Paul Gladstone charged with DUI after interstate crash in Nashville

41-year-old Paul Gladstone was found leaning on a concrete barrier after a car crash on I-40 East, not knowing what happened. Police arrived on the accident scene and found Paul around 11 p.m. on August 20th. Witnesses and drivers involved in the crash said that Paul was swerving through lanes before he hit the concrete barrier and other drivers. Paul was taken to Summit Hospital after he stated that he had chest pains and admitted to police that he drank an unknown amount of tequila before driving. He showed signs of intoxication while performing sobriety tests and agreed to do a blood test at the hospital. Once he was discharged from Summit Hospital, he was placed into custody for DUI.

DUI: Colton Weinberg charged after blowing 0.128% BAC on breathalyzer

25-year-old Colton Weinberg was observed behind the wheel of a vehicle parked on the grass median on Ashland City Highway near the Cheatham County line Monday night. They met Colton, who had bloodshot eyes consistent with intoxication. A witness said that they saw Colton follow them in the wrong lane of traffic before he pulled into the median. Police performed standardized field sobriety tests, which Colton performed poorly. Colton told police under Miranda that he had been to Bavarian Brewhouse earlier, where he had two beers and a shot of Crown. Colton was transported to booking, where he yielded a 0.128% BAC.

DUI: Hudson Kelly reportedly ‘white claw wasted’ during crash

29-year-old Hudson Kelley was found at the scene of an accident where he crashed a 2012 Hyundai Elantra into another car and then a concrete barrier. Police arrived at the accident scene on I-40 West near mile marker 207 and spoke to the witness whose car Hudson hit. The witness stated that Hudson was swerving before he hit their car. Police found a Whiteclaw can in the passenger side of Hudson’s vehicle while medics were checking him out. Hudson was very talkative, smelled of alcohol, and was unsteady.

When police spoke to him about the Whiteclaw, they reported that Hudson became quiet and refused to answer questions. He stated he was coming home from work with his boss, but then police overheard him tell a friend that he was coming from a bowling alley. Police reported that Hudson was experiencing mood swings where he cried, was placed into custody, would yell and cuss at the officer, and would later apologize. Hudson kept repeating that he had never been in an accident before and asked why he was driving his brother’s car.

As police told him that he was being placed under arrest for DUI, he said that he could not be due to him not owning a car or him driving; he just said that he was going home. After he refused to perform sobriety tests, he asked if he could smoke a cigarette, but police had just observed him smoking three. He said he had not smoked for years, yet just smoked moments earlier. Hudson was confused about which car was his and which family member was picking him up. He was placed into custody after he refused to give a blood or breath sample.

Taylor York charged after slapping husband at Nashville Airport

33-year-old Taylor York was seen by police arguing with her husband, James Allen York III, at Nashville International Airport. They spoke to Taylor and James, who both confirmed that Taylor slapped James. Taylor said that she took the argument too far, and police saw the incident on camera. Taylor was deemed the primary aggressor and was cited for domestic assault on July 22nd. She was placed into booked on the charge this week.

Julia Lange charged with assault of her friend at Margaritaville hotel in Nashville

49-year-old Julia Lange was seen by security at Margaritaville Hotel on Rep John Lewis Way slapping Melinda Olson in the face several times. They told police of the incident when they arrived on Friday morning. Security also told police that she took Melinda’s key card to the hotel room and left Melinda in the lobby. Melinda was escorted back upstairs, and when Julia answered the door, she was verbally abusive towards Melinda. Police heard a scuffle inside as well as a voice saying, “I will kill you,” and “Why did you hit me?” Then they heard a slapping sound, they knocked, and Julia opened the door. Inside, police could see Melinda lying on the room floor with blood on her face and knee. When they asked Melinda what happened, she told police that Julia hit her in the face. Police observed injuries to Melinda’s knee, nose, and neck. Melinda had no injuries before entering the room. Julia was determined to be the primary aggressor and was charged with domestic assault.

Donal Rodriguez-Avalos attacks girlfriend when she attempts to go out with a friend

25-year-old Donal Alexander Rodriguez-Avalos attacked his lover when she was leaving to go out with her friend, according to police. Sarahi Valle, Donal’s wife, told police that when they arrived Wednesday at her residence on Anderson Rd., Donal beat her. She said that when she was leaving to go out with her friend Donal grabbed her, hit her in the face, tried to pull her upstairs, threw her on the couch, and strangled her with one hand. She said that she did not lose consciousness but struggled to breathe. Police asked if she believed he intended to kill her, and she said that she did not know. Paramedics were observing Sarahi before she was transported to Southern Hills Hospital. Police observed bruising on her face, a bloodied, swollen lip, scratches on her neck and back, and blood inside her ears that EMS found. She said the scratches on her back were from him attempting to pull her up the stairs.

Deon Brown flees from police after burglarizing vehicles

18-year-old Deon Brown was witnessed burglarizing vehicles at Rivrhouse Apartments, and then he ran from police. Officers arrived at Riverhouse Apartments early Wednesday morning and after they spoke to Mr. Schnarrs on a call. Mr. Scnarrs said that he saw an african american male burgle vehicles at the complex and was currently inside a white Chevy Suburban. When the police arrived, they saw Deon in the Suburban, who matched Mr. Scharrs’s description. When they attempted to make contact with Deon, he ran from them down Middleton St. towards Nance Ave with two objects in his hands. Deon ditched the items at Academy Pl. and Hermitage Ave., and police pursued him until they caught him at Lindsley Ave.

Mr. Brooks, who owned the Suburban, said he was missing two machetes and a tobacco grinder from his vehicle, which totaled approximately $60. He also said that he did not know how Deon gained access to his vehicle due to no signs of forced entry. Mr. Schnarrs participated in a show-up where he positively identified Deon as the subject. Deon told police he took the machetes and ditched them, but his tobacco grinder was his. The grinder was found and given back to Mr. Brooks. Ring camera footage showed Deon getting into the Suburban while the alarm went off and taking items, but it was hard to identify the items due to the camera being so far away.

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