DUI: Clea Armstrong runs red light on Jefferson Street, tells police she only had one shot

20-year-old Clea Armstrong was caught driving under the influence near Hadley Park on 28th Avenue North on July 7th. Officers conducted routine patrol and observed Armstrong’s car running the red light from 28th Avenue onto Jefferson Street. Officers then turned around and turned on their emergency equipment to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle. Officers observed as the car stopped at the entrance of Hadley Park. Officers then made contact with Armstrong and immediately noticed her bloodshot eyes. When asked by officers, Armstrong told police that she had only drunk one shot. Officers then had Armstrong step out of the vehicle. After consenting, Armstrong performed numerous sobriety tests on which she performed poorly, showing numerous indicators of intoxication. Due to Armstrong’s intoxication, she was then taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.

Amanda Natoli hits partner in the head with a Grey Goose bottle; asks “Where’s your whore”

43-year-old Amanda Natoli was involved in an altercation with her romantic partner Larry Brandridge at a TownePlace Suites Nashville Midtown on June 22nd. When authorities were contacted, they were advised that a loud disturbance was coming from the room where Natoli was residing. The hotel security knocked on the door to make contact with Brandridge. When Brandridge answered, he stated that Natoli attacked him with a bottle of Grey Goose. Brandridge was bleeding from his head and had red marks on his ribs and wrist. When asked what happened, he claimed that he and Natoli had been drinking on Broadway all day, and as the day went on, she became highly intoxicated. While they were walking on Broadway, the two got into an argument. When Brandridge and Natoli returned to their room, she started yelling, asking Brandridge, “Where’s your whore? I know you’re cheating.” The argument then escalated, and Brandridge attempted to call the hotel security; however, while he was doing so, Natoli struck him three times with a grey goose bottle, once in the head, once in the ribs, and once on the wrist. Officers observed the room in disarray, located shards of glass in Brandridge’s hair, and observed large pieces scattered throughout the room. Natoli was then taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Richard Cook charged with DUI; urinates on himself during traffic stop

63-year-old Richard Cook was caught driving under the influence at the intersection of Eatons Creek Road and Old Clarksville Pike on June 24th. Officers requested a backup at a traffic stop at the intersection. When the officers arrived, they were told by other officers that Cook had run a stop sign. When officers made contact with Cook, they immediately noticed signs of intoxication and that Cook had urinated himself. Cook was then asked to step out of the vehicle. As he exited, he was unsteady on his feet and could not balance without the help of his car. After observing this, officers requested Cook to perform sobriety tests. Cook agreed to sobriety tests but performed poorly on all of them, so he was then into custody for driving under the influence.

William McFarland III, 25, tells police he licked 16-year-old boy’s butthole during sex

25-year-old William McFarland III had inappropriate relations with a 16-year-old male on June 3rd. The 16-year-old’s mother alerted the authorities, advising them that when she returned home from work, she discovered her son was wearing nothing but a robe while greeting her in the hallway, which she found odd. Then, she went to his bedroom and found McFarland III hiding in his closet, so she called the police. When officers arrived, she told them McFarland III was still on the scene, so they detained and Mirandized him. Under Miranda, McFarland waived his rights and agreed to provide officers with a statement. McFarland III stated that he and the 16-year-old male met about three years ago via Instagram and met in person at a concert sometime last year. McFarland III showed officers their messages from today, coordinating how and when he would come to the residence. Then, McFarland III said that they both received and performed oral sex to each other. McFarland III also noted that he “licked his butthole” but did not anally penetrate him. On McFarland III’s Snapchat, he and the 16-year-old exchanged explicit photos and talked about what sexual acts they wanted to do. McFarland III was taken into custody for statutory rape.

Keenan Scalf headbutts woman during argument

23-year-old Keenan Scalf was involved in a domestic incident with Brooklyn Jackson at their Harper Road residence on May 25th. When officers spoke with Jackson, she stated that she had a verbal argument with Scalf that turned physical. Jackson claims that the argument became physical when Scalf headbutted her, causing an abrasion on her lip. When officers arrived, they spoke with Scalf, who admitted that he did headbutt Jackson. Officers deemed Scalf to be the primary aggressor, and he was taken into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Tyson Orr speeds down Rosa Parks Boulevard, tells police he “didn’t realize how fast he was going”

27-year-old Tyson Orr was caught speeding and failing to maintain his traffic lane on Rosa Parks Boulevard on May 5th. Officers had to drive almost double the speed limit to catch up to Orr’s vehicle. Officers then conducted a traffic stop and contacted Orr, who said he “didn’t realize how fast he was going”. Officers then asked Orr where he was coming from and if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages. Orr stated that he was coming from downtown and had only one drink. During questioning, Orr changed his answer about whether he drank or not several times. Orr was then asked to step out of the vehicle so that officers could observe any signs of intoxication. Due to officers finding signs of nystagmus, they asked Orr if he was willing to execute field sobriety tests. Orr consented to the sobriety tests but performed poorly. Orr was taken into custody, where he was read his Miranda Rights. While officers were speaking to Orr, officers noticed the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person. Tyson Orr was then transported to Booking, where he was charged with driving under the influence.

Phenix Gleaves breaks into home, assaults multiple family members during altercation

22-year-old Phenix Gleaves was involved in an altercation with his step-brother, Joshua Vance, at Stagner Road on April 7th. When officers arrived, they saw Phenix talking to his father, Jason Gleaves. Once contact was made, officers could assess that Phenix was highly intoxicated. Phenix was asked what had happened, so he informed officers that he had been drinking. Phenix also stated that he and Vance got into a fight. Jason told officers that he saw that Phenix was intoxicated, so he told him to go sleep it off. This, however, led to Phenix following around Jason and screaming at him. Jason was able to separate himself from Phenix, but Phenix ended up pushing him. Jason recovered, entered his residence, locked the door, and contacted law enforcement. Vance heard the commotion and came outside to see what was going on. When he came outside, Phenix started yelling at him too. Seeing this from his window, Jason told Vance to go back inside, which he did. This made Phenix more upset, prompting him to bang on the windows to get Vance’s attention. Once unsuccessful, Phenix went back to the front door and began punching it until he was able to create a hole big enough to fit a human being. Phenix started reaching inside and successfully grabbed Vance, pulling him through the door. Once Phenix got hold of Vance, he started attacking him. Trying to defend himself, Vance hit Phenix in the face until he could create enough distance to run away. Phenix Gleaves was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury, domestic assault with fear of bodily injury, aggravated burglary, and vandalism.

Roberto Cagal-Mozo drunkenly strangles wife multiple times during argument

32-year-old Roberto Cagal-Mozo was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife, Marisela Mateo Alonzo, at East Palestine Avenue in the early hours of Sunday morning. The dispute began with an argument over Alonzo driving another man home earlier in the week. Cagal-Mozo was highly intoxicated and began to follow Alonzo around the house, arguing with her. As Alonzo Put their child to bed, Cagal-Mozo slapped her and began strangling her. The situation then de-escalated, and she was able to go to sleep. Alonzo, shortly after, was woken up by him choking her again but kept consciousness both times. Cagal-Mozo strangling her caused multiple red marks on her neck and a bump with bruising on her forehead. Cagal-Mozo was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault.

Katherine Presley slaps drunk husband for insulting her

62-year-old Katherine Presley was involved in a domestic altercation with her husband, William Presley, at Wiley Street on December 16th. When Officers made contact with Katherine, she informed them that William had been drinking and started to get verbally aggressive with her. William began to call Katherine out of her name. This led to Katherine becoming upset and retaliating by smacking William in the face, causing a red bruise on his cheek. After being hit, William attempted to raise his arm to protect himself from further attacks, but Katherine grabbed that arm and scratched it, leaving minor cuts on his forearms. Katherine Williams was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

DUI: Austin Goddard drives military truck into mailbox

47-year-old Austin Goddard backed an Army truck into the mailbox at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge in the early hours of Monday.  He drove off without providing his information, returned, started an argument with employees, and then pulled off again. Officers observed the large military green truck and conducted an investigative stop. Goddard was visibly intoxicated when they approached but stated he only had one beer, insisting he was not under the influence. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was taken into custody for driving under the influence, vandalism, and leaving the scene of an accident.