Landry Callahan jailed after drinking with fake ID in downtown Nashville

Metro Police say 20-year-old Landry Wells Callahan was among a group of individuals in front of Jason Aldean’s Bar early Sunday morning when their conversation became loud and “alarming” to officers. Officers approached to see if they could assist, and one of the individuals was attempting to arrange a ride home. On the other end of the call, police could hear what sounded like a domestic incident. As they were investigating that end of the call, Callahan became belligerent and began to throw random items while stumbling on Broadway. It became apparent Callahan was unable to care for herself due to her level of intoxication. Police spoke with her further, and she disclosed she was only twenty years old while consuming alcohol. Officers located three different identification cards on her, with only one matching her name and likeness. She was taken into custody and charged with underage alcohol consumption, public intoxication, and use of a fake ID.

Mark Zimmerman fights with security guard at Morgan Wallen’s This Bar

21-year-old Mark Zimmerman was seen fighting bar security at Morgan Wallen’s This Bar on June 21st. Officers were flagged down by bar staff because they said that they observed Zimmerman hitting a member of security. When officers arrived on the scene, they were provided video footage from security of the incident. The footage showed Zimmerman being denied entry to the bar, pretending to walk away, then striking a bar security officer. Officers then noticed Zimmerman could not stand on his own, as well as other signs of intoxication. Zimmerman was then taken into custody and charged with assault and public intoxication.

Joshua Dodson jumps out of ambulance after taking “ice”, tells officers people are after him

42-year-old Joshua Dodson jumped out of an ambulance truck and ran down Highway 100 near Old Hickory Boulevard around 10 a.m. on June 20th. Medics alerted the authorities, who later located Dodson walking on the highway, sweating profusely and acting erratically. Officers noticed Dodson was making nonsensical statements and appeared as if he might run into the woods or traffic at any moment. Then, Dodson told police he had taken “Ice” and Suboxone and was worried that people were after him. While detaining him, Dodson was compliant but continued displaying paranoid behavior. Dodson was deemed a danger to himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Edward Sims threatens to kill multiple people while drunk outside of Opry Mills Mall

55-year-old Edward Sims caused a disturbance at Opry Mills Mall on June 18th. When officers arrived, they observed him sitting outside the mall entrance, visibly intoxicated. Officers were advised that Sims threatened to kill three women as they walked out of the mall and later threatened mall security when they approached him with the police. After this, Sims tried walking onto the road and was deemed a danger to himself and others. Sims was taken into custody for public intoxication on June 19th.

Titans Sales Exec. Mary-Kate Wichalonis assaults security guard after sneaking boyfriend into Whiskey Row

23-year-old Model & Tennessee Titans Sales Executive Mary-Kate Wichalonis had an altercation with a security guard, Noah Williams, at Whiskey Row around 11:12 p.m. on June 18th. When officers arrived, they located Wichalonis on the ground, detained by security. Officers asked security to back up so they could speak with Wichalonis. While officers walked with her to their patrol car, they noticed she showed several signs of impairment and reeked of alcohol. Then, officers spoke with Williams, who stated he witnessed Wichalonis attempting to sneak her boyfriend into the bar. Williams added that when he went to remove Wichalonis, she became aggressive and struck him six times in the head before other security guards took her down. Another security guard corroborated Williams’ statements. Then, when officers asked Wichalonis about the occurrence, she stated she tried sneaking her boyfriend in because he had lost his ID. Initially, Wichalonis qualified for a citation but refused to give officers her fingerprints, so they detained her. Wichalonis was taken into custody for public intoxication and assault on June 19th.

Christian Castro passes out drunk on plane at Nashville International Airport

29-year-old Christian Castro was taken into custody for public intoxication at Nashville International Airport on June 16th. Airport police were called to Gate C-17 regarding an unresponsive male, later identified as Castro, on the aircraft. When officers arrived, the flight crew advised them he was breathing and slow to wake. Passengers told officers that Castro appeared to be intoxicated upon boarding, where he was denied and escorted off. He showed signs of intoxication as he agreed to go to the on-site hotel for the night, but when he got there, he refused to book a room. Hotel employees also told officers they would not do business with him. Castro was deemed a danger to himself and was detained for the occurrence.

Nathalie Musson misses multiple flights after drinking at Nashville International Airport

71-year-old Nathalie Musson was taken into custody for public intoxication on June 16th. Officers were called to 400 Degrees on the C concourse at Nashville International Airport regarding an intoxicated female, later identified as Musson. When they arrived, a 400 Degrees employee advised them that they stopped serving her after one drink due to her inebriation level. Officers spoke with Musson, during which they noticed she reeked of alcohol and was visibly impaired. Then, officers later discovered she had missed multiple flights due to her intoxication. Officers deemed Musson unable to care for herself and detained her for the incident on June 17th.

Ortega Miranda dances around, scares customers while tweaking on Fentanyl in Taco Bell

22-year-old Ortega Miranda was seen publicly intoxicated at a Taco Bell near Hickory Hollow Lane on June 15th. When officers arrived on the scene, they noticed Miranda frantically wiping down the countertop and soda machine inside the business. Officers then asked Miranda to leave and noted his unsteadiness on his feet. While officers questioned Miranda, he was unable to speak in clear sentences. Officers then spoke with Taco Bell staff, who told them that he had been dancing in the store before he started banging on the soda machine. The employees also told officers that Miranda was scaring customers inside the business, so they called the police. While Miranda was on the sidewalk, he could not sit still and began rocking back and forth constantly. Miranda then laid on his back, and started rubbing his face. When asked about his intoxication level, Miranda admitted to officers that he had used Fentanyl the prior night. Officers received a similar call from a McDonald’s on the same road, verifying it was the same person on both properties. Officers deemed Miranda to be a danger to himself, so he was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Xavier Carter threatens officers after passing out drunk in Uber

22-year-old Xavier Carter was taken into custody for public intoxication on June 15th. Officers were called to the Murfreesboro Pike Mapco to assist EMS. Upon arrival, Medics told officers that Carter was found passed out in an Uber. Medics added that Carter had woken up swinging his arms and cussing at them. Then, after several attempts, officers woke him up, during which he initially refused to exit the Uber. Carter then became verbally aggressive with officers while stumbling and making nonsensical statements. Carter asked officers if he could leave, and after they told him no, he tried to re-enter the Uber. When officers asked if he wanted to go to the hospital, Carter told them no. Carter then began threatening officers as they detained him. Officers deemed Carter a danger to himself and took him into custody.

Daniel Summers tries entering Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk despite being told no repeatedly

26-year-old Daniel Summers was denied entry due to his impairment level at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk on June 15th. Security for the establishment flagged officers down, advising them that Summers tried to come inside after being told no repeatedly. When officers approached Summers, they told him he could not enter the location and needed to leave. During their interaction, Summers showed signs of intoxication and had no one with him. Officers deemed him unable to care for himself and detained him for the incident. Summers was taken into custody for public intoxication.

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