Nicola Spillman violates order of protection in place for woman and child

35-year-old Nicola Spillman was served an order of protection on March 15th. On June 5th, around 3 a.m., while officers were on a separate call for service, they looked up Nicola and Kanestria Spillman through NCIC, who were together at the time, and discovered that Kanestria has an active order of protection against Nicola, that does not expire until March 19th, 2027, which was verified with Summit Ohio County Sheriff’s Office. When officers arrived and tried to arrest Nicola, Kanestria became very argumentative, telling them she would be waiting outside the Night Court Commissioner’s office upon her release. Kanestria added that she would pick her up, and they would leave to return to Ohio. Officers later found that there was a child in the vehicle who was also on the order of protection. Nicola Spillman was taken into custody for an order of protection violation on June 5th.

Prince Huffman violates order of protection by having woman text his ex-girlfriend for him

38-year-old Prince Donavan Huffman was served an order of protection on April 6th. On April 24th, officers spoke with Emma Grace Coakley, Huffman’s ex-girlfriend, who stated that On April 22nd, she received a text from a female named Lydia stating, “If there is any way you can give me Prince’s key, I would appreciate it.” Coakley said that earlier that day in court, Judge Hayes granted the full order, and Huffman was arrested on a warrant for violating the order later that day. She said she felt distressed by the third party messaging her and wanted to press charges for the occurrence. A warrant was issued for his arrest. Huffman was taken into custody for an order of protection violation on June 4th.

Stacy Eddings violates order of protection by going to grandma’s house

22-year-old Stacy Eddings was caught violating the order of protection set by her grandmother, Evelyn Eddings, at her Ellington Place residence on May 25th. When officers arrived, they observed that Stacy was at the residence, which was a violation. Officers confirmed that Stacy received notice of the Order of Protection on June 26th, 2023 and that it expires on June 26th, 2024. Stacy Eddings was taken into custody and charged with an order of protection violation.

Nashville Attorney D. Craig Lamb jailed after harassing & stalking ex-girlfriend

27-year-old Nashville Attorney Darren Craig Lamb caused a domestic disturbance at his ex-girlfriend, Courtney Barlow’s, Broadway Apartment around 10:13 a.m. on May 25th. Barlow spoke with responding officers, telling them that D. Craig Lamb had been emotionally and verbally abusing her. Barlow added that he had called her 25 times on May 21st before she answered to tell him to stop contacting her, which he disregarded and called her 19 more times. She told D. Craig Lamb, “If you contact me directly, I will get an order of protection.” Then, about 20 minutes later, he messaged her via email and arrived at her apartment, knocking on her door. Earlier that morning, Barlow said she had opened the door, not realizing it was him, so she tried closing it back, but he pushed it open and entered her home. While inside, D. Craig Lamb took multiple items, including a Christmas gift that he had given her, a $1,000 pair of earrings, and a dog camera. A warrant was issued for D. Craig Lamb’s arrest that day.

Then, on May 29th, officers arrived at the Broadway apartments after he made Barlow believe he was going to commit suicide. Officers tried conducting a welfare check, but he would not answer the door. They called D. Craig Lamb, and he told them, “I am invoking my 5th and 6th amendment rights.” Then, the officers explained that those were for incrimination and that they were only there to check on him. D. Craig Lamb disregarded the officers’ concerns and hung up the phone. Deputies went to speak with Barlow and discovered she had an order of protection against him. She told officers that she initially called to report D. Craig Lamb for texting her a lengthy paragraph detailing things like how everything was her fault and information on how to retrieve his life insurance. This led her to believe he was going to harm himself. Since being served the order of protection, D. Craig Lamb contacted her over 40 times and even connected to her doggy camera to try speaking with her. One of the messages he sent said, “I know I am violating this OP by contacting you, but I am going to talk to you one more time.” D. Craig Lamb was then taken into custody for aggravated stalking, three counts of an order of protection violation, and harassment on May 30th.

Robert Short violates order of protection by attending recital at Oak Hill School

34-year-old Robert Short was served an order of protection on May 7th. On May 9th, Sarah Short, the protected party, was at Oak Hill School in the auditorium for her child’s recital. Mr. Short walked past her and sat two rows behind her. Once she noticed this, she left and alerted security, who escorted Mr. Short off the property. Officers arrived after he had left and were provided pictures of him by Sarah’s Mother. Jeff Thomas, the security guard, confirmed that Mr. Short was present and had to be escorted off the premises. Officers observed the tablet the school uses for parents to sign in, which showed their names next to each other, indicating they were both at the location. Short was taken into custody for an order of protection violation on May 16th.

Peterson Pierre violates order of protection after appearing at woman’s home

36-year-old Peterson Pierre was taken into custody for a violation of an order of protection on May 14th. Dina Altidort called the police to the Davidson County Clerk Hermitage Branch to escort her to her Jackson Dowes Boulevard residence. She was scared that Pierre would be there because he threatened to kill her in a previous incident. Altidort added that Pierre said he would “expose” her and “choke” her if he were ever to see her again. Officers discovered that Pierre had been served an order of protection on May 13th. When they arrived, officers observed Pierre in front of her home. Pierre had the order of protection on his person and told police that he misunderstood the paperwork, unaware that he was violating it. Pierre was detained for the incident.

Omar Kore screams at police after violating order of protection

34-year-old Omar Kore was taken into custody for an order of protection violation on May 15th. Hodan Dad alerted the authorities, calling them to her Clearlake Drive West residence, where officers arrived and observed Kore shouting at random people from the front porch. When officers approached Kore, he started yelling at them until they escorted him off the property. Later, Kore returned, screaming on the porch until officers arrested him. Hodan said she could not take it anymore and requested the commissioner not to grant Kore bond so he could never come back to the home. She also requested he receive mental health treatment in jail. Kore was detained for the occurrence.

Josue Fragoso-Medina smacks girlfriend multiple times, assaults witnesses during altercation

27-year-old Josue Fragoso Medina had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Jannet Lopez, in the parking lot near Moxy Nashville Downtown in the early hours of April 27th. When officers arrived, they separated them and spoke with Lopez, who was still in emotional distress, as she told them that Medina became aggressive towards her during an argument. Lopez stated Medina smacked her in the face “a couple of times,” which left visible marks on her arms and a broken nail on her left thumb. The police then called the medics to aid her injuries.

Lopez stated that the witnesses, John McMahon and Mohib Muhammadi, intervened to help and stop Medina from attacking her, adding that Medina also tried to fight with them. Officers spoke with McMahon, who advised he was the first to observe Medina hitting Lopez, and he rushed over to help. Muhammadi said he saw Medina hit Lopez and then try fighting with McMahon, which was when he came to assist McMahon. Both told officers that they scuffled with Medina until their arrival. When officers tried to speak with Medina, he refused and told them, “It does not matter.” During their interaction, officers noticed Medina reeked of alcohol before deeming him the primary aggressor. Medina was then taken into custody for domestic assault and an order of protection violation.

Richard Douglas violates conditions of release after refusing to leave his mother’s house

50-year-old Richard Douglas was seen violating his conditions of release on May 6th near Packard Drive. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Peggy Jackson, his mother, who stated that he was not supposed to be there and that she had an order of protection against Douglas. Jackson also claimed that he would not leave and that Douglass had already been served. Officers took Douglas into custody, and he was charged with a restraining order violation.

Liam Bailey tells ex-girlfriend “watching the life run out of your eyes will be the best feeling ever”

24-year-old Liam Bailey was taken into custody this week for aggravated stalking, order of protection violation, and aggravated assault. On April 15th, Mackenzie Snyder called the police and advised them that she and Bailey had been broken up for a year and a half. On April 14th, at the 7-Eleven on White Bridge Pike Road, Bailey followed Mackenzie from her home, pulled up next to her, and parked. When she tried to get out, he slid between their cars, pushed her door against her leg, smacked her, and punched her in the nose as she tried to get to her phone. During the struggle, she started hitting her horn, distracting him long enough for her to shut and lock her car door. Bailey began talking to her through her window, telling her to open the door, hitting and headbutting the window, causing him to have a bloody nose.

Mackenzie kept honking her horn until the cashier from the 7-Eleven came outside and told them to leave, during which she explained the situation and was allowed to stay until her roommate arrived to escort her home. Snyder said that once she returned home, she had 200 text messages from Bailey, stating, “I will fucking murder you,” “Just wait, you’re going to die tomorrow,” “Slapping you in the face was the best feeling ever,” “I can’t wait till I’m beating the fuck out of you tomorrow, “Can’t wait to fucking kill you,” “Watching the life run out of your eyes will be the best feeling ever,” “I have a gun, and I will kill every single one of you,” “Tomorrow is the day I shine,” “I’m going to kill so many of your family members. I can’t wait.” “Tomorrow is the last day you ever fucking live hahahah,” “Literally going to kill you and your entire family with my bare hands,” “You will die,” “Oh, so with Dakota instead? I will remember that when I am beating the fuck out of you tomorrow,” and “Can’t wait to kill you.”

Then he sent her a photo of himself with blood running down his nose, wearing the same shirt he wore at 7-Eleven, which officers had footage of. When officers spoke to Snyder, they noticed her vehicle had blood smears on the driver’s side window and door. They saw an active order of protection against him, valid until May 15th, 2024. Bailey was previously arrested for a COR violation on May 30th, 2023, and had three reports from April 7th, 2023, through June 11th, 2023, with him as the suspect. A warrant was issued for his arrest on April