Deidre Kyzer assaults sister for entering her room, throwing her belongings

29-year-old Deidre Kyzer had a domestic altercation with her sister, Kathryn Kyzer, at their family home on Gordon Lane in the early hours of February 8th. When the officers arrived, they spoke with Kathryn, who advised them that her sister had been throwing away items belonging to their parents and was arguing with them about it. Then, Kathryn started throwing Deidre’s items in the hallway, trying to get her to understand what she was doing to her parents. This caused Deidre to push Kathryn in the chest and into the wall. Kathryn said that she pushed Deidre back to get away from her. Their parents, who witnessed the incident, corroborated Kathryn’s statement. Deidre stated she was not trying to put her hands on Kathryn and was trying to get her to stop touching her things and entering her room. Deidre Kyzer was taken into custody for domestic assault.