David Hansen charged with assault of girlfriend after leaving Nickelback concert

37-year-old David Hansen became upset with Sarah Forbes on the way home from the Nickelback concert on August 1st for walking too fast or too slow. Sarah told police the next day; she said that he verbally abused her on the car ride home and then continued once they got home. She said he then began throwing her clothes down the stairs and yelling in her face to get out of the house. David then grabbed her by her wrists, attempting to push her down the stairs, breaking her bracelet. At one point, she said that he had his full weight on her restricting her from escaping, and pinned her against the wall, where she hit her head. He attempted to drag her by her shirt out of the door, ripping it, but her head hit the door stop several times. Sarah also said that David threatened to throw her out of the window. Police observed marks consistent with her story and a bump on the back of her head. David was booked on August 11th.

Ta’Niah Cole jailed after putting hands on boyfriend during an argument

19-year-old Ta’Niah Cole was jailed on July 1st for assaulting her boyfriend when an argument turned physical. When police arrived, they spoke with Cole, who explained that she and her boyfriend were in an argument, and she pushed him. Then he walked outside and called the police, and the altercation ended. Police spoke with the victim separately, and he confirmed that he and Cole were arguing when she pushed him. They argued for some time after the push until she hit him in the shoulder. According to the victim, that’s when he called the police and stood outside until they arrived. After the victim made his statement, he showed the officers text messages from Cole saying that she was sorry for “putting hands on you.” Cole admitted to the text messages and showed them to the police, and she was taken into custody.

Chase Hawkins charged with assault of girlfriend at downtown Nashville bar

26-year-old Russell Hawkins is charged with the domestic assault of his girlfriend, Evely Chavez, after a night out at a downtown Bar on June 19. The two were reportedly arguing at the bar when things escalated when Chase placed his hand around her throat and grabbed her, leaving a small red mark observed by police. She then fled the bar and took a rideshare back to her residence, and called police. Officers then spoke with Hawkins, who stated it was only a verbal argument and she may have a mark on her next from him picking her up, but it “was not in a malicious way.” He further added that he believed the two were having a good night.

Crystal Holder pulled braids from her sister’s head, left her with large bald patch after fight

20-year-old Crystal Holder was jailed this week on an outstanding domestic assault warrant from November. Police say that just four days before Thanksgiving, Holder pulled the hair of her sister, Shantel Lacy, during a domestic dispute on Archwood Place. Responding officers documented a bald patch on Lacy’s head and several long braids pulled out and laying on the table. Holder fled the scene before police arrived, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Ethan Coles attacks brother in Nashville; his brother fought back

20-year-old Charles ‘Ethan’ Coles and his brother Daniel Coles were in downtown Nashville Tuesday when Ethan was highly intoxicated and attempted to instigate a fight with his brother. Daniel attempted to walk away to diffuse the situation when Ethan attempted to punch him in the back of the head at first and succeeded on the second attempt. In response to the attack continuing, Daniel picked up his brother and “threw him on the ground.” When he didn’t stop, Daniel then punched him in the face, leaving an injury to Ethan’s mouth. Witnesses corroborated the events, and Ethan was taken into custody.

Jacob Teachout punches father; upset he was “cooped up in the house all day”

19-year-old Jacob Teachout was jailed last week for giving his father a bloody lip during an argument at their home on Highway 100. Police spoke with Tom Teachout, who said when he came home from work, his son Jacob woke up and started screaming about how he’s been cooped up in the house all day and wanted to go out to eat. During the argument, Thomas picked their dog up to take it outside, and when he stood back up to turn around and head back inside, Jacob punched him in the face splitting his lip. During questioning, he stated that he did indeed punch his father, but it was an accident.

Gratton Rider charged in drunken rage assault of girlfriend, who he was visiting in Nashville

28-year-old Gratton Rider was jailed Thursday in Nashville, charged with the domestic assault of his girlfriend, Lindsey Smith. She had picked him up at the airport just before the incident, as he was coming into town to visit. She says he was already heavily intoxicated when she arrived, and he demanded they stop and get a vape pen on the way home; however, no stores were open that late at night. She continued home and attempted to “make him happy by playing a card game,” according to an arrest report.

When he began to lose the card game, Rider became even more angry and upset. She says he grabbed her by the arms and slammed her into a wall in the hallway, and she was able to escape to her bedroom. Rider reportedly came into her room and stood over her as she sat on her bed. She says she remembers him raising his fist at her and then the back of her head hitting the wall as he assaulted her. Officers documented multiple injuries on the victim, including a swollen eye and bruises on her face and arm.

Bruce Lee arrested after fight family

32-year-old Bruce Lee was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from July 2021, when he assaulted family members at their apartment on Hollow Terrace. Police spoke with Ada Taylor, Tashina Taylor, and Christian Taylor, who all lived in the apartment with Lee. Ada is the mother of Tashina and Christian and the Godmother of Lee. Tashina and Lee were in an argument where he was cursing at her, and her brother Christian intervened, telling Lee not to speak to his mother and sister with disrespect. The family said that’s when Lee lost control and started attacking them. He hit Christian with a metal step stool, and they began to fight. Police observed a bloody gash on Christian’s left forearm. The fight continued into the living room on the couch, where Ada and Tashina helped break it up. That’s when Lee grabbed Ada’s cell phone and threw it to the ground, breaking it. At the time of his arrest, he had additional outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions.

Hamza Mohamed slaps juvenile sister in face after she took his phone charger

19-year-old Hamza Mohamed was jailed on April 17th after slapping his little sister in the face for taking his charger while he was away. Police responded to Bell Road, where they spoke with the minor victim, who said that she was using her brother’s phone charger and fan while he was away and had them in her room while she was asleep. When Mohamed came home, he banged on his sister’s door, demanding she opens it and returns his things. The victim said it took her a while to open the door because she was asleep, but when she did, Mohamed started yelling at her for taking his charger and pushed her face. There was another brother in the house that came into the room and took Mohamed into the hallway, where he calmed down. Mohamed told police that he went into his sister’s room to get the charger, and he was angry because he’s told her before to stop taking his charger. He also admitted to slapping her in the face.

Tourist Michael Thompson charged in assault of girlfriend in Nashville

42-year-old Michael Thompson was jailed on April 16th for allegedly pushing his girlfriend, Bridgette Luckie, to the ground and kicking her in the stomach. Police responded to 2nd Avenue, where Luckie’s friend told them that she and her boyfriend, Michael Thompson, had been arguing and he was saying inappropriate things to Luckie and her friends. Luckie told police that her boyfriend said he was going to kill her child and was being aggressive with her friends, so she slapped him in the face, and he pushed her to the ground and kicked her. Luckie’s friend said she saw her slap Michael and then saw him push her to the ground, but she didn’t see him kick her. An employee from a nearby store told police they saw Luckie get pushed and kicked while she was on the ground. Police determined the physical reaction by Thompson was not equal to the slap made by Luckie, and both were taken to jail.

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