Larogerrick Moore throws glass vase at mother of his child when asked to watch the infant

34-year-old Larogerrick Moore and his baby momma threw things at each other after she asked him to watch their infant. On July 26th, MNPD officers arrived at a residence on Cheyenne Blvd and spoke to Latoya McDuffie. She said that Larogerrick came home from work at 6 am, and she asked him to watch their 6-month-old child. An argument started, she said, and he threw a household item at her. She admitted to police that she threw something back, leading to each of them throwing several items at each other. At this time, Larogerrick threw a glass vase that hit Latoya in the arm. A juvenile eyewitness corroborated Latoya’s story as well as police noted a bruise on Latoya’s arm.