April Lewis charged with disorderly conduct at Nashville International Airport

45-year-old April Lewis was jailed Friday morning at Nashville International Airport after TSA stopped her for improper identification. There was no verification for Ms. Lewis in all 50 states causing her to be denied access. This caused her to begin screaming at officers. Officers gave her a chance to calm down, but she continued being loud and started to walk away. The TSA checkpoint was heavily populated, and her behavior was stopping the flow of traffic; therefore, Ms. Lewis was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Sandra Peterson jailed after threatening fellow passengers on a plane at Nashville Airport

60-year-old Sandra Peterson was reportedly threatening passengers on a plane at the Nashville International Airport Friday night. Officers were dispatched to gate C15 and observed Peterson standing in the aisle of the airplane as they arrived. Peterson was visibly intoxicated as officers helped her get off the plane and up the jet bridge for further questioning. Peterson told officers that she had two double shots and that her daughter was supposed to be picking her up from the airport. Officers gave Peterson a chance to get picked up, but her phone was dead, and she could not get in contact with anyone. Peterson was placed under arrest for public intoxication and transported to booking.

Martin Goins free on pre-trial release after 29 pounds of marijuana found in his luggage

On October 12th, Detective Leuders and his canine officer, Power, were doing a luggage check when they received the luggage from Southwest Airlines flight 3709 out of Phoenix. Power reportedly gave the narcotic sign on a blue, medium-sized HiPack. The tags on the luggage stated it belonged to 20-year-old Martin Goins, who originated in San Francisco. At the same time, it’s alleged that the canine had also indicated on a very similar suitcase that belonged to Brandon Wilkins. After a male claimed the bag, investigators intercepted the man, identified as Wilkins, and he stated he owned the other bag. Goins eventually walked over to attempt to claim his bag.

Police asked both individuals if they would consent to bag searches, and they did. The officers found 29 pounds of vacuum-sealed marijuana that was wrapped in clothing. Both Wilkins and Goins were taken into custody and charged with intent to distribute marijuana.

Laura Kelsey Bartlette — too drunk to fly at Nashville International Airport

32-year-old Laura Kelsey Bartlette could not find her luggage at the Nashville International Airport Thursday afternoon. Nashville Airport Police Officer Smith approached after being called for an intoxicated individual and found Laura, whose flight was rescheduled to the next day. Police say she reeked of alcohol, and she could not answer their questions about where she lived, her date of birth, or where she was going. Nashville Airport Police Officer Smith took Laura into custody due to her level of intoxication.

Kristen McAloon too drunk to fly at Nashville International Airport

Nashville International Airport officers identified 35-year-old Kristen McAloon after being called for her being irate due to being denied boarding her flight. Kristen was not cooperating with JetBlue airline staff when police contacted her. She told police she only had two beers at the airport through slurred speech. Police told her to leave the gate and that she would be escorted by a taxi because she was refunded for the flight for being too intoxicated. She began to yell and cuss, causing police to place her into custody for public intoxication.

James Darren McKay too drunk to fly at Nashville International Airport

25-year-old James Darren McKay was seen visibly intoxicated at Nashville International Airport after being removed from an American Airlines flight. The Airline employees said they asked James and his girlfriend to leave the plane several times since they were too intoxicated. Once James was off the plane, he was yelling at the employees who were trying to reschedule him for a later flight. Officer Wright reported that he was yelling at him and other officers when they were escorting him to another part of the airport. He also threw his bag while frustrated with his girlfriend. Officer Wright then placed him in custody for public intoxication.

Nicholas Moore — too drunk to fly at Nashville Airport

28-year-old Nicholas Moore was jailed this weekend after being denied boarding a Southwest flight at the Nashville International Airport due to his level of intoxication. He became belligerent with gate agents, and Airport Police responded to the incident. Moore was unable to remain standing without assistance and continued to be a disruption to the business. He attempted to have a family member retrieve him, but he escalated the situation and began to scream in an officer’s face.

Robert Cirilo — too drunk to fly out of Nashville Airport

41-year-old Robert Cirilo was jailed Monday when police observed he was too drunk to board his flight at Nashville International Airport. As officers were patrolling, they saw Cirilo standing in line at Tootsie’s Bar, clearly drunk. They walked over to him, and he said that his phone was dead and he was just trying to get home. He had slurred speech and alcohol coming from his breath as he spoke. Officers were told that Cirilo was denied boarding due to his level of intoxication. Officers made a phone call to a friend who informed them that Cirilo had a flight later that day. Officers helped Cirilo obtain a new ticket and walked him to his gate. Officers were called back to the gate shortly after due to Cirilo being disruptive, looking for his lost phone. He was visibly drunk and denied boarding once again. Officers asked him to gather his belongings that were scattered on the floor so they could escort him to a hotel, but he was too drunk to gather anything and was unable to care for himself.

DUI: Catherine Altorfer King says she drank ‘mocktails’; real cocktails found in her car

47-year-old Catherine Altorfer King was booked yesterday after telling police she was having a stroke while drunk in her Mercedes. An officer was on foot patrol at Nashville Internation Airport when he saw a black Mercedes parked with a female behind the wheel that appeared to be in distress. When the officer approached her, all she could tell him was that she was 47 and possibly having a stroke, so he called for an ambulance. As they spoke, the officer could smell alcohol coming from her and noticed her watery red eyes. When another officer arrived on the scene, Altorfer admitted to drinking two 16oz mocktails before driving. Nashville Fire arrived, and Altorfer refused medical assistance. She agreed to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was placed under arrest for driving under the influence. She agreed to the breathalyzer but gave three insufficient samples. During the search of her vehicle, police located an empty 16oz Clubtail can and two empty 12 oz bottles of Fireball.

Mikey Stubblefield — too drunk to fly, three times, at Nashville Airport

39-year-old Mikey Stubblefield was denied boarding for this flight twice Saturday due to his extreme level of intoxication both times. He then attempted to make a third flight Sunday. While he was en route to his gate, Airport Police noted he was stumbling and could barely stand, and was once again extremely intoxicated. He was observed throwing his bag and stealing two sandwiches along his walk. Already knowing he was going to be denied at the gate for a third time, officers took him into custody for public intoxication after he stated he was from Texas and had no way to arrange any alternate travel or accommodations.

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