James Bodell punches security guard at Chief’s on Broadway, tells police he “didn’t do anything”

41-year-old James Lawrence Bodell fought with security, Bruce Attwood Young III, at Chief’s on Broadway late May 21st. Young III spoke with officers, advising that Bodell tried to enter the bar after being refused entry. Young III then pushed Bodell to get him away from the door. Bodell responded by punching him in the face before being restrained on the ground. Bodell told police that he was going to the restroom when security “punched” him and that he “didn’t do anything.” Officers noticed Bodell reeked of alcohol, had a scrape on his knees, and showed signs of impairment. Officers deemed him unable to care for himself and detained him for the incident. Bodell was taken into custody for public intoxication and assault on May 22nd.

Joshua Reese caught driving on revoked license after ignoring officers attempting to pull him over

31-year-old Joshua Reese was seen evading police in a white Dodge Charger at Hillhurst Drive on May 21st. Law enforcement attempted to pull Reese over, but he continued down Hillhurst Drive to the rear of a home. Officers witnessed Reese, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, exit the car, hold his hand against himself, and enter the house. Officers ordered Reese to stop and attempted to apprehend him but could not. A few moments later, Joshua Reese exited the house, was taken into custody, and charged with evading arrest and driving with a revoked license on May 22nd.

Scott-Lee Herbert threatens employees with metal chair at Nectar Urban Cantina

52-year-old Scott-Lee Herbert was seen with a weapon being disorderly at Nectar Urban Cantina on May 21st. When officers arrived, they made contact with two employees at the location. The employees told officers that Herbert came inside and started yelling at customers. When they confronted Herbert, he grabbed a metal chair and threatened to hit them with it. The employees stated that his actions made them fear for their lives, so they backed up and contacted law enforcement. When they did, Herbert dropped the chair and fled the scene. Officers were able to locate him at the Dollar General on Lebanon Pike and detain him. Officers escorted the employees from Nectar Urban Cantina to the mentioned location, and they identified him. After searching Herbert, officers found a hat from Nectar Urban Cantina. The workers informed officers that he had not bought the hat and that it had been stolen. Officers also found an alarm clock, and an employee from Dollar General came outside and told them that he had witnessed Hebert take it from the store. While searching Herbert, officers reported that he continued to resist and pull away after being told not to. Scott-Lee Herbert was taken into custody and charged with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of theft, and resisting arrest.

Monique Bigelow bites her roommate during argument

27-year-old Monique Rose-Marie Bigelow had a domestic altercation with her roommate, Corey Lamont Russell, at their West Grove Avenue residence on the night of May 21st. Upon arrival, the police spoke with Russell, who stated that he and Bigelow had an argument, which escalated when she started striking him. Russell added that she bit his left forearm, leaving a visible wound. Then, when officers spoke with Bigelow, she admitted to biting him but said it was in self-defense. Bigelow was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault on May 22nd.

DUI: Michael Singelyn drinks handle of Taaka Vodka before passing out in his Hyundai Sonata

22-year-old Michael Singelyn was observed sleeping in his Hyundai Sonata at Cane Ridge Park around 1:38 a.m. on May 21st. Officers noticed the car’s engine was still running as they approached it. Officers spoke with Singelyn, who advised them that he had been drinking but did not specify how much. Officers had him exit the vehicle, during which he stumbled and reeked of booze before saying he had bought a “handle of vodka” and had been drinking that, adding that it was still in the car. Officers later found a nearly half-empty 1.5 liter of Taaka Vodka in the backseat and asked him to perform sobriety tests. Singelyn consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Afterward, Singelyn told officers that he was “passed out drunk” in his car and was “too intoxicated to drive,” so he stopped at the park to sleep. Additionally, he stated he was “drunk” and was about to throw up repeatedly. Singelyn refused to provide a chemical sample and was taken into custody for an implied consent violation and driving under the influence.

Javien Carden punches girlfriend in face during argument over his cell phone

22-year-old Javien Carden was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Halle Prum, on May 1st. When officers arrived, Prum told them she had argued with Carden. Prum explained that the argument didn’t start until Carden found out he had left his phone in her car. Prum was sitting in the car with her two children when Carden approached them and told her he would break the window if she didn’t unlock the car. After Prum unlocked the vehicle, Carden entered, took the keys out of the ignition, and told her she wasn’t going anywhere. Someone walking by asked Prum if she needed help. After Prum told her to call the cops, Carden returned the keys and told her to drive. Prum drove to the leasing office, called her mom, and told her what had happened. According to Prum, this caused Cardent to get angry and punch her in the face. Javien Carden was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault on May 21st.

DUI: Bruce Huehner stumbles into 7-Eleven after drinking bottle of wine to buy beer, attempts to drive home

72-year-old Bruce Huehner was seen trying to enter his car while intoxicated at the 7-Eleven on Nolensville Pike on May 21st. Officers spoke with the sales associate at the mentioned location when they arrived. The associate told them that Huehner came inside stumbling and purchased two beer cans. She informed officers that since Huehner appeared intoxicated, she took the beers from him. Another witness to the situation stated that they noticed Huehner couldn’t keep himself up, so they followed him outside. The witness told officers that they were worried for Huehner’s safety, so they blocked his car so he couldn’t leave. Officers made contact and noticed a strong odor of alcohol as they approached Huehner, who was displaying multiple signs of intoxication. After being asked about how much alcohol he had to drink, Huehner told officers that he had drank a whole bottle of wine. Huehner was asked if he wanted to perform sobriety tests, but he declined. Bruce Huehner also refused to provide any samples for his alcohol level, so he was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence and implied consent.

DUI: Jacob Segroves found slumped over his steering wheel after taking cocaine

29-year-old Jacob Scott Segroves was taken into custody for driving under the influence-2nd offense, and the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia on May 21st. Around 5:04 p.m., Timothy Howell, a motorist, flagged deputies down after observing Segroves slumped over the steering wheel near the Donaldson Pike and Knapp Boulevard intersection. When officers arrived, they spoke with Howell, who advised them he was behind Segroves in traffic when he noticed he was not progressing with the flow of traffic. Howell stated he then pulled in front of Segroves’ car and started knocking on the window, trying to wake him up, but was unable to. Officers then woke up Segroves and had him exit his vehicle. Due to his condition, officers alerted the medics, but when they got there, he refused medical treatment. Afterward, Segroves allowed officers to search his car, during which they located two small clear baggies with a white powdery substance, later identified as cocaine. While being questioned about his medical history, Segroves told officers he had taken an “unknown substance,” causing him to fall into an unconscious state. Segroves then consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was detained for the occurrence.

DUI: Patrick Gower drinks half bottle of LTD Canadian Whiskey before crashing his car

45-year-old Patrick Gower was involved in a car accident near Old Hickory Boulevard and the I-65 South Entrance Ramp around 8:52 p.m. on May 20th. Upon arrival, officers located Gower sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle. Officers prompted him with questions regarding the incident, during which he reeked of alcohol and exhibited signs of intoxication. Then, officers noticed a half-full bottle of LTD Canadian Whiskey underneath the front right passenger seat, which he later admitted to drinking. Gower refused to take sobriety tests and, after being informed of implied consent, agreed to provide a blood sample. After being transported to Nashville General Hospital, Gower was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an open container violation on May 21st.

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