David McDonald assaults men, destroys window after breaking into their apartment

29-year-old David Terrell McDonald entered Laquest Ware’s and Malik Perry’s apartment without permission in the early hours of March 25th. Ware and Perry told officers that McDonald entered via their unlocked backdoor and walked into their bedroom when Ware and Perry started yelling at him. They said the argument continued into the living room, during which McDonald tried to fight Perry. McDonald then turned and swung at Ware. After the altercation ended, McDonald exited the apartment, broke the handle off an exterior door leading into the building, then broke the backdoor window of the apartment. McDonald broke one of the passenger side windows on Ware’s vehicle before the officers arrived. Ware and Perry added that he had never been there or allowed inside. McDonald was taken into custody for aggravated burglary and vandalism on March 27th.

Wilfredo Lagos Armas stabs ex-boyfriend during altercation

31-year-old Wilfredo Lagos Armas had an altercation with his ex-boyfriend, Jose Eduardo Velazquez Gildo, at the apartments on Wallace Road Monday morning. Gildo advised officers that Armas was fighting other roommates when he entered the living room and told him to stop. Then, Armas grabbed a knife and tried to stab him. Gildo put his hands up in self-defense, resulting in a cut that required stitches. Armas fled the scene to a nearby gas station and told officers that he had never fought with his roommates and that Gildo had attacked him first. He said that Gildo grabbed him and began to apologize when he backed away. Armas stated he was unsure of how Gildo cut his hand. Wilfredo was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Samuel Thomas punches hole in girlfriend’s door after waking up late for work

23-year-old Samuel Thomas had a domestic disturbance with his girlfriend, Dezmond Duran, at Hickory Club Drive on December 19th. Duran advised them that Thomas woke up late for work and began to throw items around the apartment. She looked in her room to see what he was throwing and saw him punch a hole in her door. Officers observed the fist-size hole and fresh scratches on his right hand. He stated Duran pushed him into the door, causing the hole. Thomas was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody for vandalism.

18-year-old Jeisser Portillo goes over 100 mph down I-40 in silver Infiniti

18-year-old Jeisser Portillo was booked on December 13th when a police helicopter observed a silver Infiniti speeding over 100mph on Interstate 40. Police caught up to the vehicle at a gas station on Nolensville Pike and Elysian Fields Road and observed Mr. Portillo enter the driver’s seat of the Infiniti, whose temp tags returned to a BMW. When police attempted to initiate a traffic stop, Portillo “blacked out” his vehicle and sped off. Air 1 tracked the car to Antioch Pike, where police conducted a takedown. Wilson and the passenger were taken into custody, and the passenger was later released. Wilson admitted to not having a driver’s license.

Luis Gaspar jailed after police find him in possession of a stolen vehicle

18-year-old Luis Gaspar was in possession of Harold Beachum’s vehicle at the Four Corners Marina on December 5th. Officers were dispatched regarding a stolen vehicle, recovered it, and turned it back over to Beachum when Gaspar walked up from the docks. Beachum began to demand the keys back from him and advised officers that Gaspar stayed at his residence as a guest of a guest, Angel, who stayed there for a couple of days. Gaspar was Mirandized and told officers that Angel gave him the keys to the vehicle so he could go to court in Murfreesboro and bring it back. He admitted he knew the vehicle did not belong to Angel and that he did not go to court in Murfreesboro. Gaspar was taken into custody for theft.

Emma Andrews argues with mother’s boyfriend, breaks his phone

18-year-old Emma Lashay Andrews was involved in a domestic dispute with her mother’s boyfriend, Adrian Fleming, at the apartments on Country Drive in the afternoon hours of December 4th. Fleming advised officers that the incident carried over from a verbal argument the night before. He stated that Andrews grabbed his iPhone 12 and slammed it twice on the ground. Officers observed the damaged phone, and Andrews admitted to breaking it. Andrews was taken into custody for vandalism.