Tourist David Gene tosses drink & throws a punch at bouncer; taken to the ground

Sam Gehrts was working security at a downtown bar Thursday when he encountered 32-year-old David Gene, who he says began to curse at him, stating “Fuck You” and walking away. As Gene moved down the steps and onto the landing between the 2nd and 3rd floors, he again started a verbal altercation and threw a liquor drink at Gehrts and attempted to provoke him into fighting. After throwing a punch at Gehrts, Gene was taken to the ground and placed in cuffs until MNPD Officers arrived to take him into custody for the assault.

‘Son of the South’ Joshua Carney charged with DUI in Nashville after using weed & alcohol before driving

30-year-old ‘Son of the South’ Joshua Carney, a paraplegic man turned motivational speaker who appeared on shows such as Swamp People & Southern Boyz, was arrested in Nashville over the weekend after admittedly drinking and using marijuana prior to driving and getting into an accident while attempting to park between a tour bus and a dumpster in downtown Nashville.