Samuel Jennings angrily snaps door handle off Airbnb

49-year-old Samuel Jackson Jennings was banging on a door to the Airbnb apartments above Boot Barn on Broadway late April 4th. Officers overheard this and went to the noise, where they located him snapping the handle off a steel door. When officers approached him, he was very irate and showed signs of impairment, so they deemed him a danger to himself and others. Jennings was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Lance Biddle bothers police on Broadway

35-year-old Lance Daniel Biddle approached several officers in front of Jason Aldean’s Bar on April 7th. He advised that he was intoxicated and wanted to address an issue regarding another officer who was patrolling a different part of Broadway. During this, he showed numerous signs of intoxication and made multiple remarks about being drunk in public. Biddle had sat down on private property and appeared to have passed out, so an officer conducted a wellness check, but he refused medical attention. Biddle added that he tried giving the officer the “benefit of the doubt” since he mentioned his wife was nearby, so he walked off but returned to confront him.

Then, after becoming irate, Biddle approached a group of officers about a block away to discuss the incident. Biddle said he wanted to speak with a supervisor, so they contacted one immediately. While officers waited, they tried to get a description of the officer that Biddle had an issue with, but he could not provide enough description for them and accused them of knowing each other after they asked for further details.

He then became frustrated and argumentative, requesting them to return his ID, which they did, and he walked away while shouting things at them. Shortly after, Biddle reapproached the officers, trying to engage in an argument. They told him repeatedly that a supervisor had been called to address his complaint. Officers Ferrari, Ehman, Prader, Pearce, and Diesel witnessed the interaction. Biddle was then deemed a danger to himself and others and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Chevaya Gordon caught crushing up cocaine

37-year-old Chevaya Gordon was caught crushing up a white powdery substance in his silver Ford SUV at 3rd Avenue South on March 9th. When Gordon noticed officers approaching him, he dimmed the lights and rolled up the windows. When officers made contact with him, they demanded that he and the passenger step out. Gordon stepped out and dropped the white powder on the asphalt before he could be checked. The substance was collected from the ground and tested positive for one gram of cocaine. Officers proceeded to conduct a probable cause search for the car, which yielded drug paraphernalia as well.

Joshua Johnson caught with cocaine, tells police it helps “clear his nose.”

31-year-old Joshua Johnson was found inside a silver Ford SUV at 3rd Avenue South on March 9th. Officers observed the driver of the SUV crushing up a white powdery substance, so both he and Johnson were told to exit the vehicle. Officers conducted a probable cause search of the car and located a brown wooden box containing 10.8 grams of cocaine. Once Johnson was Mirandized, he admitted to owning the box but denied that there was any powder inside. While officers were further investigating, Johnson stated that the powder was “crushed ibuprofen” that he uses to help “clear his nose.” Multiple other drug instruments were located inside the brown wooden box, including a pipe and a digital scale. Joshua Johnson was charged with possession with intent and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and taken into custody on March 10th.

18-year-old Malachi Hood falls out of car on Broadway after drinking 12 Twisted Teas

18-year-old Malachi Hood opened the rear door of a black sedan as it traveled down Broadway, hitting two patrol cars in the early hours of March 9th. No visible damage was done to the cars, but officers observed Hood trying to exit the sedan while it moved. This caused Hood to fall out of the vehicle. Hood tried to walk away as officers told him to stop. When officers caught up to Hood, he showed multiple signs of intoxication. Officers then detained Hood, who, after being Mirandized, admitted to consuming twelve Twisted Teas. Hood spat multiple times during their interaction in the back of the patrol car. Hood was taken into custody for public intoxication, vandalism, and required posting.

Michigan Tourist Marissa Louk interferes with officers arresting her boyfriend on Broadway

24-year-old Marissa Katelyn Louk physically interfered with officers while they were placing her boyfriend in custody outside of Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk on Broadway early March 3rd. Officers repeatedly warned her not to interfere, but she ignored them. Then, when Louk attempted to intervene again, officers detained her. Officers noticed she had numerous indicators of intoxication and placed her into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Michigan Tourist Jarred Parker drunkenly dives onto police vehicle for no reason

24-year-old Michigan Tourist Jarred James Parker dove onto a patrol car near Broadway and 3rd Avenue South around 3 a.m. on March 3rd. Officers observed this and then located Parker shortly after, who showed numerous signs of impairment and reeked of alcohol. Officers detained Parker, and once he was in the back of the patrol car, he kicked the passenger side window repeatedly, causing damage. Parker was taken into custody for vandalizing government property, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

English tourist Charlotte Standen resists arrest during Broadway Brawl

37-year-old Hampshire, England, tourist Charlotte Standen was part of a Broadway brawl late Friday night, which included her partner. As she attempted to remove her partner from the fight, officers arrived and attempted to separate everyone and remove Standen from the brawl. Her partner then began to walk away, and when officers told him to stop, she got between him and officers in an attempt to prevent him from being detained. She was advised to step aside and not interfere, but she refused and would not place her hands behind her back. She was eventually taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Ronald Knott had shrooms on him while selling Nitrous Oxide balloons at Phish

21-year-old Ronald Knott was observed in the area of the Walk of Fame Park just outside the Phish concert in downtown Nashville this weekend. Officers described a sea of fifty to one hundred people who were all partaking in inhaling nitrous oxide via inflated balloons. Officers noted some were talkative; some were talking about how high they were; some were quiet, while others vomited. Knott admitted to selling balloons for $10 apiece and, during a search, was in possession of 20.5g of mushrooms containing psilocybin separated by three baggies. Knott was taken into custody.

Rhonda Cain jailed after filling nitrous oxide balloons in downtown Nashville #Phish

35-year-old Rhonda Cain of South Carolina was seen near the Walk of Fame Park near the Phish concert in downtown Nashville. Officers described a sea of fifty to a hundred people all filling and inhaling inflated balloons filled with nitrous oxide. Officers noticed that some were talking about how high they were, others were quiet, and some were even actively vomiting. 

Cain was noticed by officers allegedly filling balloons for people out of the back of a black wagon before handing them off to multiple individuals. Upon noticing officers, Cain reportedly dropped a balloon and removed her hand from the nitrous oxide canister. Although she attempted to distance herself from the canister, officers brought Cain in on the charge of distributing toxic vapors.