Luis Miranda fires gun, smashes iPhone, after mother of his children leaves without permission

On September 25th, Officers responded to a call regarding shots fired on Primm Road. Upon arrival, Officers spoke to Mayday Oliva, and she told them that she and 21-year-old Luis Ayende Miranda got into an argument because she left his house without him knowing. She said that she and Miranda used to date and have two children together. Oliva then fled to her parents’ house, and Miranda followed her. A verbal argument between them started in the backyard, where Miranda began to shoot the electrical outlet five to six times by the side of the shed. Oliva told Officers that Miranda then grabbed her cell phone off the table before throwing it on the ground and stomping it. She said that Miranda then grabbed a stick and busted out the window on the front of the shed before shooting the shed two to three times with what she described to be a black .40 caliber handgun. Officers observed numerous bullet holes inside the shed and a shattered iPhone, consistent with Oliva’s statement. Oliva’s Father, Fernando Oliva, was present during the incident and observed Miranda yelling at Mayday. Miranda was charged with Vandalism for the $700 iPhone and felony vandalism for the $ 1,500 worth of property damage.

Oliver Mya jailed on child pornography charges

40-year-old Oliver Mya was observed through his “Zaw Moe” Facebook profile by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC.) They reported four CyberTips to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) multiple times from June 25th, 2022, to September 12th, 2022. The report showed where that profile sent videos of child sexual abuse via Facebook Messenger. The IP address for the profile was from a computer located at Ocala Circle in Nashville. On September 25, Detective Harriman and Adkins arrived at the residence on Ocala Cir and knocked on the door. Oliver answered and told police that the “Zaw Moe” Facebook profile was his, but he was locked out. He said the email attached to the profile used to be his. When he was shown stills of the child sexual abuse videos, he said that he believed that the children in the videos would be “5 or 6 years old.” He admitted to receiving the videos and distributing them to other Facebook accounts. He is free on a $75,000 bond.

Patricia McAllister, 72, threatens ADA who prosecuted her daughter

72-year-old Patricia Mcallister called the Office of the District Attorney, 20th Judicial District, to speak with a sworn Assistant District Attorney General Lauren Hogan. Hogan prosecuted Patricia’s daughter on a case of aggravated assault. She spoke to the secretary in the office, Katie Garapic, and said, “You play with guns, you get shot.” Also, she said, “This is what karma does when you mess with people’s families.” Patricia continued by stating that she does “not live far from Nashville, I’m not threatening. I’m promising. People can snap at any time. God Forbid whoever’s in my way when I snap.”

Police say Thomas Tomlin part of ‘organized crime’ crew; heisted $10 of ice cream from Walgreens

On March 22nd, Detective Jonathan Shepherd observed 35-year-old Thomas Tomlin coming from the wood line on N Gallatin Pike. Tomlin is believed to be a participant in a local-based organized retail crime ring. Detective Shepherd followed Tomlin and his female counterpart into Walgreens, where they both began opening freezer doors and grabbing items before splitting up and leaving the store without paying. The pair was observed on foot northbound of Gallatin Pike opening ice cream, candy, and soda packages. Detective Shepherd has photos of the incident in a case file. Walgreens experienced a $9.75 loss from this theft.

Cynthia Lloyd, part of ‘organized crime ring,’ steals $10 of ice cream; uses getaway bus

31-year-old Cynthia Lloyd is believed to be a part of an organized retail crime ring that centers around the area of Gallatin Pike. In March 2023, Police observed Ms. Lloyd coming out of the woodline near One Mile Parkway and hopping on a bus headed to Rivergate with her male accomplice, Thomas Tomlin. Detectives watched as Lloyd and Thomas entered Walgreens and stole $9.75 from the frozen food section. They then split up, walked out of the store without paying, and continued on foot northbound on Gallatin Pike, opening new packages of candy, ice cream, and soda. On August 10th, police also responded to the Walmart on Gallatin Pike and met with security, who had her detained for stealing $20 worth of merchandise from the store. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $25,000.

Ariel Huff jerks steering wheel while girlfriend is driving; upset over text messages

23-year-old Ariel Huff was riding in her girlfriend’s car on the way back to her apartment early on September 27th. Her girlfriend, Shai Anne Hanley, was driving, and Ariel was arguing with her about text messages after going through each other’s cell phones. Ariel grabbed the steering wheel during the argument and jerked it, causing the vehicle to veer across the road. Shai Anne pulled the vehicle over, fearing that Ariel would cause a car accident.

DUI: Soldier Preston Johnson says he took extra Seroquel; pipe & Fentanyl found in wallet

20-year-old 68W Army Combat Medic Preston Johnson was jailed Wednesday night after causing an accident near Sevier Street in the Shelby Park area. He told police that as he was driving his white Nissan Sentra on Davidson Street, his power steering went out, and he had to swerve out of his lane to avoid a car that cut him off. Officers could smell the odor of alcohol coming from his breath, and he had to lean against the patrol vehicle to keep himself up. He explained that he took sleeping pills earlier that day but consumed no alcohol. He fell asleep while standing, and officers had to keep him from falling over. When the police asked him if he was okay, he said that he had not taken his sleeping medication in a long time, so he took two because he had worked a 24-hour shift the night before. During a search incident to arrest, police found a crack pipe and a brown baggie containing approximately one gram of crushed powder inside his wallet. Johnson told police that the powder was his prescribed sleeping medication; however, once tested, the powder tested positive for Fentanyl.

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