Jon Pullon charged with harassment of ex-girlfriend via phone calls and Amazon gifts

Ashley Hamilton says 32-year-old Jonathon ‘Jon’ Pullon has repeatedly called her since January 6th, 2022, when their relationship ended, despite changing her phone number. In addition to phone calls, he sends unwanted gifts to her address via Amazon delivery that would only have meaning to her. Those have started more recently, causing her to be fearful of escalation as he knows where she lives and works. Pullon is charged with harassment and free on a $1,500 bond.

Ethan Carter charged with public intoxication after refusing to stay away from interstate traffic

Police were investigating a vehicle crash in which 23-year-old Ethan Carter was a passenger. As he exited the vehicle he was obviously intoxicated, and police say he was disorderly during the entire investigation and continuously stumbled into the roadway, into lanes of traffic, and refused to exit the interstate exit-ramp to an area that was safer for pedestrians. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with public intoxication due to his refusal to care for his own safety in his state of intoxication.

Brice Mertiff charged in assault of girlfriend after she leaves him at the Morgan Wallen concert in Nashville.

Erika Dell says she and her boyfriend of the past year, 35-year-old Brice Mertiff, were at the Morgan Wallen concert in Nashville when she left him there and returned to the hotel to go to bed. Once the concert was over and Mertiff returned she says he woke her up by throwing a drink at her, soaking her upper body, upset because she didn’t stay with him. He became so irate that she began to pack her things to leave him at the Grand Hyatt Hotel where they were staying on Broadway. He reportedly tackled her to the ground as she fled to the elevators, and she struck him with a cell phone in self-defense, and a bystander assisted the victim as she was screaming for help with him on top of her. Security footage captured the entire incident and was reviewed. Mertiff was charged with domestic assault and sent home to Pennsylvania on a $2,500 cash bond.

DUI: Shionkeriyah Scott, 20, crashes car after weaving through traffic at 100 mph on I-24

20-year-old Shionkeriyah Mar’Que Scott says she had “one shot of tequila” prior to driving on I-24 and crashing her vehicle. She states the reason she was traveling at 100 mph and weaving is she was “running late to get home”. She failed field sobriety tests and blew a 0.118% on a breathalyzer. She is free on pre-trial release, charged with DUI, reckless driving, and underage consumption.

Anne Leyden charged in artwork heist from doctor’s office wall — canvas of Roy Orbison’s guitar

In 2018, now 59-year-old, Anne Leyden went to her medical appointment at Heritage Medical Center, and on the way out she cut a 36 x 24 canvas painting of Roy Orbison’s guitar from the wall and replaced it with a second painting. Employees captured a photo of her walking down the alley of the building with the stolen painting, valued at $200. Leyden was booked into custody this week on the outstanding warrant.

Antioch: Tony Young booked on domestic assault 2nd offense warrant

30-year-old Tony Young was booked on an outstanding warrant charging him with domestic assault 2nd offense. His ex-girlfriend, Tityona Lowe, says she went to his Antioch home to deal with a car title issue that had them both listed, and she needed photos of a busted window for insurance purposes. She says he came out to the car while she was using a Bluetooth headset and snatched her phone and wouldn’t return it, cutting her finger in the process. The pair scuffled, and Tityona ended up with a bruised bicep and was elbowed in the left eye.

Tourist too drunk for Redneck Riviera; refused a ride by Uber — Jeremy Hency arrested

Early Sunday morning, Metro Nashville police responded to Redneck Riviera in downtown Nashville where they found 45-year-old tourist Jeremy Hency in the process of taking his shirt off and yelling obscenities as security staff at the location. He had been kicked out of the location for being too intoxicated and escorted to the door. Hency was with his son, who agreed to arrange an Uber ride to avoid his father being arrested, and officers began to walk away. Moments later they turned to see Hency laying flat on the sidewalk blocking the path of pedestrians. His son attempted to get off the ground, stating the Uber was nearby, and officers even assisted him to the Uber once it arrived. The Uber driver, however, refused service due to his level of intoxication. Left with no other options, Hency was charged with public intoxication and transported to booking.

Bartender Jasalyn Barg charged with DUI 2nd Offense in East Nashville

28-year-old Jasalyn Barg crashed her vehicle in East Nashville on March 19th, and responding officers say she reeked of alcohol. She initially agreed to perform field sobriety tests, but once walking to a safe place to conduct them, she did not continue any of the tasks. Due to her unsteadiness, slurring her words, and smelling of alcohol, she was taken into custody and charged with 2nd offense DUI. On the way to booking, she tinkled in the backseat of the taxpayer taxi. She is additionally held on a warrant from Dickson County.