Johnny Lawrence caught with stolen gun after lying to police about being a felon

67-year-old Johnny Lawrence believed a group of men were trying to break into his Tanglewood Drive residence late July 9th. Then, he alerted the authorities, telling them he might have to shoot the alleged intruders. Officers arrived, cleared his home, and observed that Lawrence had several handguns on his bed and dresser. Lawrence then told police that he was a felon. After officers checked this, they discovered that one of the handguns had been stolen. Officers also learned that Lawrence was not a felon before he then claimed to own the firearms. Lawrence was then taken into custody for theft of a firearm.

Christopher Campbell found hiding in barn after stealing $18,000 worth of property

27-year-old Christopher Campbell was involved in an incident with Darryl Biggs at his Eatons Creek Road residence on July 7th. Campbell had been staying with Biggs for the past few weeks. Biggs observed that Campbell had taken one of his cars the previous day. Biggs then found Campbell back on his property, attempting to steal his Ford truck. Attached to the car was a $5,000 trailer with an $8,000 four-wheeler and a $5,000 lawn mower. When Biggs confronted Campbell, a fight ensued. During the fight, Campbell shoved Biggs, punched him, and shoved him again, causing him to fall to the ground. While Biggs was on the ground, Campbell got on top of him and pinned his arms to the ground. Biggs attempted to call 911, but Campbell stole his phone. Campbell proceeded to hotwire Biggs’ truck and drive off with the trailer and other property. Officers encountered Campbell while he was driving the stolen truck erratically down Eatons Creek Road. When officers activated their emergency lights and sirens, Campbell stopped on Old Hickory Boulevard. While officers approached the vehicle, Campbell left and ran toward a densely wooded area. Campbell was discovered hiding in a barn on Old Hickory Boulevard.

While Campbell was being escorted to patrol cars, he attempted to break free. Officers were able to gain control of him quickly. During a search of Campbell’s person, officers found a glass crack pipe, a Tennessee ID that did not belong to him, Biggs’ cell phone, and a black handgun magazine. The ID belonged to a woman named Lakendra Williams. Officers located a black 9mm Ruger pistol in the front driver’s seat of Biggs’ vehicle. The pistol was loaded and was identical to the magazine found on Campbell. The gun’s serial number was checked, and officers found it stolen from Clarksville, Tennessee. Campbell was taken and then transported to booking.

18-year-old Markese McCutcheon caught with stolen police equipment, tells police “That’s my brother’s firearm”

18-year-old Markese Andrew McCutcheon had a white Altima parked next to Building D near a dead end at Sterling Nashville West Apartments in the early hours of March 20th. Officers patrolled the apartment complex, an active crime area known for people breaking into and stealing vehicles, especially in the early morning. Officers noticed McCutcheon crouched by other parked cars. Officers noticed his Altima was parked to the left of the vehicles but not in a parking spot, and when he stood up, they turned around. When officers turned around, McCutcheon had driven away, so they got behind his Altima. Officers located him walking in front of building D and spoke with him, during which he told them he stayed in that complex. McCutcheon stated that the Altima was his and approached them with his hands in his hoodie pocket. Officers noticed a bulge in his pocket, so they searched and asked him what he had in his pocket, to which he replied, “That’s my brother’s firearm.” Further investigation revealed that the handgun was stolen. During a subsequent search of McCutcheon’s Altima, they found a Cheatham County Sherriff heavy vest and plates. Officers also found a handgun holster, three fully loaded handgun magazines, two knives, .40 caliber ammo, .223 caliber ammo, ear protection, and a seatbelt cutter. Officers were notified that the items were reported stolen by Deputy Salas on February 24th. Additionally, they located a bag of marijuana, scales, and burglary tools in his car. McCutcheon was taken into custody for theft of a firearm, possession of burglary tools, and simple possession.

19-year-old Gerald Saint-Pierre jailed for multiple Airbnb burglaries

19-year-old Gerald Saint-Pierre was jailed on Saturday for being involved in a string of Airbnb burglaries. The first reported burglary involved four men wearing black hoodies that broke into a white Ford Fusion with Georgia tags. Officers reviewed Ring camera footage showing the suspects leaving in the vehicle. Later, that same Ford Fusion with the same suspects was seen breaking into a home on Martin Street. They stole two purses from that location. Officers later discovered the vehicle with the same suspects driving near Wedgewood and 12th Avenue and attempted to pull them over. The driver refused to stop, and officers began chasing the car. The officers decided to terminate the pursuit due to the speed being a safety concern near the River Gate area. Officers located the stolen Ford Fusion that was abandoned near Gallatin Pike. As officers were waiting to process the vehicle, they were flagged down by security, who notified them that there were multiple juveniles wearing dark hoodies who were running. Officers chased the juveniles on foot. When officers caught up with them, they were identified as the four outstanding males linked to the stolen vehicle. They were all taken into custody for interviews and then to the detention center.

Bailee Nelson jailed on riot charge after involvement in street racing meetup in Nashville

21-year-old Bailee Nelson was one of two people charged this weekend as Metro police work to crack down on street racing across Nashville. Metro police reported Micah Hooker, 21, and his passenger Nelson, sped away from a meet-up at a commercial parking lot on Corporate Drive Saturday night. Street racers reportedly practiced burnouts and other maneuvers in the Corporate Drive parking lot. A Metro helicopter crew tracked Hooker and Nelson as they drove a 2020 green Dodge Challenger, and Hooker turned his lights off in an unsuccessful effort to avoid officers. Hooker reportedly almost hit two other motorists head-on. Hooker made a brief stop, and Officer Hausman came up on the rear of the vehicle, which made Hooker turn his lights off again and flee with his vehicle blacked out. Officers eventually stopped Hooker and Nelson at the intersection of Hamilton Church Road and Hobson Pike. Nelson was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing, rioting, and gun theft after a pistol in her purse was determined to have been stolen out of Smyrna. She said she did not know it was stolen because it was her sister’s pistol. Nelson told police that her sister bought it from Kings Firearms in Columbia. Hooker and Nelson are the latest to be charged amid Metro police’s continuing street racer enforcement effort.