George McCutcheon jailed after violating an order of protection from girlfriend

63-year-old George McCutcheon knowingly violated an order of protection from his girlfriend, Carol Swimmer, by showing up at her house intoxicated and arguing with her. On July 21st, Carol Swimmer, George’s girlfriend, told police that he was intoxicated at her house when she had an order of protection against him. MNPD confirmed that there was a temporary order of protection at that time before they arrived and spoke with Carol. The two were separated and told police that they were arguing; police reported that George was unsteady on his feet and had slurred speech. They also noted that there was a cut on his eye which he told them while en route to the jail was a result of Carol assaulting him. He told police he knew of the order of protection and refused medical treatment. Carol was not placed into custody due to George’s level of intoxication and his changing his story to the assault, not allowing police to have probable cause.