Marcus Stanton tries to steal a hellcat, leads police helicopters on chase

18-year-old Marcus Stanton was seen by the owner of a purple Hellcat pushing his vehicle away. The owner was able to locate the car through a GPS app, but Stanton was able to leave the vehicle and left in another stolen car, a white Infinity sedan. Both cars are estimated to be valued at around $80,000 combined. Stanton was also found to have three firearms, which were also confirmed to be stolen. Stanton was alerted that law enforcement helicopters were trailing him, so he ran on foot and hid from police, but he also stashed a pistol in the backyard of a place he was initially trying to hide. Stanton also had a juvenile in the car when attempting to steal the Hellcat. Stanton was taken into custody and charged with theft of property, theft of a firearm, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Austin Reese punches girlfriend, attempts to remove her from vehicle

23-year-old Austin Reese was in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Sydne McFarland, in the early hours of November 13th. McFarland advised officers that she and Reese had been arguing all day, and it escalated when he threw a bottle of soda at her back and punched her in the face, causing her lip to bleed. She stated that later that evening, when they were in the car arguing, Reese struck her on the head, resulting in her hitting her head against the passenger’s side window. Then, Reese stopped the car, walked to the passenger’s side, and grabbed McFarland’s arms to try to remove her from the vehicle. Officers observed injuries to McFarland and placed Reese into custody for domestic assault.

Nickolas Brown slams ex-girlfriend into table over lease

24-year-old Nickolas Brown was involved in a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend, Tara Jean Johnson, at Ramstone Way on October 24th. Officers spoke with Johnson, who explained that they discussed their lease when Brown came home from work since they had recently broken up. The discussion caused him to become enraged, grabbing her by the neck and throwing her onto their table, causing her to hit her head. Johnson stated that when she got up to get away, Brown grabbed her by the hair and yanked her back, so she tried to push him away. As he attempted to grab her again, Brown bit her right pinky finger and chased her as she ran outside to where her friends were waiting. Johnson got into her friend’s vehicle and escaped to their home on Summercrest Boulevard, where she would be safe to contact authorities. Officers observed purple-red bruising on Johnson’s neck and chest, a scrape on her right leg, a knot on the left side of her forehead, and a possible broken pinky finger. Brown was taken into custody for domestic assault on November 6th.

Amarian Oglesby pepper sprays ex-boyfriend who “whooped his ass”

20-year-old Amarian Oglesby was booked on an outstanding warrant from August 1st, when he assaulted his ex-boyfriend, Anton Burns, on Claiborne Street after he told him he didn’t want to be with him anymore. Burns told police that Oglesby became angry and began to grab onto his shirt and put his hands on him. Anton explained that he fought back and “whooped his ass,” which led Oglesby to spray him in the face with pepper spray. Anton’s eyes were swollen, red, and sensitive to light. There were also traces of spray inside the home, enough to cause the officers to keep coughing.

Khalid Habib argues with his mother; assaults brother during altercation

20-year-old Khalid Habib was involved in a domestic dispute with his brother, Rasheed Habib, at Hidden Creek Dr. on November 4th. Rasheed spoke with officers as they arrived and advised them that Khalid had assaulted him and that he was inside their house with a bat, arguing with their mother. Officers observed Khalid with the bat and attempted to calm him down, but he was very defensive and refused to go into detail about the incident but admitted that he and his brother fought. Their mother advised officers that Khalid was dealing with mental health issues and that she witnessed him assault his brother. She told Rasheed to leave for his safety. Officers deemed Khalid as the primary aggressor and placed him into custody for domestic assault.

Christian Potts lunges at his sister and bites her face

48-year-old Christian Potts was involved in a domestic disturbance with his sister, Tami Lee, at Hills Side Ct. on the night of November 6. Officers were called by a concerned neighbor who stated they heard screaming coming from the residence. Officers then arrived and spoke with Lee, who officers observed to have dried blood on her lips. Lee advised them that nothing had happened and that the screaming might have come from her or Potts. Potts then came up to the door yelling, telling officers that the swelling on Lee’s face came from her ex-boyfriend, who had hit her the night before. Then Lee admitted that the visible injuries on her face and lip were from Potts lunging at and biting her. Potts was then taken into custody for domestic assault.

Calliyah Beauford attacks Dylan Maple, punches his head & stomach

20-year-old Calliyah Beauford was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from October 26th after TSU Campus Police conducted a follow-up regarding an argument that happened the day before. Dylan Maple told the police that he and Calliyah were arguing when she started hitting him in the head and body. Maple said he grabbed her by the shoulders to stop her from hitting him, but she slipped, fell to the ground, and began hitting him in his stomach. According to Calliyah, the two argued until Maple kept grabbing and slamming her on the ground. She said she fought back in defense when he pushed her into the TV. She was determined the primary aggressor and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Keldasha Blaylock douses boyfriend with Tabasco sauce

19-year-old Keldasha Blaylock was arrested following a domestic assault incident where it’s alleged that she threatened the victim, Malik Buchanan’s, children before dousing him with Tabasco hot sauce. According to Buchanan, an argument started because Blaylock was upset there was nothing around and that she was not getting adequate help with their two kids. After the argument began, the victim left the property but allegedly witnessed Blaylock placing his son on the sidewalk before walking away, at which point he had to walk him back to the home.

At this point, Buchanan began receiving threatening text messages from Blaylock that threatened the children’s safety. He was concerned about a text message threatening the daughter’s safety. He pushed the air conditioning unit out of the house because of a threatening message, and the defendant allegedly began throwing Tabasco on him, of which he has partial footage.

Corey Atkinson charged in assault of fiancèe while drunk with a handgun

24-year-old Corey Atkinson reportedly punched his fiancè in the face multiple times in the basement garage of 501 Commerce building Saturday morning, three witnesses told security. Security for the building told police that his fiancèe, Haylee Hall, said that Corey placed a handgun into her vehicle. The three witnesses attested to seeing Corey hit Haylee. Corey told police that he had consumed alcohol earlier in the evening and denied engaging in physical altercations with her, nor did he know of any weapon. Police observed a large amount of marijuana in Haylee’s vehicle and conducted a search. Inside the vehicle, they found a weapon under the driver’s seat. Corey and Haylee had dried blood on their lips. Corey said that their injuries happened after they drunkenly fell on the ground. He reportedly had visible signs of intoxication and struggled to answer simple questions. His speech patterns were erratic, police stated, and they arrested him for public intoxication.

Taven Romesser slaps his girlfriend after she throws his phone

24-year-old Taven Romesser told police that he and his girlfriend got into an argument downtown when they showed up at his residence on Lebanon Pike early Monday morning. He said that while downtown, he gave his girlfriend, Margret Gates, his phone by accident, and she attempted to throw his phone. He said in response, he slapped her in the face, and police noticed a bruise on her cheek. Margret told police that she never hit him and did not wish for him to be arrested. Taven said that when they got home, they argued more, and he left the apartment to sleep in his car. Margret followed him outside, he said, putting her hand on the car door so he could not close it. At this time, he closed the door on her fingers. They said there were no ill intentions between them, and Taven said he knew the neighbors called the police due to their arguing.

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