Aaron Geyer crashes into brother’s car, pushes it off cliff during argument over cell phone

22-year-old Aaron Geyer had a domestic incident with his brother, Christopher Charles Geyer, at their Cherry Branch Lane residence in the early hours of May 20th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Richard Geyer, their dad, who advised them that his sons, Aaron and Christopher, got into a physical altercation. Aaron told officers that Christopher stole his phone and assaulted him. Christopher was detained for the occurrence. After the attack, Aaron admitted that he retaliated by crashing his car into Christopher’s and pushing it off a cliff behind the property near Old Hickory Lake. Richard told police that the brothers had previously fought each other after drinking alcohol. Aaron Geyer was taken into custody for vandalism.

Eduardo Garcia Fuenes booked after passing school bus in Nissan Titan

26-year-old Eduardo Garcia Fuenes failed to stop for a school bus with activated warning lights picking children up on Old Hickory Boulevard in the early hours of February 1st. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. Fuenes told officers he did not have a driver’s license and provided his Guatemalan Passport. Fuenes admitted to seeing the bus but did not want to stop because he thought the traffic would hit his Nissan Titan. A licensed driver came to get the truck, and Fuenes was cited for the incident. He was booked on the citation for not having a driver’s license and passing a stopped school bus on February 26th.

Landon Hale drunkenly brings two loaded guns into Waffle House

23-year-old Landon Hale was at Waffle House holding his gun out in his hand in the early hours of December 4th. Officers arrived, noticed Hale matched the description, and detained him. Hale was visibly intoxicated, as they could smell the odor of alcohol when he spoke. Officers observed the magazine end of a firearm sticking out of Hale’s pocket, searched him, and located two loaded guns. Hale was Mirandized and then admitted to drinking alcohol earlier and owning the two firearms. Witnesses advised he was not pointing the gun or threatening anyone but was holding it out in his hand. Hale was taken into custody for public intoxication and being in possession of a weapon while under the influence.

Matthew Morrow brandishes bow & arrow at stepfather after argument

18-year-old Matthew Morrow argued with his stepfather, Matthew Armstrong, on August 6th. Armstrong told MNPD officers that earlier that day, they argued that Morrow left the house through the garage. He said he thought Morrow had run away but noticed the garage door still open, so he checked it out. When he entered the garage, he saw Morrow with a bow and arrow drawn towards him, then fled for safety. He called the police, and they arrived to see Morrow inside the garage, still holding the bow and arrow. They questioned him, and he stated that he was upset with Armstrong and entered the garage with the weapon in his possession. He cooperated with all demands and excitedly told them he drew the bow on Armstrong. Armstrong told police that he did not wish to prosecute, but the police had probable cause to arrest Morrow anyway for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

George McCutcheon jailed after violating an order of protection from girlfriend

63-year-old George McCutcheon knowingly violated an order of protection from his girlfriend, Carol Swimmer, by showing up at her house intoxicated and arguing with her. On July 21st, Carol Swimmer, George’s girlfriend, told police that he was intoxicated at her house when she had an order of protection against him. MNPD confirmed that there was a temporary order of protection at that time before they arrived and spoke with Carol. The two were separated and told police that they were arguing; police reported that George was unsteady on his feet and had slurred speech. They also noted that there was a cut on his eye which he told them while en route to the jail was a result of Carol assaulting him. He told police he knew of the order of protection and refused medical treatment. Carol was not placed into custody due to George’s level of intoxication and his changing his story to the assault, not allowing police to have probable cause.

Justin Lillard smashes $4K table and bouncer’s face at Twelve Thirty Club during CMA Fest

Police say 37-year-old Justiun Lillard assaulted an employee on the second floor of the Twelve Thirty Club on Broadway during CMA Fest Sunday night. Security initially responded as Lillard and another individual were fighting, and bouncers separated the individuals and held them apart. Danial Holm took control of Lillard and began to escort him out of the venue, and once outside, Lillard punched him square in the face, leaving him with bruising to his left cheek and eye. During the original altercation, Lillard knocked over and damaged a $4,000 table.

Soldier Jedidiah Marlow jailed after ripping down yellow construction tape #PettyPolice

23-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Jedidiah Marlow was jailed early Saturday morning after off-duty Metro Nashville Police Officer Nelson Chandler Hemingway, who working a secondary job as security for a construction site, says he ripped down the yellow caution tape at a job site in downtown Nashville. The officer charged him with “tampering with construction signs and barricades” as he reportedly stumbled through the construction tape, ripping it down. He was additionally charged with public intoxication.

Courtney Emery kicks in ex-boyfriend’s door, lays in his bed; assaults him; gunshot fired

30-year-old Courtney Emery kicked in the front door at the home of her ex-boyfriend, Ethan Opelt, just before 5 a.m. on January 25 and walked upstairs and lay in his bed while he was sleeping. He woke up and immediately told her to leave the residence and noticed she was extremely intoxicated. She then became aggressive and began to assault him. He felt in danger and armed himself with a nearby handgun, and they moved downstairs nearer to the door. Once in the living room, she began to assault him a second time, and the firearm was accidentally discharged during the struggle, firing into the ground. Officers noted multiple injuries on the victim, Emery’s shoe prints on the front door, a damaged door frame, and the destruction of the television and coffee table. A Neighbor, Larry Craig, also reported the gunshot to police.

Ladasha Bledsoe & Atalaya Lopez charged after blowing through roadblock, letting it flow.

23-year-old Atalaya Lopez drove through a barrage of emergency vehicles with flashing lights that were blocking the roadway for a police investigation on Donelson Pike early Monday morning in her Chevy Impala at a very high rate of speed. Officers eventually got the vehicle stopped near Knapp Road and observed her extreme level of intoxication and an open container in her cupholder. While she was being placed into custody for DUI, her passenger, 23-year-old Ladasha Bledsoe, repeatedly got in and out of the vehicle despite being told to stay inside the car. Bledsoe then got out a final time, dropped her pants, and exposed herself to police officers while urinating on the roadway. She was charged with indecent exposure.

Ashley Hanes charged after drunken night at Double E Bar & Grill

Employees at the Double E Bar & Grill say 31-year-old Ashley Revel-Hanes was already heavily intoxicated when she appeared at the bar, where she stayed for several hours. At some point in the evening, she began harassing a tow truck driver who was assisting another patron in the parking lot. When police arrived, the tow truck driver was gone, however, employees stated she was still causing a disturbance. She had arranged for a friend to pick her up, but when they never showed up, Hanes eventually laid down on the sidewalk by the street and attempted to hitchhike her way home. Due to her level of intoxication, she was given a free ride… to jail.