John Perez films in women’s restroom at FGL House; bribes cop with $2,500

22-year-old John Perez was video recording over the stalls in the female’s bathroom at FGL House this weekend, according to security at the venue. Officers responded to FGL House regarding the public annoyance call. Perez was already being detained for filming in the women’s bathroom and being transported when he offered Officer Tucker $2500 for his freedom. Perez was charged with bribery of a public servant and disorderly conduct.

Avery Herrmann charged with DUI after interstate crash

23-year-old Avery Herrmann crashed her vehicle into the median on I-65 North this weekend. Officers responded to mile marker 77 on I-65 N regarding a single-vehicle collision and observed Herrmann as they arrived. Herrmann told officers that she was coming from a bar where she had two double shots of tequila and a Truly hard seltzer before driving. Herrmann was visibly intoxicated as she consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly before refusing to take the remaining tests. Herrmann was taken into custody for driving under the influence and transported to booking.

Casey Tuffo assaults police, threatens to kill them and their families after Vibes bar incident

23-year-old Casey Tuffo threatened to kill officers and their families after being placed in custody this weekend. Officers were dispatched to Vibes Bar & Lounge regarding a fight. The security of the bar detained Tuffo, who was believed to be the suspect in the fight. Officers arrived and observed Tuffo screaming that there was no probable cause for his arrest. Tuffo complained about his wrist hurting, and as officers attempted to fix the handcuffs, he pushed Officer Pfeiffer and began to run away. Officers told Tuffo to stop multiple times but had to draw Tasers to get him to comply. Tuffo was taken into custody for disorderly conduct, evading arrest, resisting, public intoxication, and assault of an officer.

Robert Thurman charged after tossing beer through vehicle window onto occupants

35-year-old Robert Thurman was booked this week on an outstanding citation from October 1, charging him with assault. Skylar Goodman says he was traveling near 5th & Broadway when he honked his horn to help facilitate traffic to move along. Thurman then threw a beer at Goodman’s window, which was open, and the beverage doused Goodman and his passenger. During an interview, Thurman admitted to assaulting Goodman with the beer and that he had “made a mistake.”

Evans Matthew Adams, 20, charged with DUI after drinking at the Golden Door in Nashville 

20-year-old Evans Matthew Adams traveling at 84 mph on I-65 South early Saturday morning, where the speed limit is 55 mph. A THP Trooper stopped the vehicle, which contained Adams and a passenger, and stated Adams reeked of alcohol. He admitted to drinking “one twelve-ounce beer” at The Golden Door before driving. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and refused to answer how impaired he felt on a scale of 1-10. He refused all further testing and was taken into custody.

Scott Sanders charged with disorderly conduct after interfering with police investigation

23-year-old Scott Sanders interrupted officers as they investigated a separate incident at 2nd Ave. S on October 29th. Officers were dispatched for a call of service when Sanders began arguing with them and refused as they asked him to move away. Officers placed Sanders in custody due to interfering in an investigation and he attempted to walk up to officers again. Officers observed Sanders to be visibly intoxicated as he was continuously resistive while in custody. Sanders was arrested for disorderly conduct.