Andre Johnson drunkenly strangles fiancé multiple times during argument at Baymont Hotel

40-year-old Andre Johnson was jailed Sunday morning after police reported to Baymont Hotel on Northcreek Boulevard for a noise complaint. The hotel manager told the police they wanted the guests removed from the property. Upon arrival, officers contacted Andre, who was smoking a cigarette on the balcony. Officers immediately noticed Johnson had scratch marks on his face and that there was an unmistakable odor of alcohol coming from his person. Johnson seemed annoyed with officers as he explained that the scratches on his face came from his fiancé, Kristen Trantham, after getting into an argument. He then began rambling about moving from North Carolina to Tennessee, but Johnson wouldn’t explain what happened between the two.

Kristen told police that she was visiting Johnson for the weekend. They had been out at a pool hall drinking, and he had passed out in the passenger’s seat on the way home. When they arrived at the hotel, Kristen tried to wake Johnson, but he wouldn’t wake up. She then slapped him in the face to get him up, but he still wouldn’t wake up, so she left him in the car and went to their room. Johnson came to the room shortly after and began yelling at her. He then grabbed Kristen by the throat and began strangling her. She finally got away and went into the bathroom, where Johnson then opened the door and shoved Kristen off the toilet. When she left the bathroom, Johnson began strangling her again, and she fell to the floor. Kristen explained that she tried to hit Johnson to get him off her. He finally stopped strangling her and left the room. Officers observed marks and bruising on Kristen’s neck. Johnson later admitted that he had six beers and a half a pint. He was placed into custody and transported to booking.

Victoria Martin attempts to steal $65 Puma shoes from JCPenney

35-year-old Victoria Martin was at JCPenney when officers conducted a business check on the afternoon of November 28th. Kenneth Payne, the loss prevention manager of JCPenney, advised officers that he witnessed Martin put on one of their beanies, tear the tag off, and put it back. Then, she put on a pair of shoes, placed her shoes into the shoebox, took off those shoes, and put on a Pair of Puma shoes before trying to leave the store without paying. Martin claimed that she was going to get her stepdad, who was outside, to pay for the shoes. Payne wanted to prosecute for shoplifting and provided officers surveillance confirming his version of events. Officers discovered Martin was previously charged with shoplifting in Sumner County in December last year. She was taken into custody for shoplifting.

James Jameson — too drunk to walk in Nashville

42-year-old James Jameson was jailed on September 24 after police found him sitting in the middle of Marita Avenue. He told officers that he was walking home and decided to sit down because he had a lot to drink. He slurred as he spoke and was unsteady on his feet. The officers had to help him to his feet and walk to the patrol vehicle. Officers asked Jameson if he had any weapons, and he stated that he did not, but when officers conducted a pat down, they located a loaded Glock 19 on his hip, a Ka-bar knife, and a pocketknife. Jameson was placed into custody and transported to Davidson County booking.