Amanda Townsend rips multiple Ring cameras, bites fiancé during confrontation

32-year-old Amanda Townsend was involved in a domestic dispute with her fiancé, Dylan Muniz, at their Bonnacrest Drive residence on July 7th. Officers arrived and spoke with Townsend. Townsend stated that she got into a physical altercation with Muniz. Townsend also told officers that she sustained a swollen wrist and a scratch on her arm because of her fight with Muniz. When officers asked Townsend if Muniz was injured, she told them that she bit his finger because he put it in her mouth. Townsend added that Muniz trapped her inside a room but would not state how she escaped it. Officers later spoke with Muniz, who also said that he got into a physical altercation with Townsend. Muniz informed officers that Townsend was a recovering alcoholic, and he saw her drinking that night. Muniz stated that when he confronted her, an argument ensued. According to Muniz, Townsend ripped down multiple Ring cameras, hit him in the head, and then cracked his phone screen. Muniz provided officers with a video that depicted everything he said. Officers observed the cracked screen as well as his thumb, which was bruised with dried blood on it. When asked about his thumb, Muniz stated that while he and Townsend were in the car, he was trying to unbuckle their child. While he was doing so, Townsend bit his thumb. Due to the video evidence provided, Townsend was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault and vandalism on July 8th.

Andrew Smith strangles man multiple times during altercation at Airbnb

35-year-old Andrew Smith was caught after strangling Cory Kline while at a Wedgewood Avenue AirBnB on July 6th. When the officers arrived at the scene, Kline informed them that he had been assaulted by Smith, whom he identified to them. Kline told the officers that he was from Indiana and had come to the residence, which was an Airbnb, with some family and friends meeting for the first time. Kline informed the officers that he had met Smith earlier that day and that they had no previous relationship. Kline also told officers that Smith had been drinking throughout the day and had become verbally hostile toward other people at the gathering. According to Kline, he was upstairs when he heard a loud noise that he believed was coming from downstairs. Kline then proceeded to investigate but could not locate the noise. Smith then came downstairs with other party members and began cursing Kline out. Kline told the officers that Smith had called him a “b*tch” and then got into his face. Feeling threatened, Kline pushed Smith away lightly, telling him to sleep it off and go to bed.

Smith responded to this by grabbing Kline by his throat with his left hand. Kline noted that Smith applied pressure and pushed him up against the counter of the kitchen, strangling him for a few seconds. Kline then informed the officers that Smith attempted to punch him in the face but ended up hitting his hands as he tried to block the strike. Officers noticed Kline had a small cut on his index finger. Smith then put Kline in a headlock, causing his glasses to fall off. Kline then struck Smith in the face. Kline said he tried to defend himself as they both fell to the ground at the edge of the stairs. He told officers that he felt as though Smith was trying to push him down the stairs before they both fell. Kline stated that while on the ground, Smith began strangling him again before other members of the gathering pulled Smith off of him. Smith left the scene before the officers arrived. Officers also spoke with Heidi Bollero-Hensel, who witnessed the altercation and provided an unbiased account of what happened, supporting Kline’s statements. Smith was considered the primary aggressor and was arrested the next day for aggravated assault on July 7th.

DUI: Jordan Copeland crashes into light pole, caught with marijuana bag labeled “Blue Mambaz”

26-year-old Jordan Copeland was arrested for driving under the influence and possessing cannabis after crashing into a pole near 9th Avenue Street and Clark Place on July 7th. When officers arrived at the scene, they noticed Copeland sitting in his vehicle, showing signs of intoxication. Copeland initially tried to drive away, but officers stopped him and took his keys. They observed that Copeland displayed many signs of intoxication, such as slow and slurred speech, watery eyes, and unsteadiness. Copeland admitted to drinking two Jack & Cokes and two Budweiser beers at Honky Tonk Central on Broadway before moving his vehicle from 9th Avenue and Clark Place to a nearby parking lot. The officers noticed that the damage to Copeland’s vehicle was consistent with hitting a light pole and asked him to undergo sobriety tests, which he refused. However, he consented to a breathalyzer test, which revealed a result of .123% BAC. During a search of his vehicle, officers found an unopened bag of marijuana labeled “Blue Mambaz” weighing 3.5 grams. Copeland was then taken into custody for DUI and possession of a controlled substance.

Christopher Campbell found hiding in barn after stealing $18,000 worth of property

27-year-old Christopher Campbell was involved in an incident with Darryl Biggs at his Eatons Creek Road residence on July 7th. Campbell had been staying with Biggs for the past few weeks. Biggs observed that Campbell had taken one of his cars the previous day. Biggs then found Campbell back on his property, attempting to steal his Ford truck. Attached to the car was a $5,000 trailer with an $8,000 four-wheeler and a $5,000 lawn mower. When Biggs confronted Campbell, a fight ensued. During the fight, Campbell shoved Biggs, punched him, and shoved him again, causing him to fall to the ground. While Biggs was on the ground, Campbell got on top of him and pinned his arms to the ground. Biggs attempted to call 911, but Campbell stole his phone. Campbell proceeded to hotwire Biggs’ truck and drive off with the trailer and other property. Officers encountered Campbell while he was driving the stolen truck erratically down Eatons Creek Road. When officers activated their emergency lights and sirens, Campbell stopped on Old Hickory Boulevard. While officers approached the vehicle, Campbell left and ran toward a densely wooded area. Campbell was discovered hiding in a barn on Old Hickory Boulevard.

While Campbell was being escorted to patrol cars, he attempted to break free. Officers were able to gain control of him quickly. During a search of Campbell’s person, officers found a glass crack pipe, a Tennessee ID that did not belong to him, Biggs’ cell phone, and a black handgun magazine. The ID belonged to a woman named Lakendra Williams. Officers located a black 9mm Ruger pistol in the front driver’s seat of Biggs’ vehicle. The pistol was loaded and was identical to the magazine found on Campbell. The gun’s serial number was checked, and officers found it stolen from Clarksville, Tennessee. Campbell was taken and then transported to booking.

DUI: Lynard Jones unable to tell officers what day it is after crashing his car

41-year-old Lynard Jones was seen driving under the influence after a car accident on Whites Creek Pike on July 7th. When officers arrived on the scene, Jones was being treated for injuries to his back. When officers went to speak with Jones, they immediately noticed the strong smell of alcohol coming from his breath. Jones also admitted to officers that he was drinking before the accident. Due to Jones’ injuries, he was then transported to the hospital, where officers spoke with him again. Officers first asked him what day it was, and Jones could not answer, having to look at his watch to answer the question. Officers then asked Jones how many drinks he had, and he admitted to having three to five drinks that morning. When officers asked Jones what time he had consumed alcohol, he stated 10  or 11 a.m., but when they asked him, it was only 10:45 a.m. A passerby also called in the vehicle accident at 9:54 a.m. Officers also asked Jones what he was drinking, to which he admitted to a Bloody Mary. Officers then performed sobriety tests, and Jones showed numerous indicators of intoxication on the test. Officers deemed Jones to be intoxicated, and he was then taken into custody for DUI.

Yulanda Montgomery attacks woman in Hobby Lobby over social media feud

39-year-old Yulanda Mechell Montgomery had an altercation with Angela Lavender at the Gallatin Pike North Hobby Lobby on March 11th, 2023. Lavender reported that she recognized Montgomery as the person who made hostile and combative comments towards her on social media while in the store. Lavender tried not to interact with Montgomery to avoid conflict. Then, she said that Montgomery recognized her and started attacking her inside the establishment. Lavender stated Montgomery began striking her in the face repeatedly, leaving lacerations on her face and mouth. The store cameras captured the incident, and officers later obtained a warrant for Montgomery’s arrest on March 24th, 2023. Montgomery was later taken into custody for assault on July 7th, 2024.

DUI: Ashton Grams flips her car with 4 young children inside after drinking Bud Light

30-year-old Ashton Grams was arrested for driving under the influence after being involved in a vehicle crash at the intersection of Fairland Avenue and Fain Street on July 7th. Officers responded to a rollover accident and found Grams and her four children outside the overturned vehicle. The vehicle’s tags were suspended, and officers discovered an empty can of Bud Light on the vehicle’s passenger side. Grams confessed to driving the overturned vehicle and admitted that the beer can was hers, claiming she had not consumed alcohol since the previous day at noon. Officers then conducted a sobriety test, which Grams agreed to, but she performed poorly and exhibited signs of impairment. Additionally, officers noticed Grams had bloodshot, constricted, and glassy eyes. During police questioning, officers detected the smell of alcohol coming from Grams. Grams informed officers that the Bud Light can was half full in the vehicle, but it spilled on her. Grams also admitted that she did not have insurance for the car. The four children in the vehicle were 8, 6, 5, and 5 months old. The 5-month-old and 5-year-old were in car seats, while the 8-year-old and 6-year-old were not. Officers observed cuts on the 8-year-old and 6-year-old before learning that Grams had a suspended driver’s license. Grams stated that she was driving at 35 mph when she collided with a parked trailer she didn’t see. Grams then hit a nearby parked truck, causing significant damage and totaling both the truck and trailer. Grams was taken into custody for driving on a suspended license, driving an unregistered vehicle, DUI, open container of alcohol, lack of insurance, and four counts of child endangerment.

DUI: Calvin Jenkins booked after crashing car near his apartment

19-year-old Calvin Jenkins was involved in a car accident near his Maxwell apartment on Bell Road in the early hours of June 15th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Jenkins, who provided them with his driver’s credentials. Jenkins then admitted to drinking two alcoholic beverages. Officers discovered he was underage and cited him for the occurrence that day. Jenkins was booked on the citation of underage alcohol consumption.