18-year-old Danquiz Moore caught with cocaine & handgun during traffic stop

18-year-old Danquiz Moore rode as a passenger in a Hyundai Sonata that the police pulled over on Dickerson Pike near Queen Avenue late July 9th. During the traffic stop, they discovered the driver was 18 years old as they observed several tobacco products throughout the vehicle. Officers then had everyone exit the vehicle and detained them. When officers searched the Hyundai, they discovered a plastic baggie with about 18 grams of marijuana, another baggie with approximately 5 grams of cocaine, and two digital scales. Officers also discovered a Citadel 9mm handgun on the floorboard where Moore was sitting. Additionally, officers found tobacco products in Moore’s pocket. Moore was taken into custody for unlawful drug paraphernalia, underage nicotine possession, two counts of possession with intent, and firearm possession during a dangerous felony on July 10th.

Jared Kleinert passes out in Vanderbilt Medical Center restroom after taking unknown drug

38-year-old Jared Kleinert was seen unconscious and intoxicated at Vanderbilt Medical Center East on July 3rd. When officers arrived, they observed Kleinert unconscious on the restroom floor. When Kleinert gained consciousness, officers discovered a used syringe containing blood underneath his body. Kleinert was unable to stay awake and sit up properly on the toilet. Kleinert continuously leaned forward between his legs while on the floor so officers could not question him about the syringe. When Kleinert woke up, he was identified by his name and date of birth. Kleinert then admitted to officers that he took an unknown drug while using the bathroom. Kleinert stated that he was discharged from Vanderbilt Medical Center earlier in the morning. He added that he was attempting to go to Vanderbilt Medical Center East to pick up his prescription. Due to his condition, officers deemed he was a danger to himself, so he was taken into custody for public intoxication.

DUI: Raul Martinez smokes right before officers catch him with 5 grams of marijuana

22-year-old Raul Martinez was caught driving under the influence in the parking lot of a supply store near Oldham Street on June 6th. Officers observed the vehicle in the parking lot and approached the vehicle but noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Officers then made contact and asked Martinez why he was parked there, to which Martinez stated he was driving around town and stopped in the parking lot. Martinez admitted to officers that he was smoking marijuana inside the vehicle. Officers then proceeded to search the vehicle, and officers located 5.97 grams of marijuana, a glass pipe, and a digital scale. Officers then asked Martinez when the last time he smoked was. Martinez admitted to smoking right before officers arrived on the scene and spoke with him. Based on the smell of the marijuana, officers finding paraphernalia, and Martinez’s admittance, officers determined he was under the influence of marijuana while operating a motor vehicle. Martinez was taken into custody for possession, DUI, and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

Keith Caldwell Jr. attacks baby-momma after scrolling through her Facebook messages

28-year-old Keith Bernard Caldwell Jr. had an altercation with the mother of his child, Ciauna Washington, on the afternoon of May 7th. Washington called officers to a Safe Harbor Drive residence, advising them that Caldwell Jr. wanted to play a game on her phone, so he grabbed her phone. Caldwell Jr. then scrolled through her Facebook messages before throwing her phone onto the ground. Then, he confronted Washington, punched her in the face repeatedly, and wrapped his arm around her neck. Caldwell Jr proceeded to strangle her, hindering her breathing until he released her. Washington said when she exited the apartment, Caldwell Jr. grabbed her and threw her into a wooden fence. Officers noticed she had visible injuries from the incident, so they called an ambulance to check on her well-being. Then, medics transported her to Skyline Hospital. A warrant was issued for Caldwell Jr.’s arrest.

On May 27th, patrolling officers observed a black Lincoln sedan traveling on Donelson Pike with a tinted windshield and darker-than-legal tinted windows. When officers got closer to the Lincoln, they noticed a dark-tinted license cover obstructing the view of the license plate. Officers initiated a traffic stop near the I-40 East entrance ramp. While approaching, officers noticed a strong odor of marijuana and spoke with the driver, Caldwell Jr. Officers later discovered Caldwell Jr. had a suspended driver’s license and an active warrant. He consented to a search of his vehicle, during which officers located 31 grams of marijuana next to an empty vacuum-sealed bag, 13 grams of methamphetamine and fentanyl divided into three smaller amounts, as well as a digital scale under the driver’s seat. Caldwell Jr. was taken into custody for driving with a suspended license, possession of a controlled substance with intent, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, felony possession of Fentanyl, felony possession of marijuana, and aggravated assault.

DUI: Jacob Segroves found slumped over his steering wheel after taking cocaine

29-year-old Jacob Scott Segroves was taken into custody for driving under the influence-2nd offense, and the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia on May 21st. Around 5:04 p.m., Timothy Howell, a motorist, flagged deputies down after observing Segroves slumped over the steering wheel near the Donaldson Pike and Knapp Boulevard intersection. When officers arrived, they spoke with Howell, who advised them he was behind Segroves in traffic when he noticed he was not progressing with the flow of traffic. Howell stated he then pulled in front of Segroves’ car and started knocking on the window, trying to wake him up, but was unable to. Officers then woke up Segroves and had him exit his vehicle. Due to his condition, officers alerted the medics, but when they got there, he refused medical treatment. Afterward, Segroves allowed officers to search his car, during which they located two small clear baggies with a white powdery substance, later identified as cocaine. While being questioned about his medical history, Segroves told officers he had taken an “unknown substance,” causing him to fall into an unconscious state. Segroves then consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was detained for the occurrence.

Aaliyah Thompson caught with crack after falling asleep on side of road

21-year-old Aaliyah Thompson was found falling asleep on the curb near Lincoln Street and Lafayette Street, a high-crime area, in the morning hours of May 22nd. Officers were patrolling the area when they observed Thompson sleeping on the side of the road. Part of Thompson’s body was in the roadway, so officers warned her to move for her safety. Then, officers noticed Thompson had a “smoking pipe” in her hand as she stood up. This prompted officers to ask her if she had anything else on her, during which she emptied her pockets, dropping a folded-up $1 bill with what she later admitted was crack inside it. Additionally, Thompson had multiple pipes and burnt tin foil on her person. Thompson was taken into custody for the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and simple possession.

DUI: Kevin Wood crashes into parked car after attempting to avoid another driver

28-year-old Kevin James Wood drove and hit a parked car near Joseph Avenue and Richardson Avenue in the early hours of May 19th. When officers arrived, they observed a parked car with damage on the side of the road before noticing a vehicle down the road, wrecked and blocking the road. Officers approached the car and located Wood in the driver’s seat. Wood stated he was driving down Joseph Avenue when a car came close to him, so he tried to avoid it and hit the parked car. Wood said that he rolled down the street and could not stop. Wood denied consuming any alcohol, consented to sobriety tests, and performed poorly. After Wood was detained, officers searched him and found a plastic tube from a weed pen in his pocket that he said he used to smoke weed out of. He was informed of implied consent and agreed to provide a blood sample. Then, under Miranda, Wood admitted to drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana earlier in the day. Wood was taken into custody for driving under the influence and the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

Jonah Stasinopoulos caught with active warrant after sleeping at Nashville International Airport

42-year-old Jonah Stasinopoulos, owner of Prestige Barbershop in Murfreesboro, TN, was observed sleeping at the International Arrival area in BNA Airport on May 19th. Officers conducted a welfare check and noticed Stasinopoulos had been seen in the area the day prior. Officers spoke with him, and he told them he arrived on a flight around 7 a.m. Stasinopoulos added that his mother was coming from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to pick him up. He provided officers with his driver’s license, leading them to discover that he had active warrants for his arrest outside of Rutherford County, Tennessee. This discovery led to officers detaining Stasinopoulos. During a subsequent search, officers found multiple prescription bottles, one containing 1.5 pills of Oxycodone, hypodermic needles, and burnt substances on tin foil. Stasinopoulos was taken into custody for the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and possession without a prescription.

Spencer Fritz refuses to leave Z-Mart despite being told numerous times to leave

32-year-old Spencer Fritz trespassed at the Dickerson Pike Z-Mart late May 18th. Deputies were told that a white male wearing a blue shirt with blonde hair, later identified as Fritz, had been warned multiple times by employees that he was not allowed to be there. When officers arrived, they located Fritz and asked him if he had permission to be there, to which he stated no. Fritz added that he had been told by employees and police the day before that he was not allowed on the property, but he still returned. Officers discovered that the location had an active trespass waiver and detained Fritz for the incident. During a subsequent search of him, officers found a marijuana pipe with a “chore boy” in his left pocket, meant to smoke marijuana. Fritz also admitted that he had a metal push rod in his right pocket for drug use. Fritz was taken into custody for criminal trespass and the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia on May 19th.

Stephen Beck caught with crack pipe after sleeping under “very large” no-trespassing sign

29-year-old Stephen Logan Beck was found sleeping in the front doorway of a Hermitage Avenue property on the afternoon of May 13th. Officers located him sleeping directly under a “very large” no-trespassing sign, where they found a metal crack pipe and a lighter lying next to him. When officers spoke with Beck, he refused to provide them with his information, so they detained him for the incident. Officers discovered that the establishment had an active trespass waiver for Beck. Beck was taken into custody for the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and criminal trespass.

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