Nicholas Thompson caught with loaded Glock 17 after riding as passenger during car crash

21-year-old Nicholas Thompson rode as a passenger in a vehicle that crashed near Korean Veterans Boulevard and 1st Avenue South on June 10th. After the crash, Thompson and the other occupants exited the car. Officers observed this and approached them, during which they noticed the vehicle reeked of marijuana. Officers then discovered the driver had an outstanding warrant. Officers searched the car and found a backpack in the back left passenger seat, where Thompson was sitting. The backpack contained a fully loaded semi-auto Glock 17. Officers also found several bags of marijuana throughout the car. Under Miranda, Thompson admitted to smoking marijuana about an hour before the crash and claimed the backpack was his. Thompson was then cited for the occurrence that day. Thompson was later booked on the citation of weapon possession while under the influence on July 5th.

DUI: Jordan Copeland crashes into light pole, caught with marijuana bag labeled “Blue Mambaz”

26-year-old Jordan Copeland was arrested for driving under the influence and possessing cannabis after crashing into a pole near 9th Avenue Street and Clark Place on July 7th. When officers arrived at the scene, they noticed Copeland sitting in his vehicle, showing signs of intoxication. Copeland initially tried to drive away, but officers stopped him and took his keys. They observed that Copeland displayed many signs of intoxication, such as slow and slurred speech, watery eyes, and unsteadiness. Copeland admitted to drinking two Jack & Cokes and two Budweiser beers at Honky Tonk Central on Broadway before moving his vehicle from 9th Avenue and Clark Place to a nearby parking lot. The officers noticed that the damage to Copeland’s vehicle was consistent with hitting a light pole and asked him to undergo sobriety tests, which he refused. However, he consented to a breathalyzer test, which revealed a result of .123% BAC. During a search of his vehicle, officers found an unopened bag of marijuana labeled “Blue Mambaz” weighing 3.5 grams. Copeland was then taken into custody for DUI and possession of a controlled substance.

Nashville Attorney D. Craig Lamb jailed after harassing & stalking ex-girlfriend

27-year-old Nashville Attorney Darren Craig Lamb caused a domestic disturbance at his ex-girlfriend, Courtney Barlow’s, Broadway Apartment around 10:13 a.m. on May 25th. Barlow spoke with responding officers, telling them that D. Craig Lamb had been emotionally and verbally abusing her. Barlow added that he had called her 25 times on May 21st before she answered to tell him to stop contacting her, which he disregarded and called her 19 more times. She told D. Craig Lamb, “If you contact me directly, I will get an order of protection.” Then, about 20 minutes later, he messaged her via email and arrived at her apartment, knocking on her door. Earlier that morning, Barlow said she had opened the door, not realizing it was him, so she tried closing it back, but he pushed it open and entered her home. While inside, D. Craig Lamb took multiple items, including a Christmas gift that he had given her, a $1,000 pair of earrings, and a dog camera. A warrant was issued for D. Craig Lamb’s arrest that day.

Then, on May 29th, officers arrived at the Broadway apartments after he made Barlow believe he was going to commit suicide. Officers tried conducting a welfare check, but he would not answer the door. They called D. Craig Lamb, and he told them, “I am invoking my 5th and 6th amendment rights.” Then, the officers explained that those were for incrimination and that they were only there to check on him. D. Craig Lamb disregarded the officers’ concerns and hung up the phone. Deputies went to speak with Barlow and discovered she had an order of protection against him. She told officers that she initially called to report D. Craig Lamb for texting her a lengthy paragraph detailing things like how everything was her fault and information on how to retrieve his life insurance. This led her to believe he was going to harm himself. Since being served the order of protection, D. Craig Lamb contacted her over 40 times and even connected to her doggy camera to try speaking with her. One of the messages he sent said, “I know I am violating this OP by contacting you, but I am going to talk to you one more time.” D. Craig Lamb was then taken into custody for aggravated stalking, three counts of an order of protection violation, and harassment on May 30th.

DUI: Jack Neuls found passed out in vehicle, asks officers for a “Semen Sample”

46-year-old Jack Neuls was slumped over and passed out in his vehicle in a lane of traffic near Russell Street and Interstate Drive around midnight on December 27th. Security from a nearby establishment informed them that he had been there for almost 20 minutes. Officers observed his car, causing traffic to back up, so they opened the door, turned the vehicle off, and woke Neuls up. He woke up visibly intoxicated with slurred speech as they questioned him about what he was doing. He admitted to drinking a lot, stepped out of the vehicle, and tried to go back into the car when they asked him for his license. He was stopped and told them where it would be. Officers found a bag of marijuana while they searched for it. Neuls consented to sobriety tests but had a hard time following the instructions, cursing at them as they asked if he understood the directions. Due to his aggression, the test was stopped, and he was detained. They asked him for a blood sample, and he replied by asking them for a “semen sample.” A subsequent search of his vehicle yielded an open beer can, and he was taken into custody for driving under the influence, implied consent, and possessing a controlled substance.

DUI: Tydus Boner fights sister’s boyfriend after car accident

21-year-old Tydus Boner was involved in an altercation with his sister’s boyfriend, Serbando Galarza, on Shelby Street. On November 12. Boner was arguing with Nashville Fire Department personnel when officers arrived. Witnesses advised officers that Boner got out of a blue Mustang and began arguing with Galarza, who was in the black Mustang. They stated that Galarza was parked at the red light and tried to drive away from Boner, which caused him to run a red light, leading to a car accident with another vehicle that continued through the intersection. This caused Boner to become angry with Galarza because his sister was in the black Mustang with him during the collision, so he ran up to him and punched him several times in the face, leaving him with a black eye. Boner admitted to consuming liquor shots and a Bloody Mary at Jason Aldean’s Bar with his sister and Galarza before the incident. Police observed Boner to be visibly intoxicated as they found out that he did not have a valid Driver’s License. Boner told them that someone with a valid license was driving, but the alleged person denied being in the vehicle. Boner was Mirandized, read implied consent, and refused sobriety tests before being taken into custody for assault, driving under the influence, implied consent, and driving without a license.

Sara Lackova charged in assault of ex-boyfriend at Nashville AirBNB

23-year-old Sara Lackova spoke to police regarding an incident between her and her ex-boyfriend at an Airbnb At Burnham Apartments on Tuesday. She admitted to pushing her ex-boyfriend, Nicholas French, after he yelled at her during an argument and followed her back to the Airbnb. She pushed him because she did not want him inside the Airbnb. Nicholas told police that she refused to let him inside to grab his belongings and slapped him in the face. Video footage shows the two of them at the entrance, and Nicholas puts his arms up before Sara pushes him to keep him from entering. A witness across the street said they saw Nicholas with his arms up and Sara pushing him. Police noted scratch marks on Nicholas’ arm and believed it was from Sara.

VIDEO: Tourist Sarah Crowe charged with assaulting man for filming in downtown Nashville

22-year-old Sarah Elizabeth Crowe was booked on July 25th after police were flagged down just outside Johnny Cash’s Bar on 3rd Ave. They noticed a crowd forming and arguing, and then they witnessed Sarah punching a man in the face several times. She was pulled away from the victim, Ryan Fisher, and placed into handcuffs to stop her from fighting. Sarah told the police her friend was bleeding from their face when she decided to help. At this time, she saw Ryan recording it all on his phone, and she insisted that he stop; he continued to record, and that’s when she engaged him. Police say that Ryan had visible injuries after Sarah had punched him in the face several times. She also told police that she was drinking alcohol before the event, and police stated that she smelled of alcohol.

Jeffrey Acevedo: “I’m rebelling & it is in my favor to not pay” at The Palm Restaurant

55-year-old Jeffrey Acevedo was jailed on May 28th after police responded to a call of someone not paying their tab at The Palm Restaurant. Police spoke with the manager, who said Acevedo ordered $155.47 worth of food and didn’t pay. Acevedo told police he didn’t pay and didn’t believe he had to. He said, “I am rebelling, and it is in my favor to not pay.” Acevedo ordered multiple food items like steak, soda, and dessert. He admitted to police that he would continue the offense all around Nashville because he believes it is his right and said, “I think you should take me to jail.” Due to the likelihood of the offense continuing, Acevedo was taken into custody.

British tourist Elliot Williams punches man on Broadway & his wife in hotel room

27-year-old British tourist Elliot Williams faces charges from two separate incidents this week in downtown Nashville. On Tuesday, he and a friend, Patrick Doran, were harassing multiple vendors on Broadway. Williams punched Conor Patrick Wall in the face, causing him to fall and hit his head. The victim was transported to Vanderbilt, where the attending physician said he may have sustained a brain injury. Williams fled the scene back to his room at the DoubleTree Hotel, where police were called a short time later after he reportedly assaulted his wife, Jenny Moore. She states the two were in an argument, and when she tried to leave the hotel room, he blocked the doorway and struck her in the face. She had a busted lip and was bleeding from the assault, along with a small pool of blood on the bed. During this interaction, police recognized Williams from the earlier incident on Broadway, and he was taken into custody for both incidents.

British Tourist Patrick Doran takes bite of vendor’s hot dog & starts fight downtown

Police say 47-year-old Patrick Doran walked up to a hot dog vendor on Broadway in downtown Nashville, grabbed a hot dog without paying, took a bit of it, and put it back on the cart. The vendor began to argue with Doran, and other street vendors, who Doran and another man had also been harassing, also became involved. Jacob Phillips attempted to intervene when Doran punched him in the face. Doran and the other man involved in the fight, Elliot Williams, fled the scene. A short time later, police came across them during an unrelated incident at a nearby hotel. He was positively identified by his clothing and British accent.