Johnny Brown yells racial slurs while threatening man with BB Gun & Knife at Greyhound Bus Station

53-year-old Johnny William Brown had an altercation with Carl Greer in front of the Greyhound Bus Station around 3:20 p.m. on July 11th. Responding officers were advised that Brown and Greer had a dispute that escalated when Brown pulled out a knife. Brown threatened to kill Greer with it before displaying a firearm and pointing it at him while yelling racial slurs. Officers later learned that it was a BB gun that was loaded. When they arrived, Greer pointed out Brown, who was then detained. Then, officers spoke with a security guard, who corroborated Greer’s statement. During the investigation, they located the knife and BB gun in Brown’s backpack. Officers noticed he reeked of alcohol and was visibly intoxicated. Brown then admitted to drinking alcohol and was taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

DUI: Crispin Alfredo causes crash on Briley Parkway after getting sauced on one beer

33-year-old Crispin Severiano Alfredo was involved in a car accident with injuries near Briley Parkway and Glastonbury Road on July 11th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with one of the drivers involved, Alfredo, noticing he showed signs of impairment. Officers noticed Alfredo reeked of alcohol and had to use a nearby pole to maintain his balance. Officers then discovered Alfredo had an open container before he admitted to consuming one beer. Alfredo consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. During the investigation, officers discovered he had no valid driver’s license or vehicle insurance. Alfredo was then taken into custody for driving under the influence, financial responsibility with injury or death, and no driver’s license.

Kurt Sax drunkenly punches ex-girlfriend’s security guard in face

68-year-old Kurt Sax had an altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Patricia Landis, and her security guard, Adam Benjamin Chavin, at his Old Hickory Boulevard apartment on July 11th. Officers were advised that Sax and Landis were going through a breakup, and Landis was moving out of his apartment. Landis hired Chavin as a security guard due to Sax’s violent behavior and alcohol abuse. Earlier that day, Sax became intoxicated and belligerent towards Chavin and Landis. This soon sparked an argument where Sax shoved and punched Chavin in the face several times. Chavin defended himself by pushing Sax and wrestling him to the ground. Landis corroborated Chavin’s statements. When officers arrived, they noticed Sax was visibly intoxicated, showing signs of impairment. Officers noticed Sax had a knife lying on the couch. Landis informed them that Sax also had multiple firearms in the house. Then, Sax approached officers aggressively, so they detained him for the occurrence. Sax was taken into custody for assault and disorderly conduct.

Patricia Dishman keys woman’s car in Costco parking lot during altercation

70-year-old Patricia Dishman keyed Claudia Russell’s car at the Charlotte Pike Costco on May 2nd. Russell told responding officers that she parked next to Dishman while she had their passenger doors open. After this, Russell said Dishman confronted her for doing this, but she ignored her and walked inside the store. Ashley Bonner, a witness, stated she observed Dishman key Russell’s vehicle and confronted her. Bonner also took pictures of Dishman’s car and tags. Bonner went to the West Precinct to complete a photo line-up. Bonner then identified Dishman as the suspect. Additionally, Dishman was seen leaving the establishment on Costco security cameras. Russell added that her car had $2,000 worth of damage. A warrant was issued for Dishman’s arrest on May 23rd. Dishman was later taken into custody for vandalism on July 11th.

DUI: Brenda Thomas scores .148% BAC after speeding down Murfreesboro Pike

24-year-old Brenda Thomas was seen speeding on Murfreesboro Pike on July 12th. Thomas was observed driving 71mph in a 45mph zone. After officers activated their emergency lights, Thomas was seen cutting off two other vehicles and then swerving out of her lane. When officers made contact with her, she was having trouble focusing on simple instructions and exhibiting other signs of intoxication. Thomas consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Thomas was taken into custody and read implied consent. Thomas performed a breath test, which yielded a .148% BAC. Officers read Thomas her Miranda Rights, and she stated that she didn’t want to speak to the police. Shortly after, Thomas admitted that she had drunk wine before she was pulled over. Thomas was transported to booking and charged with driving under the influence.

Alix Chachulski punches boyfriend for saying he can get another woman in Downtown Nashville

36-year-old Alix Sandra Chachulski had a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Travis Kane Briden, at their 1st Avenue North Airbnb in the early hours of July 12th. Briden told responding officers that he and Chachulski argued because he wanted to go downtown. Briden told Chachulski he could go downtown and get another woman. Chachulski then became upset and punched him in the back, which she later admitted to. Briden refused police services and stated that she did not hit him. Chachulski was then taken into custody for domestic assault.

Lakota Hall caught with 8 pounds of marijuana in suitcase at Nashville International Airport

24-year-old Lakota Hall was caught with 8 pounds of marijuana while at the Nashville International Airport on July 10th. Officers were investigating a flight from Los Angeles, California, scheduled to arrive in Nashville. When officers arrived, they deployed their narcotics-detecting K-9, Peggy, to sniff luggage. During the deployment, Peggy showed a change in behavior to a purple suitcase that displayed Hall’s name. Officers approached Hall, identified him, and asked if the bag was his. Once Hall admitted the bag was his, he consented to a bag search, telling officers to “open it up.” Upon searching Hall’s bag, officers located seven vacuum-sealed bags that contained marijuana. Also in the suitcase was another vacuum-sealed bag that contained eight 1-gram jars of marijuana, two 80-gram packages of THC edibles, one 50-gram package of edibles containing a total of 100 mg of THC, and five pre-rolled joints. The total weight of the marijuana was eight pounds. Hall was then detained and taken into custody for possession with intent to sell.

Abderrezak Rezkallah deemed too drunk for Nashville International Airport

37-year-old Abderrezak Rezkallah was seen making a female uncomfortable at the Nashville International Airport at 5:10 a.m. on July 11th. When officers made contact with Rezkallah, he was slumped in a seat in front of the Spirit Airline ticket counter with what looked like a bottle of alcohol between his legs. Once officers attempted to speak with Rezkallah, they observed multiple indicators of intoxication, including the smell of alcohol coming from his person. It was deemed that Rezkallah was unable to take care of himself, so he was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Ronnie Norman steals $30 worth of merchandise from Walgreens

27-year-old Ronnie Norman shoplifted at the Walgreens on Murfreesboro Pike on May 30th. Norman was observed concealing $30.54 worth of merchandise in a lunch box and leaving the store. Officers located Norman across the street at Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant and took him into custody. Officers cited him for the violation that day. Norman was later booked on the citation of theft of property on July 10th.

Felicia Balasal assaults father-in-law during argument with husband

42-year-old Felicia Balasal had a domestic altercation with her father-in-law, Barrington B Balasal, at their Britishwoods Drive residence on late October 9th, 2022. Around 11:15 a.m. the next day, Barrington C Balasal, Felicia’s husband, told the police that his wife had attacked his father. Then, officers were advised that Barrington C Balasal had a heated argument with Felicia, during which she came down the stairs and approached Barrington C Balasal as if she were going to hit him. Barrington B Balasal added that when he stepped between them to prevent a scuffle, Felicia scratched his left arm, leaving visible scratches. He then told them he did not want to press charges for the occurrence. Felicia Balasal was later taken into custody for domestic assault on July 10th, 2024.