Tourist Aaron Walker charged with punching his wife during assault at DoubleTree Hotel downtown

An employee at the DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Nashville heard the yelling and screaming of obscenities and insults coming from a room as he exited an elevator in the early hours of Saturday morning. The employee knocked on the door, and 43-year-old Aaron Walker opened the door, and behind him was Walker’s wife, Caroline, lying on the floor crying. Police were notified about the incident and found Caroline sitting outside the room when they arrived. She says the couple was arguing about financial issues when Aaron punched her with a closed fist. She says she threw a cell phone at him in response. Aaron’s story changed several times during questioning, and he was determined to be the primary aggressor and charged with domestic assault.

Taylor Conyers charged in assault of juvenile neighbor

20-year-old Taylor Conyers faced multiple charges after she and another person knocked on the door of a juvenile neighbor, pushed into the home, and began to attack a juvenile female. The two reportedly “jumped” the victim, punching her in the face before fleeing. Officers arrived and reviewed video doorbell footage of the two entering and exiting the apartment. The argument seems to be over an incident the night before when Conyers was accused of stealing packages that belonged to the victim’s grandmother.

Dirie Abshir hits wife in face as 12-year-old son watches the assault

41-year-old Dirie Abshir is charged with domestic assault after his wife, Sahro Osman, punched her in the face during an argument on January 13. Though the initial call came in as a person with a gun, the victim denies that a weapon was present. His 12-year-old son confirmed the assault, telling police that his father hit his mother in the face. Officers documented a bruised right eye on the victim and took Abshir into custody.

Garrett Nash charged in assault of girlfriend after night of drinking on New Year’s Eve

26-year-old Garrett Nash and his girlfriend, Savannah Gulley Decker, were drinking with friends in downtown Nashville on New Year’s Eve when they got into a verbal argument. They shared an Uber back to Lichey Ave, where each had parked their own car at a friend’s home for the evening. As they waited there in their separate vehicles for the homeowner to also return, Garrett reportedly became impatient and wanted to return home to Clarksville. He reportedly demanded his girlfriend get into his car so they could leave, and she refused. She says he then pulled on both of her arms, leaving red marks on them. The homeowner arrived and asked Garrett to leave, but he refused. Officers then responded to the scene and determined him to be the primary aggressor in a domestic assault, and he was transported to jail.

Jeffrey Gingrich charged in assault of ex-boyfriend as he gets on top and punches him

54-year-old Jeffrey Gingrich is charged with punching his former lover, Charlton Hollars, in the face and their shared residence Wednesday evening. Mr. Hollars says he was sitting on the couch when Gingrich approached him aggressively with his chest puffed out and punched him out, causing him to fall to the ground. He says Gingrich then got on top of him and continued to face-punch him multiple times. Officers observed multiple bruises and marks on the victim consistent with the assault.

Quantavius Brown pulls Draco after argument & posts revenge porn of ex-girlfriend on social media

Metro Nashville Police say 25-year-old Quantavius Brown grabbed a Draco and held it in his hand as he stated his ex-girlfriend, De’Aushanai Smith, “needed to leave and would do whatever it takes” after the two argued on September 22nd. An order of protection was served on him later that day, but he was not deterred. The following day, Smith unsuccessfully attempted to reach out to her on Instagram and via phone to persuade her not to testify against him. Hours later, she began receiving messages from friends and family that Brown had posted multiple videos on social media platforms of them having sex, one of which she wasn’t even aware she was being recorded.

Anna Curp charged in wild assault of roommate as she breaks through his bedroom door

Roommates Cody Sandford and 24-year-old Anna Curp were in an argument at their Bell Road apartment when Sandford went to his room in order to de-escalate the situation, locking his bedroom and bathroom door to prevent her from gaining any access to continue the argument. As she began to beat on his door, he further pushed furniture in front of it to reinforce it, but she still managed to smash it open and began to crawl into the small space she had forced open. He attempted to push her out when she kicked him in the head.

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