Luke Farley speeds 84 mph on Murfreesboro Pike

24-Year-Old Luke Farley was seen recklessly driving on Mufresboro Pike on March 27th. Officers observed Farley going 84mph in a 50mph zone. He did not have any insurance and told officers the reason for his speeding was that he saw another vehicle coming into his lane, so he sped up in order to pass them. Officers cited him for the violation, and he was booked on the citation for reckless driving.

DUI: Byron Maaz crashes car after drinking three Corona beers before driving

26-year-old Byron Maaz was jailed after crashing into a car late January 9th. When speaking with Maaz, officers learned he did not have a valid driver’s license or insurance on his vehicle. Maaz had a strong odor of alcohol on his person and had bloodshot eyes. Footage of the incident was found on a neighbor’s Ring doorbell, which showed Maaz crashing into the vehicle in front of him without slowing down. Maaz consented to sobriety tests and was unable to follow directions to finish the tests. Maaz admitted to drinking three Corona beers before driving. Officers then performed a probable cause search on his vehicle, finding multiple empty beer cans inside. Byron Maaz was taken into custody and charged with DUI, Driving without a license, and having no insurance.

DUI: Marissa Marshall has “3 Green Tea shots” before driving

26-year-old Marissa Marshall crashed her Nissan at North 9th Street on November 12. Marshall advised officers she had too much to drink as she admitted to consuming three Green Tea shots before driving into a parked car. Officers observed her to be visibly intoxicated after she consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Marshall told officers that she had marijuana after she was read implied consent and agreed to provide a blood sample. Marshall was Mirandized and then taken into custody for driving under the influence, failing to provide evidence of compliance and possession.

Daylon Franklin booked on multiple outstanding citations after February crash

27-year-old Daylon Franklin Was booked last week on citations from February 24th, 2023, after he caused a car accident on Bell Road/ Murfreesboro Pike. When the police ran his license, it came back suspended. When they ran his tags, his registration returned as not on file, showing that the VIN attached to the car should have a different tag. He was issued multiple citations and failed to self-book on them, resulting in warrants being issued for his arrest.

Alexander LeClaire crashes after successfully fleeing police in Hyundai Elantra

22-year-old Alexander LeClaire was booked this week on a citation from May 30th, when police saw him speeding on Robinson Road. As he passed the police, he turned his lights off to black out his 2016 Hyundai Elantra and accelerated more. Police tried to catch up to the vehicle but were unable to. They lost sight of the car near Old Hickory Boulevard and Shute Lane. As they approached an intersection, they saw the same vehicle wrecked on the road. They observed Leclaire out of the vehicle and walking away. He blurted out that he knew his license was bad and was trying to get home. He admitted to speeding and turning his lights off to get away from the police.

Street Racer Down: Jermarion Brown charged after fleeing from MNPD — $84K bond

20-year-old Jermarion Brown faces a cornucopia of charges as he remains jailed in lieu of an $84,000 bond Monday. He was found hiding in the shower of a hotel bathroom Saturday morning, a room also occupied by two of his male friends. Police say they had noticed Brown driving a blue Dodge Charger 392 throughout the evening recklessly driving on Murfreesboro Pike. Hours later, they again located the car as it was in line to turn into a nightclub on the same road. As officers approached the car, which had no tag displayed, Brown placed the charger in reverse. Officers screamed “Don’t do it!” but that didn’t stop Brown from fleeing backward, going the wrong way on Murfreesboro Pike., nearly ramming a patrol car. He then drove through a grassy ditch as he lost control but eventually fled along Kermit Drive.

Officers did not pursue him but instead waited for him at a nearby hotel where the car had been seen earlier. Officers found the car, covered in fresh grass, parked at the hotel, and security directed them to the room, already knowing who they were searching for. Two friends answered the door and stated they were the only ones in the room. After a bit of back-and-forth, they finally admitted Brown was hiding in the shower. Brown said he ran because he “was scared,” but later said, “That was my car, but I wasn’t driving,” when they explained they had documented his reckless driving at five different scenes, including Airport Center Drive, where illegal car side shows were being held, along with street/intersection takeovers.

Kathleen Daschbach smashes vehicle through BNA security gate

34-year-old Kathleen Daschbach was jailed on April 20th after she drove drunk through the entry gate arm of the BNA employee lot in her black Suburban. Police responded to the parking lot, where they were told by on-site security that Daschbach smashed through the gate arm and was driving erratically around the parking lot. If that wasn’t enough, she came back and smashed through the entrance gate arm a second time. Security tried to stop her, but she drove around them. She was instructed verbally by an officer to exit her vehicle, but she refused and had to be physically removed. When backup arrived, Daschbach was leaning up against her suburban, urinating on herself.

She had to be helped to the curb so she could sit down without falling over. She smelled strongly of alcohol, police asked if she had been drinking, and she said that she refused to answer any questions or say anything. During the vehicle search, officers noticed her rear bumper hanging off. Police also saw an open container of Strawberry Daquiri ClubTails spilled on the passenger’s side floorboard. There were three grams of marijuana scattered on the passenger’s side floorboard, a pipe in the center console, and a grinder in the ashtray. Daschbach had the title of the vehicle from the original owner, but it was never registered under her name. She also did not have car insurance. Daschbach refused sobriety tests, blood tests, and breath tests when asked. She was placed under arrest and refused to answer any questions from police.

Darlin Rosa-Rivera says he had ‘one beer’ before DUI crash on I-24

26-year-old Darlin Rosa-Rivera was jailed on April 15th after causing an accident while drunk driving on I-24. Officers spoke with Darlin, who admitted to being the driver of the vehicle at fault. They could smell alcohol coming from his breath as he spoke and asked him how much he had to drink. Rosa told police he had one beer and agreed to sobriety tests which he performed poorly on. It was later discovered that he had no license or car insurance.