Emad Sous leaves 4-year-old child in vehicle while shopping at One Hundred Oaks Mall

45-year-old Emad Sous was jailed on May 28th after leaving his four-year-old daughter in the back seat of his red Toyota RAV4 unattended in front of Sketchers at One Hundred Oaks. When officers arrived, they found the girl in the backseat with the windows partially down. She wouldn’t respond verbally, so the officers entered the vehicle to check on her. While police were at the vehicle, the father came back hysterical, getting in the officer’s faces and pushing one. Police tried to detain Sous, but he resisted by grabbing the handcuffs and refusing to let go.

James Casey jailed after throwing cooking pot at girlfriend during argument

41-year-old James Casey was jailed on May 28th after throwing a cooking pot at his girlfriend’s face during an argument at their home on Autumn Drive. Police responded and spoke with Shelley Moore, who said she and Casey were in the garage arguing, and she became agitated, so she threw a chair to the ground and headed back inside. According to Moore, as she was closing the door, she saw Casey grab the red cooking pot, and she knew he was going to throw it at her, but she didn’t shut the door fast enough.

Police observed a large dent in the pot, and the handle was broken. Moore had a large knot above her right eye and a small cut above her left. Casey told police that Moore threw the chair at him and then the cooking pot. According to Casey, after she threw the pot, he grabbed it and threw it in her direction. Casey said he didn’t mean to hit Moore with the pot; it hit her after hitting the door. Police saw a scrape on his left that he said was from the chair. Due to the severity of Moore’s injuries, Casey was determined as the primary aggressor.

Jeffrey Acevedo: “I’m rebelling & it is in my favor to not pay” at The Palm Restaurant

55-year-old Jeffrey Acevedo was jailed on May 28th after police responded to a call of someone not paying their tab at The Palm Restaurant. Police spoke with the manager, who said Acevedo ordered $155.47 worth of food and didn’t pay. Acevedo told police he didn’t pay and didn’t believe he had to. He said, “I am rebelling, and it is in my favor to not pay.” Acevedo ordered multiple food items like steak, soda, and dessert. He admitted to police that he would continue the offense all around Nashville because he believes it is his right and said, “I think you should take me to jail.” Due to the likelihood of the offense continuing, Acevedo was taken into custody.

Olivia Germond punches bouncer in face, dances on tables, at Jason Aldean’s Bar

22-year-old Olivia Germond was at Jason Aldean’s bar on May 28 just before 8 p.m. when she removed her shoes and claimed atop of eating tables, and began to dance. She refused all warnings to stop and was eventually escorted out of the bar and trespassed from the property. Less than an hour later, Germond returned to the bar and was told by security to leave the bar. She refused and attempted to close a door to barricade herself behind it. As security guard Jordan Lockett opened the door to remove her, Germond punched him in the face two times. She was then escorted out of the bar and detained until police arrived. Officers documented visible injuries to Lockett’s face, and he wished to press charges for the assault.

Timothy Rose jailed after placing tracking devices on estranged wife’s vehicle

35-year-old Timothy Rose was booked last week on an outstanding warrant after his wife discovered he had a tracking device hardwired into her car battery on August 12, 2022. Caycee Rose told police the tracker was placed on July 31st, 2022, when he was working on her car. The day she noticed the tracker, she called Timothy and recorded him admitting to placing the tracker so he could know her whereabouts. Caycee removed the tracker and told her estranged husband not to contact her; she also had her lawyer inform Timothy that he wasn’t to contact her. Mr. and Mrs. Rose have been separated since August 4th, 2022. From August 12, 2022, until February 8th, 2023, Caycee received notifications that an Apple product was moving with her, but she does not possess the products she was being notified about. Police believe Timothy is now using Apple products to track her.

Woman attacks boyfriend with soiled underwear — Lesly Castaneda Ramirez

22-year-old Lesly Castaneda Ramirez was jailed this week after attacking shoving a pair of soiled underwear into his face, according to police. Officers responded to a domestic disturbance call on May 28 on Hilson Drive and met with Guadalupe Pena, who explained he was in an argument with his girlfriend when she suddenly picked up a pair of soiled underwear and shoved them in his face. He says he used his foot to push her away, at which point she slapped him in the face.

Tomory Stephens fled police at 100 mph to “get to the gym to work out.”

22-year-old Tomory Stephens fled from police Thursday as he weaved through traffic in his white Dodge Charger on I-65 at speeds near 100 mph. Officers engaged in pursuit but eventually lost sight of the vehicle, but not before noting the license plate. MNPD Officer Hubbard then visited the address of the registered owner on Electric Ave and met with an elderly lady who told police that was her grandson’s car, and he was the person driving it. She called Stephens, and he returned to the residence and admitted to speeding and fleeing. He stated he was driving fast so he could “make it to the gym to work out.” He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Stephen Bloomfield charged with violating an order of protection

36-year-old Stephen Bloomfield is charged with violating an order of protection after he showed up early to pick up his belonging and opened the door undressed when police arrived. Robyn Cain called police when she observed, via remote cameras, that her ex-boyfriend Stephen Bloomfield was inside the home and in violation of a court order. Officers verified the court order and met with Bloomfield, who had just taken a shower at the home and was undressed when he opened the door. He explained he came to the house early and unsupervised, despite having an arranged supervised time later in the day. He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Madison Haneburg charged with DUI after drinking at Basement East Thursday night

23-year-old Madison Haneburg was driving at 83 mph in a 55 mph zone late Thursday night when she passed a state trooper who conducted a traffic stop. She initially pulled against the left concrete shoulder and had to be instructed to pull to the right side of the road. Officers say she reeked of alcohol upon approach and admitted to drinking three 10 oz tequila drinks at the Basement East prior to driving. She estimated her level of intoxication as a “4” when asked to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to booking.

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