D’Andre Daniels tries to fight younger brother after playing basketball

24-year-old D’Andre Daniels was involved in a domestic altercation with his juvenile brother at their Fain Street residence at 11:50 p.m. on July 1st. When officers arrived, they spoke with Daniels’ younger brother. He stated that while outside, he and Daniels began tossing around a basketball and that Daniels started yelling obscenities, trying to provoke him into an argument. The juvenile then claims that Daniels threw the basketball hard at him, striking his chest. Daniels then began yelling more profanity and threatened to fight his younger brother when he asked why he did that. Proceeding with this, their eldest brother, Anthony Washington, confronted Daniels because Washington felt that the juvenile’s safety was in jeopardy. Washington told Daniels to step outside if he wanted to fight another grown adult instead of a juvenile, and the two bumped chests.

Daniels’ younger brother told officers that this was when he got their mother, Aiesha Daniels, who attempted to separate the two older brothers. Aiesha didn’t think she could stop them if they fought, so she called the police. Anthony and Daniels then went their separate ways, and the juvenile grabbed the basketball off the floor so that Daniels could no longer hit him with it. Upset by this, Daniel took the basketball and threatened the juvenile with another fight, calling him profanities again. Daniels proceeded to shoulder check, push, and get into the juvenile’s face. The juvenile also told officers that he was in fear of bodily injury as he thought Daniels was going to punch him. Officers then spoke with Washington, who stated that he witnessed Daniels’s shoulder check, push, and threaten the juvenile during their altercation. When officers spoke and asked Daniels what happened, he only claimed that “words were exchanged.” Due to the statements made, Daniels was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: John Todd found asleep in car after causing crash, tells police he needs to “make changes in his life”

66-year-old John Todd was seen driving under the influence after a vehicle collision on a parked car near Music Valley Drive on July 3rd. Officers were flagged down by personnel, and when they arrived, they spoke with the victim. The victim stated that Todd appeared to be intoxicated and was asleep in his vehicle. Officers observed Todd sleeping in the driver’s seat with the car off. Officers then woke up Todd, and while speaking with him, he admitted to drinking alcohol before driving his vehicle. Todd also admitted to having too much to drink and told officers he thought he could drive. Todd then admitted to causing damage to the victim’s vehicle. Todd informed officers that as he was making a turn, he must have made it too tight, causing damage to the passenger side of the victim’s vehicle. Officers observed damage to Todd’s vehicle as well as a flat tire. While officers spoke with Todd, they immediately smelled alcohol coming from him and his vehicle, as well as his slurred speech. Officers then asked Todd to perform sobriety tests, which he consented to. However, he performed poorly on all tests that were given. Todd then agreed to a breathalyzer test, and the result came back as .100% BAC. However, officers noted that Todd’s BAC was probably higher when the incident occurred, as the accident had happened an hour before the officers arrived. Todd told officers that he needs to “make changes in his life” so he would not drink and drive like he did. Todd was then deemed intoxicated, and he was taken into custody for DUI.

Nicola Spillman violates order of protection in place for woman and child

35-year-old Nicola Spillman was served an order of protection on March 15th. On June 5th, around 3 a.m., while officers were on a separate call for service, they looked up Nicola and Kanestria Spillman through NCIC, who were together at the time, and discovered that Kanestria has an active order of protection against Nicola, that does not expire until March 19th, 2027, which was verified with Summit Ohio County Sheriff’s Office. When officers arrived and tried to arrest Nicola, Kanestria became very argumentative, telling them she would be waiting outside the Night Court Commissioner’s office upon her release. Kanestria added that she would pick her up, and they would leave to return to Ohio. Officers later found that there was a child in the vehicle who was also on the order of protection. Nicola Spillman was taken into custody for an order of protection violation on June 5th.

Brandon Smith aggressively swerves around traffic on I-40, tells police he was “just trying to get home.”

31-year-old Brandon Smith was speeding in his black 2020 Land Rover Range Rover on I-40 on December 30th, 2023. Officers observed  Smith swerving around traffic aggressively and at high speeds. The vehicle was then seen slowing down on Murfreesboro Pike and aggressively turning to get onto the I-40 ramp. When officers came into contact with Smith, he stated that he didn’t do anything wrong and was trying to get home. Officers cited Smith for the violation that day. Smith was later booked on the citation of reckless driving on May 1st, 2024.

Dayton Unger strangles girlfriend, tells police “whatever she says happened is what happened”

25-year-old Dayton Unger had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Ivy Cook, at his Terry Place residence in the early hours of April 22nd. When officers arrived, Unger walked up to speak with them, holding his hands out, knowing he was about to go to jail. He stated while at the Tequila Cowboy, he and Cook argued because he was upset for “unknown reasons,” adding that he was feeling intoxicated at this point.

Unger said he went to the parking garage, where bystanders calmed him down before he and Cook drove to his house. When they arrived, he advised another argument ensued, where he picked up a chair and hit her windshield, destroying it. Unger admitted to placing his hand around her throat and squeezing for approximately 5 seconds. He said that during this, he let go of her, causing her to fall to the ground. The neighbors observed this and confronted Unger, telling him he would attack him if he continued to assault her.

Officers spoke with Cook, who corroborated Unger’s statements, adding that he could not get inside when they arrived at his house. Then she said they argued, and he went around the back, where she heard a loud noise, which she later discovered was him shattering her windshield with a chair. She said that he pushed her to the ground and strangled her, leaving visible marks. Ring camera footage showed Unger grabbing a chair, but it didn’t capture Unger strangling Cook. He repeatedly told the police that whatever Cook says happened is what happened . She was then transported to Summit Hospital for medical treatment, and Unger was transported to booking.

DUI: Laura Nieves swerves out of lane after drinking bottle of Corona

35-year-old Laura Nieves swerved left, out of her travel lane, and nearly collided with another vehicle on Bell Road in the early hours of April 12th. Officers were patrolling the area near Couchville Pike when they observed this, so they initiated a traffic stop and noticed she showed signs of impairment. Additionally, officers saw a case of Corona on the passenger seat, an empty Corona bottle on the floor with liquid spilled around it, and another opened, half-full Corona behind the passenger seat. Nieves told officers she was coming from JB’s Pour House, where she went after leaving work. She reeked of alcohol as she consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. After officers read implied consent to Nieves, she refused to provide a chemical sample. Nieves was taken into custody for an implied consent violation, an open container violation, and driving under the influence.

David Sharp strangles girlfriend because she wants to see her daughter

49-year-old David Sharp was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Candice Briggs, at Aaronwood Drive on April 8th. Officers arrived and made contact with Briggs inside the house, hugging a chair and crying. Candice was asked what happened but would continue to lie on the ground and cry. Candice eventually spoke to officers and told them that an issue had been going on for a few days and that she had called before. However, this address has not contacted law enforcement in the last 48 hours. Candice explained that an argument started when she told Sharp she wanted to see her daughter. When the couple got back home, they consumed some alcoholic beverages. During the argument, Sharp slammed Candice’s head on the ground. Candice also told officers that Sharp strangled her, which made her blackout. A medic on the scene observed Briggs’s injuries and saw redness around Candice’s neck and chest, a long scratch on her neck, as well as broken nails on her fingers. Sharp told officers that there was a verbal argument, but the only time that he put his hands on her was when he helped her from the car because she was intoxicated. David Sharp was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and aggravated assault.

DUI: Samuel Pimentel flips car during crash, tells police “I F*cked up”

26-year-old Samuel Pimentel had a single-vehicle accident on Elm Hill Pike in the early hours of March 26th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Brandi Johnson, who stated she witnessed the vehicle leave the roadway, hit a mailbox, and flip over. She added that she approached it while two other males began to help Pimentel, who was stuck inside. Johnson advised that Pimentel was the only one in the vehicle. Officers spoke with Pimentel and noticed he was visibly intoxicated. He told them that his leg hurt from the accident, so when they asked him to take sobriety tests, he refused. Officers informed Pimentel of implied consent, and he declined to provide a chemical sample. Pimentel was detained, during which he almost fell on the ground entering the car, making statements such as: “I f*cked up” and “I am a piece of sh*t,” but would not specify why. Pimentel stated he understood why he was being punished, and when officers asked if he was the only one driving, he said, “Maybe, maybe not.” He told them that he was by himself all night and was on the way to Missouri from South Carolina for training and only stopped in Nashville for the day. Officers confirmed that Pimentel was the vehicle’s registered owner but repeatedly stated he did not know how it happened. Pimentel was taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.

Elic Page assaults ex-boyfriend, prevents him from leaving apartment during argument

30-year-old Elic Page was jailed on March 3rd for assaulting his ex-boyfriend during an argument on Shurgard Way. Nathaniel Browning stated that he was trying to remove his property from Elic’s apartment when Elic put his hands on him and wouldn’t let him leave. Nathaniel explained that he was moving out of the apartment because he and Elic broke up. Nathaniel stated that Elic forced him onto the bed. When Nathaniel tried to leave the apartment, Elic blocked the door with his body, preventing Nathaniel from leaving. Officers reviewed video footage revealing Nathaniel telling Elic he just wanted to get his things and leave. Then, the footage showed Elic forcing Nathaniel back and slamming the front door shut.

According to Elic, he only made physical contact with Nathaniel when he tried to hug him. A witness corroborated Nathaniel’s story by stating that Elic grabbed him several times and even pinned him against the wall. The witness had multiple videos on her phone confirming Nathaniel’s story. Nathaniel later changed his story and stated that Elic never threatened or assaulted him. Elic was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Youssef Hanna shoots gun outside Larry’s Ultra Lounge, tells police he was “Just having fun”

25-year-old Youssef Hanna was seen shooting his firearm from the backseat of a silver sedan near Larry’s Ultra Lounge in the early hours of February 20th. Jamie Clark witnessed this and alerted the authorities, advising them that after the shots were fired, the sedan went down Murfreesboro Pike. Officers received an update on the vehicle, located it approaching Donelson Pike, and noticed the driver, later identified as Hanna’s father, arguing with Hanna. When officers initiated their emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop, Hanna was the first to exit the vehicle. Officers also detained his mom, who was in the passenger seat, and his father, the driver. Detectives located a pistol grip in plain view in the pocket behind the driver’s seat, which was later identified as a black Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard .380 caliber that was loaded with a round in the chamber. Then, officers found a bag in the backseat containing 174 rounds of .380 caliber ammunition, magazines, and two more empty .380 shell casings. Hanna had an empty silver magazine in his pocket when officers searched him. Hanna admitted to shooting in the air from the car after drinking 4-5 beers and 4-5 shots of vodka at Larry’s Ultra Lounge. Officers tried to explain that shooting your firearm while intoxicated is a crime, and Hanna stated that he was “just having fun.” Hanna then explained that he thought it was okay to shoot it in the air and that he did not point it at anyone. Hanna was taken into custody for possessing a weapon while under the influence.