Christopher Geyer slams brother on ground “WWE-style” during argument over cell phone

22-year-old Christopher Charles Geyer had a domestic altercation with his brother, Aaron Geyer, at their Cherry Branch Lane residence around 5 a.m. on May 20th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Christopher, who stated he and Aaron scuffled over a cell phone. Christopher admitted to being intoxicated and taking Aaron’s phone during their argument. Christopher stated that he threw Aaron’s phone, adding that he “WWE-style” grabbed Aaron, slammed him onto the ground, and held him there. Christopher Geyer was taken into custody for theft and domestic assault.

Bekhruz Raimkulov & his father kidnap his mother after catching her with another man

20-year-old Bekruz Raimkulov was involved in a domestic kidnapping incident with his father, Laziz Bazarov, that originated at a Bell Road residence on April 19th. When officers located the Prius near Marker 55, they performed a felony takedown, ordering the two out of the car. Officers detained Raimkulov and spoke with him, who stated that he and his father caught his mother, Shaknoza Bazarova, cheating in the act with another man. Raimkulov also noted that Bazarov started fighting the man, in which he only tried to break it up. Raimkulov and his father then grabbed his mother and forced her into the vehicle in which Raimkulov was driving, and his father held his mother in the backseat, choking her.

Earlier, When officers located the Prius, they spoke with Jeffrey Warden, a witness who claimed he was sitting in his car near a Bell Road residence when the incident occurred. Warden said he observed Bazarov banging on the vehicle’s windows next to him and proceeded to pull his wife, Shaknoza Bazarova, out of her car. Warden then claimed to have seen Bazarov punch Shaknoza and put a black handgun to her head, forcing her into the gray sedan that Bazarov’s co-defendant, Bekhruz Raimkulov, was driving. Warden then followed the vehicle until police arrived. Officers then spoke to Bazarov, who admitted to punching Shaknoza but would not give many details. Raimkulov was taken into custody and charged with aggravated kidnapping.