Nicolas Batz cited for assault after threatening someone at Plaza Mariachi

34-year-old Nicolas Moises Ajsac Batz fought with Alison Williams at Plaza Mariachi at 5:26 p.m. on June 2nd. Responding officers spoke with security, who advised them that after the fight, Batz’s mother, Idalia Hernandez Vda De Bon, saw him threatening Rolando Hernandez, who was standing beside Williams. Idalia further explained that Batz dragged his finger across his neck while staring at Rolando. Idalia stated that this scared Rolando and that she wished to press charges on his behalf. Batz was cited for the incident and then later booked on the citation of assault on June 24th.

Frank Pakeerah threatens to assault his daughters, tells them “I will knock you in the f*cking head!”

60-year-old Frank Pakeerah had a domestic incident with his daughters, Kristian and Taylor Pakeerah, at their Peachtree Street residence on June 13th. Kristian told responding officers that her father was intoxicated, threatening to hit her and Taylor. She said Frank placed Taylor’s belongings outside, adding that “this has become a regular occurrence.” Then, officers spoke with Taylor, who stated Frank texted her saying, “Make sure you leave my keys; otherwise, I will knock you in the fucking head. I am not making a joke!” which caused her to fear for her safety. Frank Pakeerah was taken into custody for harassment threats on June 14th.

Dillion McDowell harasses ex-girlfriend, says “Lemme go ahead and text yo mama these d*ck pics”

32-year-old Dillion Ross McDowell was taken into custody for unlawful exposure, theft of a firearm, and harassment on June 12th. On May 23rd, 2024, Vanessa Ashford, McDowell’s ex-girlfriend, spoke with detectives, advising them that McDowell had been sending harassing texts to her since June 9th, 2023. She stated that she told him to stop contacting her in July 2023. Ashford showed officers over 100 text messages he sent from various phone numbers between June 9th, 2023, and April 20th, 2024. On May 22nd, 2024, Ashford told officers over the phone that McDowell had sent pornographic photos to her mother, Vivian Graves, and her sister, Valentina Yiborku, on July 5th, 2023, from two phone numbers. Ashford said that they received half-naked pictures of her with a bra on and in compromising positions. She showed officers a text McDowell sent stating, “Lemme go ahead and text yo mama these d*ck pics,” which McDowell sent on June 21st, 2023. Ashford also showed officers messages regarding her stolen firearm, which had been missing since June 9th, 2023. She informed officers that her vehicle had been involved in a hit-and-run and was towed around 11:05 p.m. Earlier, around 7:45 p.m., McDowell texted her stating, “Yo cin plz help me I got this gun on me,” and, “Yo, I sweewr I Just crwshed.” When the vehicle was towed away, the firearm was never located. Ashford had asked McDowell for her gun until July 2023, and he refused to return it. Detectives obtained multiple warrants for his arrest on May 23rd, 2024. McDowell was later detained for the incident.

Mark Tucker threatens to kill brother, believes he was cut out of the family will

56-year-old Mark Tucker was taken into custody for harassment on June 10th. Michael Tucker, Mark’s brother, told officers that Mark had called and texted him, threatening to kill him, which Michael’s wife, Terry Tucker, witnessed. Michael stated that the issues between him and Mark stem from Mark’s belief that he had been cut out of the family will, which includes over $1 million worth of property. Officers reviewed the texts from Mark, which clearly stated he owns multiple guns and would kill Michael. Michael informed officers that he believed his brother’s threats to be legitimate, causing him to fear for his life. Mark Tucker was later detained for the occurrence.

Tevin Battle threatens to kill ex-girlfriend’s mother via text messages

32-year-old Tevin Battle was taken into custody for harassment on June 11th. On May 17th, Latorshia Hicks, Battle’s ex-girlfriend’s mother, and his child’s grandmother, alerted detectives that he had been making threats to harm her. She showed officers text messages where Battle stated he would shoot and kill her. Hicks said that she had told him to stop contacting her multiple times and wished to press charges for the occurrence due to being in fear of bodily harm. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was later detained for the incident.

Robert Jordan harasses woman via numerous calls & lengthy texts

28-year-old Robert Jordan was taken into custody for harassment on June 5th. On May 25th, around 2:30 a.m., Lauren Humphrey called the authorities to a Buntingway Drive residence and advised them that Jordan had texted and called her several times. Officers observed her phone containing lengthy messages from Jordan, followed by Humphrey texting, “Stop texting me. You have no reason to be texting me.” Officers noticed Jordan continued to contact her after she tried to end the conversation. Humphrey stated that this is “constant repeated behavior,” and she wants it to stop. A warrant was issued for Jordan’s arrest that day. Jordan was later detained for the occurrence.

Larrisha Owens calls baby daddy’s workplace over 60 times in 3 hours

27-year-old Larrisha Owens was taken into custody for harassment on June 4th. Eric Towles called the police to Wirtgen America Inc., his job, and advised them that the mother of his child, Owens, had called the business over 60 times between 11:57 a.m. and 2:58 p.m. This caused Towles to be annoyed with Owens. He provided officers with two phone numbers from which she had contacted the business. Krista Peterson, security for the establishment, told officers she answered all work-related phone calls and corroborated that Owens called 60-plus times in three hours. Then, while officers helped Towles obtain an order of protection, Owens arrived to drop their child off to him, so they detained her for the occurrence.

Malik Rattanavong destroys girlfriend’s property, tells her “If you come back, you will have two swollen eyes”

22-year-old Malik Rattanavong was seen vandalizing his girlfriend, Vanessa Lopez’s, property at their Murfreesboro Pike apartment residence on May 26th. When officers arrived on the scene a few apartments over, they spoke with Lopez. Lopez stated that she and Rattanavong had verbally argued. After this argument, she left the scene and returned to drop off baby formula for their child. As she left the second time, Rattanavong texted her, stating that he had broken all of her stuff. Rattanavong also told Lopez, “If you come back, you will have two swollen eyes,” causing her to fear for her safety. Officers then arrived at the scene at their apartment in which Rattanavong admitted to sending the text messages stating that he was “protecting his peace.” Officers observed a bag containing several of Lopez’s items inside a trash can. Rattanavong stated he had purchased the items in previous relationships under Miranda. Rattanavong was taken into custody for Harassment and Vandalism.

Nashville Attorney D. Craig Lamb jailed after harassing & stalking ex-girlfriend

27-year-old Nashville Attorney Darren Craig Lamb caused a domestic disturbance at his ex-girlfriend, Courtney Barlow’s, Broadway Apartment around 10:13 a.m. on May 25th. Barlow spoke with responding officers, telling them that D. Craig Lamb had been emotionally and verbally abusing her. Barlow added that he had called her 25 times on May 21st before she answered to tell him to stop contacting her, which he disregarded and called her 19 more times. She told D. Craig Lamb, “If you contact me directly, I will get an order of protection.” Then, about 20 minutes later, he messaged her via email and arrived at her apartment, knocking on her door. Earlier that morning, Barlow said she had opened the door, not realizing it was him, so she tried closing it back, but he pushed it open and entered her home. While inside, D. Craig Lamb took multiple items, including a Christmas gift that he had given her, a $1,000 pair of earrings, and a dog camera. A warrant was issued for D. Craig Lamb’s arrest that day.

Then, on May 29th, officers arrived at the Broadway apartments after he made Barlow believe he was going to commit suicide. Officers tried conducting a welfare check, but he would not answer the door. They called D. Craig Lamb, and he told them, “I am invoking my 5th and 6th amendment rights.” Then, the officers explained that those were for incrimination and that they were only there to check on him. D. Craig Lamb disregarded the officers’ concerns and hung up the phone. Deputies went to speak with Barlow and discovered she had an order of protection against him. She told officers that she initially called to report D. Craig Lamb for texting her a lengthy paragraph detailing things like how everything was her fault and information on how to retrieve his life insurance. This led her to believe he was going to harm himself. Since being served the order of protection, D. Craig Lamb contacted her over 40 times and even connected to her doggy camera to try speaking with her. One of the messages he sent said, “I know I am violating this OP by contacting you, but I am going to talk to you one more time.” D. Craig Lamb was then taken into custody for aggravated stalking, three counts of an order of protection violation, and harassment on May 30th.

Heidi Buffaloe constantly texts ex-boyfriend, destroys his phone after 4 year relationship ends

39-year-old Heidi Fontane Buffaloe had a domestic incident with her ex-boyfriend, Salvatore Cusumano, at his Old Hickory Boulevard apartment on May 25th. Cusumano told responding officers he had broken up with Buffaloe following a 4-year relationship. He asked her to vacate his unit around 11 a.m., and his brother came over to lock it after she left. Then, when Cusumano returned to his residence, he discovered she had damaged his $1,500 business phone. After the breakup, Buffaloe was asked to stop contacting him and his fraternity brother. However, Buffaloe disregarded this and continued texting Cusumano from multiple cell phone numbers, one of which stated, “That is why Q is going to get you. He is coming to pick up the $1,000 up to do the job.” The next text she sent said, “Whoop your ass,” placing him in fear for his safety. He added that in another message, she told him, “By the way, tell your ugly ass old friend to stop texting that because I am going to bother you guys for the rest of my life.” A warrant was issued for her arrest. Then, Buffaloe was taken into custody for harassment and vandalism on May 29th.

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