Steffie Misner Wampler charged in road rage incident after attacking a car with her fists

Police say 38-year-old Steffie Misner Wampler was in a road rage incident with another motorist on June 14th on Centennial Blvd. She pulled alongside another vehicle that was now parked in the parking lot of a Dollar General. She began screaming and yelling at the other driver, claiming the victim cut her off in traffic. She then exited her 2013 Toyota Prius and began to bang on his vehicle with her fists, causing significant damage to his rear quarter panel. The victim recorded the incident, which was viewed by police. She was issued a citation for vandalism, which she was booked on this week.

Amanda Hill charged with shoplifting from Target

35-year-old Amanda Hill was booked this week on a citation charging her with theft/shoplifting from Target. Police say on June 14, she entered the Target on White Bridge Pike, filled up a shopping cart with various items, and attempted to push it out the door without paying for any of the merchandise. She confessed to the theft when asked by officers.

DUI: Thomas Brown falls asleep behind the wheel at gas station

27-year-old Thomas Brown was jailed on July 9th after falling asleep behind the wheel at the Shell gas station on West End Avenue. When police arrived, Brown was asleep in the driver’s seat with the keys on the ground next to him. There was a slight odor of alcohol coming from his breath, and he had red, watery eyes. Brown agreed to sobriety testing but performed poorly. He was transported to General Hospital for a blood draw and then to booking.

Jeffery Brewington assaults girlfriend with laptop

38-year-old Jeffery Brewington was jailed on July 10th after throwing a laptop at his girlfriend’s head as she snuck into her apartment on Welshwood Drive. Tamaira Willingham told police that she arrived at her apartment after working a long day and saw her boyfriend in front of her apartment drunk, so she intentionally took an alternate route to get into her unit so he wouldn’t see her. According to Tamaira, as she was unlocking her door, Brewigton threw a laptop at her face, which knocked her glasses off and cut her eyelid. She then let him into her apartment to talk. Brewington initially stated that he threw the laptop out of frustration but never admitted that it hit her, but later on, he told the police that he was scared after he threw the laptop at her because it made her bleed. Brewington was arrested and transported to booking.