Police say tourist Joseph Boyington assaulted his girlfriend & robbed her at Nashville hotel

33-year-old tourist Joseph Boyington stayed at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Nashville this week with his girlfriend, Chelsea Matthews Dyer. The couple was enjoying Broadway Monday night when an argument erupted, and Chelsea returned to the hotel and checked into a new separate room. Later in the evening, after Boyington returned to the hotel, she eventually provided him with her new room number, and he visited her on the 23rd floor. She says he grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against a wall, and then took her cell phone and fled the room. She found him on the 3rd floor and encountered him about taking her phone, and he then reportedly threw her against a wall again, and he fled the hotel. Officers documented marks and injuries on the victim and took Boyington into custody.

Latasha Petty assaulted her son while he was on Facetime with his girlfriend, who called 911

Dinerio Morton was on Facetime with his girlfriend on January 20th when his mother, 44-year-old Latasha Petty, reportedly pulled his hair, threatened him, grabbed him by the collar, and threw his phone to the ground causing damage to it. The girlfriend witnessed the assault in real-time via Facetime and called the police. Officers arrived and spoke with Dinerios’s older brother, Demetrius, who confirmed their mom was the primary aggressor. Police have multiple prior calls to the address where Petty was also the aggressor. Video of the assault was saved.

Tourist Adam Foulke charged with assault of his girlfriend in downtown Nashville hotel

Metro Nashville Police officers responded to the Sentral SoBro on January 18 after residents reported a loud argument coming from the hallway near the elevator. Officers arrived and could hear 26-year-old Adam Foulke screaming for his girlfriend, Samantha Moore, to go to bed as she screamed for him to let her leave. Initially, neither person would answer the knocks at the door, but eventually, Samantha opened the door, and they both exited. She explained they had an argument over her phone being stolen that turned physical when Adam grabbed her and threw her onto the ground, then pushed her into a wall. Police documented multiple bruises and abrasions on the victim at the scene. Adam denied everything and said she was the one that had assaulted him, and he simply “placed her in the bedroom” to stop her from kicking him. Adam was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

Shakeim “Wilton” Dunbar snatches wig off girlfriend’s head during argument

20-year-old Shakeim “Wilton” Dunbar admits to snatching the wig off the head of his girlfriend, Robnique Goodner, during an argument on January 14. The two were in a verbal argument when he plucked the postiche from its position. Robnique told police it left a bald spot on her head, and they observed a small amount of dried blood in her ear. She reportedly hit him in self-defense during the hair heist. Dunbar was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Dirie Abshir hits wife in face as 12-year-old son watches the assault

41-year-old Dirie Abshir is charged with domestic assault after his wife, Sahro Osman, punched her in the face during an argument on January 13. Though the initial call came in as a person with a gun, the victim denies that a weapon was present. His 12-year-old son confirmed the assault, telling police that his father hit his mother in the face. Officers documented a bruised right eye on the victim and took Abshir into custody.

Kelley Colbert threatens to kill her lover for her 2023 yearly debut on Scoop: Nashville

29-year-old Kelley Colbert makes her 3rd appearance on Scoop: Nashville in 3 years, once again charged with the domestic assault of her on-again/off-again lover, Ryan Mitchell. In the past, she bleached all of his clothes in 2019, and in 2022 she was caught on video scratching her ex-boyfriend and destroying his vehicle by smashing it with a large rock, breaking out windows, and keying it on three sides. Making her 2023 debut this week, she was jailed on an outstanding warrant from December, which alleges she attempted to gain entry to Ryan’s bedroom via a connecting bathroom. As she attempted to break down the door, she screamed, “I’m going to kill you!” which rightfully made Ryan fear for his life. He fled the residence, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Ricardo Greene wakes wife up to argue, slaps her in face, per report

47-year-old Ricardo Greene is charged with the domestic assault of his wife, Shaniqua Greene. As she was in bed sleeping for the night on January 7th, she says he woke her up to accuse her of talking to another man. She got up from the bed, and he followed her to the bathroom, slapping her in the face during the argument. A minor child heard the argument and the slap to the face and forced his way into the bedroom to see Ricardo pushing Shaniqua.

Troy Smith leaves wet spot on his lover after assault in Nashville hotel

James Shardale Taylor says his lover, 23-year-old Troy Smith, tossed a duffle bag containing his cell phone off of the 5th-floor balcony of their West End hotel late Saturday evening. The two had been arguing as Troy wanted to visit a shopping mall, and James did not want to go. Troy reportedly became “erratic,” causing James to record the interaction. When James said he wanted to level the hotel room, he says Troy told him he would have to fight him to leave the room. He then reportedly snatched the phone away from James and attacked him, strangling him and leaving him with visible injuries to his neck. Troy also poured a beer onto James, leaving him with a wet spot on his shirt. Police arrived and took Troy into custody. The cell phone was retrieved and was damaged as a result of the fall.

Steven Zierke strangles his wife twice after leaving Monster Jam in Nashville

After leaving Monster Jam Saturday night, 32-year-old Steve Zierke was driving back to Antioch with his wife, Christine McGarry Zierke, in the passenger seat. While he was driving, Steven reportedly reached over and grabbed his wife by the neck in anger. Once they arrived at their Post Oak Drive residence, Christine was sitting on the couch when she said Steve once again reached over and grabbed her by the neck, this time using both hands. She states she was unable to breathe during the strangulation. Officers observed redness and markings on the victim’s neck and took Steven into custody.

Tyshecka Carter shows up at baby daddy’s door and punches him in face – yet again

26-year-old Tyshecka Carter went to the home of her child’s father on New Year’s Day and began an argument with her ex, Demartin Robinson. When she began to punch him in the face, Carter called 911, as she has a history of assaulting and attacking him after showing up unannounced. After assaulting him, she threatened to smash his car with a brick and then began to punch him again while dispatch was on the phone. Officers arrived and observed multiple injuries on Martin and noted Carter’s bond conditions from her previous arrest don’t allow her to have contact with Martin.

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