Yasmeen Bibbs charged in employee return-fraud scheme at Champs Sports Rivergate

20-year-old De’Nijha Yasmeen Bibbs is charged with felony theft after police say she stole more than $1,600 from her employer, the Champs Sports store at Rivergate Mall. Manager Michael Mateo and transaction logs and evidence showing Bibbs would scan in various items from the store and process a fake refund, transferring the money to her personal debit card. The thefts began on August 26th, and across five days, she took $1,648.62 in fraudulent return money. Bibbs confessed to the crime after being Mirandized by police.

Shane Brooks charged in multiple thefts from Target #BoosterClub

Police say 45-year-old Shane Brooks has found a new way of shopping on the cheap at Target — by pushing out shopping carts full of items out the front door without paying for any of it. He was jailed this week on three outstanding theft warrants, one of them a felony, for his Target heists. In September of 2021, they say he pushed out a cart with $937 worth of merchandise, including a large mattress, out the front door. On November 11th, he pushed $476.69 worth of merchandise directly to his black Ford F-150 without stopping at any checkout. In his largest known theft, Brooks returned to Target on November 20th and pushed a cart with $1,151.88 out the door, and fled after a parking lot confrontation with a loss prevention associate.

Cameron Phillips charged in theft of dog he was supposed to care for

27-year-old Cameron Phillips was booked into jail this weekend on an outstanding warrant from 2018, charging him with the theft of a dog. The warrant, from July 2018, states that Jasmine Burns was in the process of moving to a new residence in Knoxville when she let Cameron watch and care for her dog during the transition for several weeks. And the end of the agreement, she reportedly asked Phillips if he would like to extend the agreement for a few more weeks, and he agreed. When Burns requested the dog back from him, he refused to return, stating the dog was “his to keep.” He continued to send text messages advising he had no intention of returning the dog.

Robert Jordan steals from citizen’s vehicle he was towing to MNPD impound lot after a traffic stop

26-year-old Robert S Jordan was jailed this month on an outstanding warrant charging him with automobile burglary and felony theft after using his job as a tow truck driver for West Nashville Towing, a zone provider for MNPD, to steal from at least one vehicle that he was towing to impound on behalf of police. Officers stopped Isaiah Neah in April and called the zone wrecker to tow and impound the vehicle.

When Neal bonded out of jail and retrieved his vehicle from impound, he realized a very expensive speaker box was missing from his vehicle, and he reported it to police, who reviewed video footage at the impound lot, and no one had approached the vehicle. A review of the body cam footage from the night of his arrest shows the speakers inside the vehicle. The Infotainment system of the vehicle shows it stopped between the start of the two and the impound lot for 18 minutes at the home of Robert Jordan, and the system shows the doors of the vehicle being opened during that period. West Nashville towing confirms Jordan is no longer an employee.

Magistrate sets $20 bond for Monica Spendlove, who put roommate’s belongings by the dumpster

Metro Nashville Police responded to Views on the Cumberland, where Ashley Nall reported her roommate, Caroline Hathaway, messaged her to advise that another roommate,39-year-old Monica Spendlove, was throwing some of Nall’s personal items. Officers made contact with Spendlove, who admitted to entering Nall’s room and putting some of her things outside near a dumpster for disposal. Some of the property included a Yeti cooler and Vanderbilt coasters. The property’s value was estimated at $300.

Pickpocketing pair caught at Jason Aldean’s bar — Nadsey Mercado-Gomez & Jose Villalba Melo

36-year-old Nadsey Mercado-Gomez & 40-year-old Jose Villalba Melo, both of Orlando Beach, were caught stealing items from patrons at Jason Aldean’s bar over the weekend. Both individuals had been kicked out of the bar previously for the same behavior, and this weekend they were able to capture it on security video. The two worked together to pickpocket bar patrons, and when confronted Saturday, officers recovered two iPhones in their possession that didn’t belong to them, along with a wallet and a credit card. Officers took the phones out of airplane mode and were able to connect them with patrons still in the building who were missing them

Samaria Johnson charged with theft of vibrator from Opry Mills Mall

Metro Police say on June 9th, 21-year-old Samaria Johnson picked up an adult vibrator from Spencers at Opry Mills Mall and carried it out of the store without paying for it and was leaving the mall via a service hallway. Officers arrived at the shoplifting in progress call at 5:33 p.m. that Thursday and intercepted her as she was leaving the hallway and coming into parking lot 4. She had tossed the tickler in the hallway and walked the officer back to retrieve it.

State Representative Torrey Harris jailed for assault of ex-boyfriend & theft of his dog

31-year-old State Representative Torrey Harris is free on a $2,000 cash bond after being jailed Sunday on charges of domestic assault and vandalism. Court records show his ex-boyfriend, Terence Nealy, reported Torrey scratched his arm during a bear hug while attempting to prevent him from leaving his own apartment while discussing their prior relationship while dropping off Terence’s dog, which he had been pet-sitting. Terrence was eventually able to leave his apartment and returned when officers were present to discover that Torrey had taken his dog, his Playstation 5, a barstool, lamps, air pods, an apple watch, a TV mount, a MacBook Air, and a pair of white AirMax shoes. Police spoke to Representative Harris via phone and notified him he was on a bodycam recording; he then admitted to taking Terence’s dog but wanted to clarify all the other items he took were “gifts” he had bought for Terence. Harris is charged with domestic assault and felony theft.

Robert Hernandez can’t pay $1800 bar tab at Layer Cake; assaults bouncer

Metro Nashville Police officers working the Entertainment District Initiative Saturday encountered 29-year-old Robert Hernandez who was unable to pay his $1,807.78 bar tab at Layer Cake on 3rd Ave. South and became belligerent when his card continued to be declined. Security stated they asked him to leave the establishment and he attempted to throw punches and landed one on a bouncer’s arm. Hernandez was charged with theft of services and public intoxication.

Kelly Holmes charged in theft of ex-boyfriend’s dog

Cory Mascari says he was out of town on June 3rd & 4th and his roommate was caring for his dog. Just before 1 a.m. on June 4th a window sensor detected movement at his home, and shortly after his roommate called the police to report the dog had been stolen. Several days later, his ex-girlfriend, 33-year-old Kelly Holmes took the dog to Value Vet and asked to his the dog’s records transferred. The staff contacted the victim, to whom the dog was registered over a decade ago, and has been the sole owner, who then contacted the police to provide an update. The veterinarian’s office provided a video of the woman with the dog, who was his ex-girlfriend, who had not had access to the dog since they broke up in July of 2021. With the clear ownership history of the dog, a warrant was issued for her arrest.