Callie Carder assaults boyfriend multiple times, upset she can’t drive while drunk

Late Sunday night Metro Nashville Police say 23-year-old Callie Carder was at her workplace at Fifth and Broadway when she called her boyfriend of two years, Caleb Gaw, and stated she was extremely intoxicated and about to drive to their home. Gaw immediately rushed to the location to pick her up, along with a co-worker who would be dropped off along the way. An argument began and continued the entire ride, where Carder was upset she was unable to drive, and she reportedly continued to assault her boyfriend and made continued and repetitive attempts to “rip the steering wheel out of his hands.”

After the friend was dropped off near Edmondson Pike, the argument escalated, and he stopped the car at the Ellington Ag Center as it was unsafe to drive. Carder then retrieved her metal weed grinder and bashed it into his forehead, leaving a one-inch laceration. He ripped it from her hand and tossed it out the window, and called 911 during this period, but the call ended. He then drove the car the remainder of the way home to separate himself from her, and she assaulted him again on the way inside.

Nashville Police win showdown with St. Thomas Midtown Nurses in an attempt to arrest patient — Annie Moore

Metro Nashville Police say a St. Thomas Midtown Emergency Department Nurse called officers to have her patient’s spouse arrested for assault, but when it became apparent the pregnant patient, 30-year-old Annie Moore, was the actual assailant, the Emergency Department nurses put a ‘social services’ delay on her discharge in an attempt to delay her arrest, with officers stating the nurses were upset they did not carry out the outcome they desired when they placed the call to police.

Daniel Korzelik free on $100 bond after domestic assault arrest

30-year-old Daniel Korzelik was jailed Sunday on an outstanding warrant charging him with the domestic assault of Elanor Lazar. An arrest warrant details that in January of 202, Korzelik came to her apartment and refused to leave when asked. She says he slapped her in the face and pinned her against the apartment door during an argument, and then struck her with a doormat multiple times. He is free on a $100 cash bond.

State Representative Torrey Harris jailed for assault of ex-boyfriend & theft of his dog

31-year-old State Representative Torrey Harris is free on a $2,000 cash bond after being jailed Sunday on charges of domestic assault and vandalism. Court records show his ex-boyfriend, Terence Nealy, reported Torrey scratched his arm during a bear hug while attempting to prevent him from leaving his own apartment while discussing their prior relationship while dropping off Terence’s dog, which he had been pet-sitting. Terrence was eventually able to leave his apartment and returned when officers were present to discover that Torrey had taken his dog, his Playstation 5, a barstool, lamps, air pods, an apple watch, a TV mount, a MacBook Air, and a pair of white AirMax shoes. Police spoke to Representative Harris via phone and notified him he was on a bodycam recording; he then admitted to taking Terence’s dog but wanted to clarify all the other items he took were “gifts” he had bought for Terence. Harris is charged with domestic assault and felony theft.

Monae Ford lures ex-boyfriend outside to assault him, ransacks grandparent’s house

18-year-old Monae Ford was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant after she showed up at the home of the grandparents of her ex-boyfriend, Terry Waters, and lured him outside in May, where she hit and spit on him. She initially claimed she was pregnant when she arrived, but no one believed her, and everyone went about their day, so she then grabbed a brick and acted like she was going to damage the victim’s car, which caused him to exit the back door of the home and approach her. Ford took the opportunity to hit and spit on her ex-boyfriend and then run inside the unlocked back door and ransack a path to the front door, knocking over items along the way before fleeing again out the front door. Officers say she has an “extensive” domestic violence history, and they issued a warrant for her arrest.

Johnny Hurst charged after threatening to toss girlfriend off bridge, destroying her phone

Jaclyn LaGrow says her boyfriend of five months, 50-year-old Johnny Hurst, stopped his vehicle on the bridge of Old Hickory Blvd over I-65 as they were having an argument and kicked her out of the vehicle, physically pushing her out while yelling and screaming, leaving her stranded on the side of the road. About twenty minutes later, he returned to the location, and she began to gather her things from his vehicle. She says he became aggressive once again and grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the edge of the bridge while screaming he would throw her off the bridge. He then snatched her phone and destroyed it. After he fled a second time, a concerned citizen transported her to a safe place to contact the police.

Steven Johnson charged after poking a woman in the forehead with his index finger, leaving a scratch mark.

35-year-old Steven Johnson was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with domestic assault. The warrant, from August of 2021, alleges Johnson was in an argument with Precious Douglas over “food” and escalated when Johnson reportedly got in her face, raised his hand, and began poking her in the forehead with his index finger. Precious says she was scratched by his fingernail as he was poking her. A warrant was issued for his arrest, charging him with domestic assault, as he had fled the scene before officers arrived at the Antioch home.

Courtney Garrett charged in assault of boyfriend at South Nashville motel

Brandon Ashley Dickerson says his girlfriend, 28-year-old Courtney Garrett, threatened to kill him as she struck him in the head at a Wallace Road Motel on June 28th. He says the two were in a verbal argument over “rumors” she had heard about him, which quickly escalated as she began punching him in the face. She then threw his phone, shattering the screen. A warrant was issued for her arrest when police arrived, and she was booked into custody Thursday.

Lindsey Jett charged in drunken assault of her mother in Nashville Motel

Amy Jett told police that her 19-year-old daughter, Lindsey Jett, “does this when she gets drunk” when describing how Lindsey attacked her mother, biting her wrist and her rib cage, and then strangling her with both hands. When police arrived at the Super 8 Motel on Royal Parkway, Amy explained the two had been taking shots together at another location earlier, and once back at the hotel room, an argument escalated. Officers documented bite marks and other injuries on the mother, along with ripped clothing. Lindsey had initially fled the scene before officers arrived but was taken into custody a short time later.

Jonathan Damelio charged with breaking his wife’s hip during argument over finances

Metro Nashville Police say Peggy Damelio was transported to the hospital after what was initially reported as a fall, however, once at the hospital she disclosed that the broken him and laceration to her forehead actually came from her husband, 68-year-old Jonathan Damelio, knocking her down during an argument. She says they had been arguing about loans and their daughter moving back home from Michigan when the assault occurred.