Richard Reid assaults ex-girlfriend after she destroys his dead cat’s urn

46-year-old Richard Reid had a domestic disturbance with his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Galarza, at his Central Pike Apartment on May 30th. Reid told responding officers that he let Galarza into his unit to pick up her car keys. Then, he said, she broke a few dishes and his deceased cat’s urn when she entered his home. He admitted that once he had seen the mess, he pushed her down on her back, leaving a minor cut. Reid was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Fiona Rust pulls mother’s hair, assaults aunt during altercation

24-year-old Fiona Rust had a domestic altercation with her mother, Kelly Hoskins, and her aunt at a Stafford Drive Residence on March 21st. Officers arrived and then spoke with Hoskins, who stated that Rust attacked her after a verbal argument that led to them pulling each other’s hair. Hoskins added that Rust dug her fingernail into her left ear, causing it to bleed. Officers observed that Hoskins had missing hair and blood coming from her ear. Then, her aunt said she tried to separate them, during which Rust pushed her. Rust’s aunt told officers that Rust and Hoskins have a history of domestic disputes. Officers verified this via bond conditions from a previous incident in August 2023. Rust was deemed as the primary aggressor and then was placed into custody for domestic assault.

Internet celebrity Coby Persin jailed in Nashville after he was unable to handle his alcohol

29-year-old YouTuber Coby Persin, whose real name is Chaim Persin and has millions of followers across his social media platforms, was jailed in Nashville Sunday evening. Persin, who is often known as ‘That guy from YouTube,’ was seen in the city this weekend with the troubled Jack Zuckowsky. An employee of Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe – The Gulch flagged down nearby officers to report Persin was acting erratic at the location. Officers found the YouTuber without his shirt or shoes and reeking of alcohol. His social media shows him drinking across the rooftops of downtown Nashville in the hours prior. Persin was so intoxicated he was unable to tell officers where he was staying and was unable to have anyone retrieve him to a safe place. The arresting officer says Persin was unable to form complete sentences or thoughts during questioning and deemed him unable to care for himself.

Mason Lackey fights bouncers at Jason Aldean’s bar as he’s being escorted out #BadBlood

21-year-old Mason Lackey decided to fight security guards at Jason Aldean’s bar in the early hours of Saturday morning. He was reportedly fighting with other patrons before becoming involved with the bouncers who interveined. He was eventually escorted out of the venue, where he continued to be combative and disorderly. Metro Nashville Police then took him into custody and charged him with disorderly conduct.