Jody Spears Jr. steals $1,100 from Fairfield Inn hotel room after following guest inside

32-year-old Jody Spears Jr. stole from Kyle and Anna Miller’s Fairfield Inn and Suites hotel room late May 3rd. Surveillance footage showed Spears Jr entering the hotel lobby after following a guest inside. Then, he proceeded to the 3rd floor, where he entered Kyle and Anna’s room for approximately one minute before exiting the room and premises. It was later discovered that $300 was missing from Anna’s purse. When the Millers returned to North Carolina, they reported an additional $800 was missing from their luggage. A warrant was issued for Spears Jr’s arrest on May 23rd. Spears Jr. was later taken into custody for aggravated burglary, criminal trespass, and theft on July 11th.

Elijah Maitland breaks into ex-girlfriend’s apartment & refuses to leave during altercation

23-year-old Elijah Maitland was involved in a domestic altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Raquel Acevedo, at her Blair Boulevard apartment on May 23rd. When officers arrived, they spoke with Acevedo, who stated that Maitland wasn’t in her apartment. Acevedo informed officers that she and Maitland had stayed in her apartment together but that he hadn’t lived there since August 2023. Acevedo told officers she came home to find Maitland inside her apartment when she got off last night on May 22nd. Acevedo stated that since she knew that her door was locked before she left, Maitland had to enter through the window. Her apartment was on the second floor of the building. However, there is an awning with windows above it, which Acevedo stated she couldn’t lock. Acevedo told officers that when she came into contact with Maitland, she asked him to leave several times, but he refused. According to Acevedo, Maitland took her phone from her hand to prevent her from calling 911. She added that they “hand fought” over her phone, but she couldn’t regain possession. After eventually getting her phone back, Acevedo decided to leave and stay with a friend instead of continuing to fight Maitland.

Acevedo told law enforcement that Maitland was still inside her apartment when she returned on May 23rd. Acevedo stated that after trying to get Maitland to leave, he took her phone again to prevent her from calling the police. Maitland then continued to berate her verbally. In fear for her safety, Acevedo grabbed a kitchen knife to defend herself. She expressed that she never intended to threaten Maitland with the knife and that she only got the knife because he appeared violent. Maitland continuously attempted to “snatch” the knife away from her hand and, at one point, was able to grab onto the blade. Acevedo was able to get the knife free from Maitland’s hand by “slicing” his hand. Maitland was completely unfazed and continued to “hand fight” with her. Acevedo decided to leave the apartment and get assistance from someone outside her apartment. As Acevedo attempted to leave, Maitland grabbed her by the shirt and pulled her back into the room, causing another “scuffle” over her phone. Acevedo stated that she eventually assured Maitland that she wouldn’t call 911 and got her phone back from him. Once Acevedo got her phone, she immediately called 911 but hung up because she was scared he might lash out at her again. Acevedo called 911 again a short time later. Maitland became aware of this and left the location without another altercation. Maitland was not present when the officers arrived.

Later, on July 1st, officers met with Raquel Acevedo about a call for service regarding a domestic dispute at her Blair Boulevard residence. Officers determined that no criminal offense had occurred. However, officers discovered Maitland, the other involved party, had five outstanding warrants in Davidson County. Officers confirmed those warrants to still be active and began searching the area for him. Officers then located Maitland walking down an alley between 17th Ave S and 18th Ave S. When Maitland saw police, he ran into a tree line towards Belmont University’s campus. Officers lost Maitland but later found him again on Belmont University’s Campus. Officers identified themselves as police and gave Maitland the command to “stop.” Upon seeing the police, Maitland again fled from the officers. Officers warned Maitland he’d be tased if he continued running from them. Eventually, officers caught up to Maitland and took him into custody without further incident. Maitland was taken into custody and charged with two counts of interfering with an emergency call, false imprisonment, domestic assault, and aggravated burglary on July 1st.

Malachi Nelson steals $45,000 worth of property after breaking into woman’s home

32-year-old Malachi Nelson was seen trespassing with marijuana on him at The Greyhound Bus Station near Rep John Lewis Way South on June 20th. When officers arrived on the scene, it was for an unrelated call. Staff flagged down officers and told them they wanted Nelson to be banned from returning to the property. Officers then spoke with Nelson and told him he would be arrested for trespassing if he returned. Officers then left the scene and received a call from the same location shortly after. The caller stated that Nelson had climbed the fence into the property and threatened to kill everybody inside the bus station. When officers arrived on the scene, Nelson was still on the property, and since officers had previously warned him, he was taken into custody for trespassing.

During a search of Nelson, officers located a small amount of marijuana inside of a small plastic bag. Officers also located several other suspicious items, including a photo ID and a debit card that belonged to a female and not Nelson. When asked about the items, he stated that he did not know where they came from or how long he had had them. Officers then discovered that the owner of the ID card had made a call and was waiting for officers to make a report about a burglary that had occurred. The suspect’s description of the burglary matched Nelson’s, and specific details about his clothing were included in the description. The victim of the burglary also had doorbell camera footage, which officers viewed, showing Nelson entering and exiting through the unlocked front door. He was seen carrying a stolen laptop and several bags containing two PlayStation 5 consoles, a MacBook laptop, multiple sets of car keys, house keys, an ID card, a debit card, $1,100 cash, an Audemars Piguet watch, designer clothing, and a Chromebook laptop. The value of the stolen property is valued to be more than $45,000, and Nelson was taken into custody for aggravated burglary, criminal trespass, and possession of a controlled substance. Nelson was recently arrested before this incident on June 18th for breaking into a US Bank ATM with a large rock.

Lewis Johnson breaks into tenant’s apartment, rummages through his belongings

60-year-old Lewis Kennedy Johnson was taken into custody for aggravated burglary on June 20th. On May 1st, Kay Jackson went to the Family Safety Center and reported stolen property from Alan Anderson’s, her brother’s home and vehicle. Jackson stated that on January 28th, around 5:36 p.m., she told officers that Anderson had a seizure and could not speak to them. Then, Jackson said she and Lewis Johnson, the property owner, were at Anderson’s apartment. When they returned, a metal box that contained five property deeds and at least six vehicle titles had been removed from the drawer. She told them that, to her knowledge, Johnson was the only person with a spare key to the unit and that neighbors had seen Chiu Fu Sheng leaving the premises after the theft occurred. Jackson informed officers that Anderson left two motorcycles with Sheng at a Clarksville storage building. Then, Jackson said Anderson told her he had $20,000 inside a pouch in his Mercedes, but when she searched for it, she could not find it, adding that his car appeared to have been rummaged through.

Officers then spoke with Johnson over the phone about the incident. Johnson told them that when he arrived at the apartment, everything seemed in place, but after returning on January 28th, around 4:20 p.m., he saw drawers and doors that were not opened when he left. He also stated he did not believe Sheng had a key to the unit. Jackson informed police that Anderson had the locks changed and cameras installed following the occurrence. Jackson added that she told Johnson to stay out of Anderson’s apartment, which he agreed with. A day later, Jackson caught Johnson under surveillance going through her brother’s items and provided officers with the footage. Jackson advised officers she wanted Johnson to return Anderson’s motorcycle jacket and 43X pistol. On April 24th, the police called Johnson about the missing property, and he told them he had returned the things he had stolen and that he did not know about the jacket or pistol. Jackson also stated that the neighbor told her that Sheng was at the apartment on the day the things were stolen. Jackson said she sent a certified letter through her attorney to Sheng asking for the items back. Sheng returned some of the missing things, including one pistol and four holsters. During a phone call, Sheng told officers she had returned all the stolen items from Anderson to Jackson. A warrant was issued for Johnson’s arrest, and he was later detained.

Brandon Dotson steals $6,200 worth of items from Airbnb, tells police he knew “something was off”

31-year-old Brandon Dotson, Jaylun “Choppa” Underwood, and their friend “Rockout” Porter stole from Adam Rosenberg’s 28th Avenue North Airbnb on January 24th, 2023. On May 10th, 2023, Rosenberg told police that he had rented out a property using for the first time on January 24th, 2023. Rosenberg stated he spoke to a “Lauren Jones” who had booked it for the night. On the morning of January 25th, 2023, he noticed the guests who stayed had stolen five flat-screen TVs totaling $5,000 and two Dyson vacuum cleaners, which cost $1,200. Rosenberg said he checked the reservation and discovered that their payment did not go through, and he was given invalid information. Then, he provided officers with footage of the incident, showing Underwood backing a white Chevy Cruz into the driveway, which later returned with the plates removed. On January 25th, 2023, around 6:40 a.m., Dotson and Underwood loaded the TVs and one of the vacuums into the Chevy Cruz while Porter put the other one into a white Jeep Cherokee. Then, the men fled and left the garage door open, which was when Rosenberg realized his property had been stolen.

Officers discovered that the Chevy Cruz was registered to Underwood’s relative, Ardy Boyle, who stated Underwood primarily drove the vehicle. During a call with Dotson, he said he was at the Airbnb for what he thought was a housewarming party with Underwood and gave officers his phone number. Dotson added that he was there to cut hair, and when they woke up around 6 a.m., they told him they were moving soon so he could take some things with him. Dotson stated this is when they started loading the items into their cars. Dotson said he knew “something was off” when Underwood got upset with him for dropping one of the TVs. He stated the AR-15 he was carrying belonged to Underwood and that “Rockout” Porter was driving the Jeep Cherokee. Officers later discovered that Porter was stopped by the police on May 4th, 2023, as a passenger in the Chevy Cruz. A warrant was issued for their arrest. Dotson was taken into custody for theft and aggravated burglary on June 19th, 2024.

Ghina Boles breaks into apartment with screwdriver

35-year-old Ghina Boles was taken into custody for aggravated burglary and criminal impersonation on June 10th. On June 2nd, officers responded to a break-in at Wallace Apartments. When they arrived, they spoke with the property manager, who stated he observed Boles breaking into the vacant unit next door. He advised she had been causing issues at the complex recently and provided them with the footage of the occurrence, showing Boles initially failing to break into the unit before returning with what appeared to be a screwdriver to open the door and close it behind her. An on-duty security officer and property manager confronted her and found she was rummaging through bags that the previous tenant had left behind. Officers could not locate Boles when they arrived but were able to identify her and obtain a warrant for her arrest.

Frank Cabrera rapes woman & steals her car after

41-year-old Frank Cabrera was taken into custody for aggravated burglary, aggravated rape, sexual battery, and two counts of theft on June 6th. On May 26th, a woman reported that she was sexually assaulted by a male she knew as “Juan,” later identified as Cabrera. She stated that she met him at 404 Bar & Grill, and they went to her apartment building to hang out in her vehicle in a public space. Before they left, she said he had his friend grab his phone from a red Toyota Tundra.

Once at the apartment complex, he asked for a beer, so she went to get it for him because she did not want him to enter her unit, but Cabrera came in anyway, picked her up, put her on the countertop while groping her breasts and removing her bra. After she told him she did not want to do that, he threw her onto her bed, removed her pants, and penetrated her vagina with his fingers until she ripped off his necklace and strangled him with a charging cable until he stopped.

When he left, she locked the door behind him. While she prepared for a shower, Cabrera re-entered her apartment looking for his necklace, which was when she told him to leave. She grabbed her phone and started to call the police, so he fled and took her car keys and purse. Footage from the apartment building corroborated her statements, showing him entering her car and driving away. Her car was recovered at a nearby gas station, with cameras showing him parking at the pump and going to the Lowe’s parking lot, wandering to the loading dock until he was picked up in a red Toyota Tundra. The location had private license plate readers, which showed the Tundra being registered to Cabrera. Warrants were issued for his arrest on June 5th. He was later detained for the incident.

Dayne Barnett breaks baby-mama’s iPhone 15 Pro Max, steals multiple items from her apartment

30-year-old Dayne Dewayne Barnett had a domestic incident with the mother of his child, Kaylia Weiters, at her Hobson Pike apartment around 9 p.m. on May 2nd. Weiters alerted the authorities, advising them that Barnett came to drop their daughter off, during which an argument ensued because he thought she was seeing another man. During the dispute, he grabbed her $1,500 iPhone 15 Pro Max out of her hand and threw it onto the pavement, causing it to shatter and break before leaving. Weiters showed officers messages from Barnett on their daughter’s iPad, where he stated, “You’re the one who provoked me,” after she asked about her phone. Then, he sent another message, saying, “Tell the court what caused the altercation that caused your phone to be broken.” She did not wish to press charges, but officers did on her behalf.

Then, after the occurrence, Barnett refused to pay for Weiters iPhone, so she drove to his Arlene Drive residence to confront him about it. When she got there, she messaged him, but he did not respond. So Weiters entered his home and took his laptop before going on a trip on May 3rd. On May 5th, she returned and discovered that she had property missing from her apartment, including 3-4 $200 bottles of cologne, a juicer, an air fryer, and some of her medical documents. A neighbor provided Weiters with footage from their ring camera, showing Barnett outside Weiters’ door around 11:26 p.m. on May 3rd. Weiters showed the police Barnett’s messages about the incident, which said, “I took everything back to take out of my house.” The messages included a photo of her medical paperwork. Then, Weiters stated that he also sent her a voice message saying he had taken the cologne, thinking it belonged to the man she was seeing and the juicer because he had gifted it to her years ago. Then, Weiters added that on May 5th, she heard a loud noise on her apartment porch, so she ran outside and noticed Barnett’s vehicle driving away with her missing medical documents on her porch. Officers issued two warrants for his arrest on May 10th. Barnett was taken into custody for vandalism and aggravated burglary on June 3rd.

Jaylin Woods breaks into ex-girlfriend’s home after she breaks up with him.

19-year-old Jaylin Martese Woods was taken into custody for aggravated assault and aggravated burglary on May 21st. On May 18th, deputies were called to a Brentwood Oaks Drive apartment, where they spoke with the residents, Woods’ ex-girlfriend, Olivia Grasman, Kenzie Trojan, and an unidentified juvenile male, who were involved in the incident. Grasman advised them that she had broken up with Woods earlier that morning and that he showed up at her residence with two of his friends, “Vel” and an unknown male, causing a disturbance. The men banged loudly on the door before kicking it in and taking it off the hinges, causing Grasman to fall onto the ground. When Woods was inside their unit, he started chasing after the juvenile male, who told officers that while he held the bathroom door shut, Woods punched a hole through it. As Woods did this, he attempted to strike the juvenile male, leaving a scrape on his left arm. Then, Grasman said, “Vel,” and Woods reentered the living room, refusing to leave, so she punched Woods in the head. Woods immediately responded by slapping her in the face, which knocked her to the ground. Woods then punched her as she tried to stand up. Trojan told the police that she picked up a piece of the wooden doorframe and chased Woods out of their home, trying to hit him. However, Woods took the wooden piece from Trojan and started hitting her repeatedly on her head and face, which she was bleeding from. Then, a witness, Julio Guzman, stated he overheard the sounds of Woods breaking into the apartment and observed him hitting Trojan outside in the apartment lot. A warrant was issued for Woods’ arrest, and he was later detained for the occurrence.

Kia’Onna Lawless breaks into “intimate partner’s” home, steals his PlayStation 5

23-year-old Kia’Onna La’Shea Lawless caused a disturbance at her “intimate partner’s,” Anthony Johnson’s, Eric Drive residence on May 18th. Officers were advised that Tyron Smith and Sheena Smith are residents there also. When officers arrived, they spoke with Johnson, who stated that Lawless was not allowed at his house, adding that she tried to enter through the back door. Johnson then told Lawless to leave before having to “physically remove” her from the doorway. Then, Lawless waited in her vehicle until Johnson’s company left and entered through the front door. Lawless grabbed Johnson’s PlayStation 5 and iPhone, went outside, and threw the iPhone into the grass across the street, which was captured on camera by Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Lawless was taken into custody for aggravated burglary and theft.

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