DUI: Richard Bankston tells officers he “had drunk too much to drive”

42-year-old Richard Bankston was caught driving under the influence near a bar on Rivergate Parkway on June 10th. When officers arrived on the scene, they made contact with Richard Bankston and Jennifer Davis, who stated they had been kicked out of the bar but should not have been. While speaking with the pair, officers noticed their slurred speech, unstable balance, and the smell of alcohol coming from their breath. Officers ran both IDs and noticed Davis had three prior DUIs. Bankston had one prior DUI and a canceled license. When speaking with officers, Davis admitted to having two drinks, and Bankston admitted that he had drunk too much to drive. Davis was also in the process of ordering an Uber and leaving, so officers stayed until the Uber came and watched them both leave.

About a half hour later, officers were patrolling the area when they noticed Bankston and Davis standing in the parking lot again. The officers then observed Bankston walk and clear out the passenger seat of a vehicle before Davis got into the passenger seat. Bankston then entered the driver’s seat and started driving before officers initiated a traffic stop. Officers then asked Bankston to walk to the back of the vehicle to perform sobriety tests, which he accepted, but officers noticed numerous indicators of impairment, and he refused to continue the rest of the test after performing poorly on the first one. Bankston also refused to give a blood sample, and he was taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.

DUI: Jessica Alcorn crashes into multiple vehicles & divider wall, tells officers someone cut her off

21-year-old Jessica Alcorn was arrested after wrecking into multiple vehicles late June 8th. Around 10:55 p.m., officers were called regarding a vehicle driving erratically then wrecking into multiple vehicles and the divider wall. When officers arrived, Alcorn was sitting on the road with the medics. Officers approached and spoke with Alcorn, during which she reeked of booze and advised them that someone had cut her off, causing her to wreck. During their interaction, Alcorn repeated her statements repeatedly. When officers inventoried her vehicle, they located THC products and opened bottles of liquor. Alcorn consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and after being read implied consent, refused to provide a chemical sample. After officers obtained a warrant for a blood draw, they transported Alcorn to Nashville General Hospital and detained her for the incident. Alcorn was taken into custody for driving under the influence, an open container violation, and an implied consent violation on June 9th.

DUI: Maryam Farsain tells officers she “pleads the fifth” after swerving into the shoulder of the road

44-year-old Maryam Farsain was observed driving slower than the posted speed limit around 9 p.m. on May 11th. Maryam drove over the fog line for about five seconds before officers initiated a traffic stop. They approached the driver’s side, where Maryam stated she did not notice driving in the shoulder lane and appeared confused. She reeked of alcohol, and when asked how much she had to drink, she took a pause and said she would plead the fifth while covering her mouth with her hands. Officers asked her to step out of her vehicle, and she rolled up her window and sat for about five seconds while “making movements” near the center console, which led to them opening her car door. She refused to take sobriety tests or provide a chemical sample. Maryam was then taken into custody for driving under the influence and an implied consent violation.

DUI: Nicki Selby speeds down Lebanon Pike after drinking fireball

49-year-old Nicki Selby was observed speeding on Lebanon Pike in the early hours of May 2nd. Officers then conducted a traffic stop and noticed she smelled strongly of alcohol. She then admitted to having a glass and a half of wine and a shot of Fireball. She consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and agreed to provide a breath sample, which resulted in 0.117 BAC%. Officers then searched her vehicle and located a Ruger handgun in her purse that was in the front seat. Selby was taken into custody for possession of a weapon while under the influence, an implied consent violation, and driving under the influence.

DUI: Jared Horton speeds down I-40 East at 81 mph after tasting several whiskeys at Burger & Grain

28-year-old Jared Cory Horton was speeding on I-40 East near Mile Marker 209.8 late April 27th. State Trooper Hearn observed him going 81 mph in a 55-mph zone, activated his emergency equipment, and conducted a traffic stop at Mile Marker 210.2. When asked why he was speeding, Horton told him he was heading home from work. Hearn noticed Horton reeked of alcohol as he provided him with his driver’s credentials. This prompted Hearn to ask if he had anything to drink, which Horton ignored and continued explaining why he was speeding. Horton stated that he did not consume any alcohol or have any in the vehicle. Trooper Hearn instructed Horton to exit his car, and while doing so he showed signs of impairment. Hearn then asked Horton to take sobriety tests, which he consented to and performed poorly. After performing poorly on sobriety tests, Horton admitted to tasting several whiskeys throughout his shift as a bartender at Burger & Grains, adding that he had not drunk anything within the last two hours. He was informed of implied consent and refused to provide a chemical sample. Horton was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an implied consent violation.

DUI: Kevin Cascante nearly collides with unmarked police vehicle on Charlotte Pike

38-year-old Kevin Cascante drove his 2023 Nissan Rogue through a red light near 51st Avenue and Charlotte Pike in the early hours of April 24th. He nearly collided with Lieutenant Joshua Lefler’s unmarked metro vehicle. Lefler honked at Cascante, who put his hazards on and stopped in a travel lane. After Lefler passed by, Cascante got behind him and tailgated his vehicle closely, swerving back and forth as if he were going to hit him. Then, Lefler conducted a traffic stop near White Bridge Pike and I-40 East, where he advised additional officers that he believed Cascante was impaired. When officers spoke with Cascante, they noticed he reeked of alcohol and transported him to the Chic-Fil-A on Charlotte Pike for sobriety tests, but he refused to take them. After being read implied consent, Cascante declined to provide a chemical sample. Cascante was also previously arrested in Nashville for a 2022 public intoxication incident where he spat on people in downtown Nashville. Cascante was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an implied consent violation.

DUI: Alexander Popko drives in wrong direction down Ellington Parkway to get to hotel

30-year-old Alexander Kamilus Popko was driving in the wrong direction near Ellington Parkway and Hart Lane in the early hours of April 21st. When officers arrived, they noticed a truck facing southbound in the northbound lanes on the left shoulder, so they approached it, where they located Popko, who told them he was trying to get to his hotel. He told officers he had consumed alcohol, which they could smell, so they prompted him with sobriety tests. Popko performed poorly, telling them he was too drunk to take the tests. He then refused to provide a chemical sample and was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an implied consent violation.

DUI: Karlie Tankersley caught with 6 Xanax after crashing car on Burkitt Road

31-year-old Karlie Tankersley had a single-vehicle accident on Burkitt Road on April 17th. When officers arrived, they located Tankersley, who was taken to the ambulance but refused to be transported to the emergency room. She stated she had a glass of wine about an hour before driving, so she was asked to take sobriety tests, which she consented to and performed poorly. Officers deemed her too impaired to drive her vehicle, and she was detained. When she was handed over to DCSO, a search located six and a half white Xanax pills in the back of her wallet. Tankersley was taken into custody for an implied consent violation, driving under the influence, and contraband in a penal institution.

DUI: Grisell Pirela speeds, swerves between lanes on I-24 East

38-year-old Grisell Pirela was swerving and speeding on I-24 East in the early hours of April 6th. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop. Officers approached the passenger’s side, spoke with Pirela, and requested her driver’s credentials. While she searched for her documents, officers noticed a strong alcoholic odor on her person. Officers then asked Pirela if she had anything to drink, to which she replied yes. They had her exit her vehicle and walk to the front of their patrol car, where she showed multiple signs of intoxication. Then, Pirela advised officers that she had a metal rod in her left leg and had been recently diagnosed with vertigo. Pirela took sobriety tests, performed poorly, and, after being informed of implied consent, refused to provide a chemical sample. Pirela was taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.  

DUI: Gary Satyshur charged after driving on wrong side of road, brought drugs into jail

66-year-old Gary Satyshur was driving the wrong way on Old Hickory Blvd near Woodbury Falls Drive in the early hours of January 11th. Officers observed the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop, noting the car had mud on the right front tire and damage to the bumper. Satyshur was reportedly not able to make sense of his surroundings and had slurred speech, as well as reeking of alcohol. He initially admitted to having one vodka tonic at 6 p.m. He then later said he had two vodka tonics at 7 p.m. Satyshur attempted field sobriety tests but was unable to keep his eyes open or maintain his balance. Medics were called to clear him due to possible low blood sugar. Medics declared Satyshur was medically ok, with regular blood sugar readings. He was transported to booking, where intake officers discovered three Gabapentin pills in his pocket.

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