, they received camera footage of Watkins leaving the building with the drinks. Officers made contact with Watkins, who was inside his vehicle with the drinks in plain view. Further investigation revealed that Watkins had an outstanding warrant for an incident on December 6th, 2023. The incident occurred at Christ Church with his sexual partner, Desia Clements. A witness stated that they saw a black male push a black female on the ground. Clements stated that she came to Nashville to look for a place to stay because she planned to move. According to Clements, Watkins demanded that he come with her to Nashville. While arguing about going to the gas station, Clements told Watkins she didn’t want him to drive her car. This prompted Watkins to push her to the ground. Derrick Watkins was taken into custody for the outstanding warrant and charged with theft of property and domestic assault.

Ladawn Whylly assaults sister after argument about Wi-Fi password

33-year-old Ladawn Sinead Whylly had a domestic altercation with her sister, Lashawn Donneisha Whylly, at their Doubletree Lane apartment on the afternoon of April 22nd. Lashawn told officers that she and Ladawn argued about the Wi-Fi password before they started fighting due to Ladawn barging into her sister’s room, putting her finger in her face, and hitting her. Ladawn then swung a blow dryer, but Mario Phillips, a witness, stated that he was able to block it with his arm. Ladawn told officers that she barged into Lashawn’s room and antagonized her, adding that she had every intention of hitting her with the blow dryer before it was deflected. Ladawn Whylly was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Timothy Larkin slaps girlfriend after she breaks up with him

52-year-old Timothy Larkin had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Cynthia Lerguson Ferguson, at a Mimosa Drive residence around 9:19 p.m. on April 13th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Ferguson, who stated that she and Larkin argued after she revealed that she was going to leave him. Ferguson said that when she was about to leave, Larkin pushed her into a seat and smacked her two times in the face. Ferguson said she fell, “saw blue for about three minutes,” and believed she was unconscious. She added that once she regained consciousness, she fled the scene, fearing that Larkin was going to kill her. Officers noticed Ferguson’s swollen and bruised right eye. A warrant was issued for his arrest. Larkin was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 20th.

Sherry Hutchison allegedly hits herself with crowbar repeatedly during argument with son

61-year-old Sherry Hutchison was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 20th. On April 19th, around 11:11 p.m., officers received a call to a Hilltop Lane residence, where they spoke with Charles Hutchison, Sherry’s husband, and their son, Shane Hutchison. Charles told officers that Sherry and Shane were arguing, so he decided to intervene. This was when Sherry started punching and scratching Charles, leaving multiple cuts. Shane corroborated Charles’s statement, telling officers that he and his mother argued over him “being smart” back to her. Shane advised that Sherry hit herself with a crowbar repeatedly before officers arrived. When officers spoke with Sherry, she told them she woke up and asked Shane if he was fixing the floor. Sherry stated this “set him off,” prompting Shane to attack her. She then said that Charles joined in and started to attack her, so she grabbed the crowbar to defend herself. Officers noticed she had a bump on her head before they consulted with a supervisor and deemed Sherry as the primary aggressor. Sherry was then detained for the incident.

Juan Hinojosa Jr. drags wife by her hair during argument in downtown Nashville

40-year-old Juan Antonio Hinojosa Jr. had a domestic incident with his wife, Kimberly Marie Hinojosa, near Peabody Street and Hermitage Avenue in the early hours of April 20th. Officers observed Hinojosa Jr. following his wife, yelling at her on the sidewalk before grabbing her hair from behind and dragging her to the ground. Officers requested assistance and approached the couple. Officers noticed a minor abrasion to Kimberly’s shin and detained Hinojosa Jr., who showed numerous signs of impairment as officers arrested him. Juan Antonio Hinojosa Jr. was taken into custody for public intoxication and domestic assault on April 21st.

Jakylin O’neal attacks husband while he plays video games

24-year-old Jakylin Gabrielle Pauline O’Neal had a domestic altercation with her husband, Darius Marquis Colbert, at their Walton Lane residence in the early hours of April 22nd. Colbert called the police and stated that he and O’Neal argued. He said she entered the room while he played games and swept everything off his desk. Colbert did not know why O’neal was upset, adding that she started yelling at him and hit him. Colbert told officers he was able to push her off him and separate himself, during which he tried to call 911, but she grabbed his phone and hung up, preventing the call from going through. When officers arrived, they noticed Colbert had multiple scratches on his chest and arms, a torn shirt collar, and a swollen eye. Officers deemed O’Neal as the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault and interference with an emergency call.

Sophia Sarmiento shows up at boyfriend’s house, attacks him during argument about relationship

27-year-old Sophia Sarmiento was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 20th. Around 11 p.m. on April 19th, Richmond Taylor, Sarmiento’s boyfriend, alerted the authorities that he went to Sarmiento’s Ashwood Avenue residence to talk and try to fix their relationship, which led to an argument, where he decided to leave and walked to his Monticello Street home. Taylor advised that after he returned home, Sarmiento let herself in through his front door because she had the code. They continued to talk about their issues, which caused her to become angry and aggressive, scratching and biting Taylor and leaving visible marks on his neck, chest, and right armpit.

Once Sarmiento left the residence, he called the police. She corroborated Taylor’s statement, adding that when she arrived at his house, she noticed signs of infidelity in his bedroom and tried to capture photos of it, during which he tackled and “choked” her on her bed, prompting her to bite him due to nearly losing consciousness. When he released her, she grabbed her things and left. Sarmiento provided photos to officers, showing the redness to her chest, adding that her finger was injured during the altercation, but she refused any additional medical attention. Officers deemed Sarmiento as the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for the incident.

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