Cheyenne Pitts charged after improper harvesting of Turkey on opening day of season

29-year-old Cheyenne Pitts was booked on a citation from August 31st after she failed to tag a turkey she harvested. While conducting a REAL systems check, TWRA officers found a deer harvested from Davidson County with a license issue. An unnamed individual informed police that Pitts had posted a turkey harvest on Facebook on April 15th that was not tagged or reported to the state. Pitts admitted that she harvested the turkey at the beginning of turkey season and was cited for illegal taking of wildlife.

Jasmine Meriwether stabs husband after woman flirts with him at a bar

Officers responded to a call regarding a domestic disturbance at Hillmore Dr. on September 11th. Officers spoke with Louis Miller, and he stated that he and his wife, 33-year-old Jasmine Meriweather, went out to the bars when a female started dancing near their table and eventually ended up touching Miller’s arm. He told the female that he was there with his wife, and then Meriweather became upset, so he decided it would be best if they left the area and went to a nearby hookah bar on Antioch Pike, where the couple continued to argue about the female.

Miller stated that in the parking lot of the hookah bar, Meriweather struck him in his left eye, and when he grabbed her to stop her, she bit Miller on his upper chest and then again near his midsection. Miller then stuck his arm out to get away from Meriweather before striking her. Meriweather then rushed towards him, causing them to fall to the ground, and then Miller felt a sharp pain in his calf before noticing it bleeding. Meriweather fled the scene after Miller asked her what she stabbed him with. Officers observed the two bite marks and the puncture wound on his calf.

Andrew Malone charged with DUI after erratic driving on interstate

22-year-old Andrew Malone was jailed on September 30th after he was pulled over on I-40 after police observed him stopping suddenly near exit 201A.  A strong odor of alcohol came from the vehicle. His pupils were abnormally large, and his eyes were bloodshot. He had trouble keeping his eyes open while speaking with officers. The passenger in the vehicle admitted that they had both been drinking.  Malone declined to perform sobriety tests and refused to give a blood sample. Officers found an empty White Claw under the driver’s seat and a Tall Boy on the passenger’s side. Malone was then taken into custody and transported to booking.

Pamela Semple blows 0.159% BAC after driving on wrong side of road

61-year-old Pamela Semple was driving an Infiniti sedan on the wrong side of McGavock Pike early Saturday morning. MNPD officers observed Pamela attempt to correct her driving by crossing over the concrete median barrier. They attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but she was slow to do so and needed to be informed through a loudspeaker to do so. Pamela was visibly intoxicated and admitted to having four vodka mixed drinks at the Music City Bar & Grill around 6 p.m. She performed poorly on sobriety tests. After she agreed to provide a breath sample, she blew a .159% BAC.

Jarred Gigliotti crashes scooter into bus which runs over his wife’s hand

On the afternoon of September 29th, Officers were dispatched to the intersection of Demonbreun Street and 8th Avenue South regarding an accident. Upon arrival, officers observed 34-year-old Jarred Gigliotti holding the hand of his passenger, his wife, due to injuries she sustained as their scooter crashed into a WeGo Transit bus. He became irate once medics started to help the passenger and attempted to confront the driver of the MTA Bus before being stopped by an Officer and a bystander. Gigliotti began to walk away as Officers were gathering his information and showed visible signs of intoxication.

Officers witnessed Gigliotti punch a wall and try to confront the driver again before trying to get onto a scooter to go to the hospital with his wife. Gigliotti was detained and placed into a patrol car for safety issues while Officers gathered more information from witnesses regarding the incident. Officers were told that the bus driver attempted to slow down and merge into the left lane but was unable due to traffic and as the bus tried to avoid Gigliotti and his wife, the mirror of the bus clipped his wife, knocking them off the scooter before the bus ran over her hand. Gigliotti was read his Miranda rights before agreeing to speak with Officers. He admitted to being in control of the scooter and consuming 5 12oz. beers at Jason Aldean’s Bar. Officers had probable cause to believe Gigliotti was operating a vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant, and after obtaining a sample of blood, he was transported to booking for Aggravated Vehicular Assault.

DUI: Nickolas Daugherty crashes into woman’s yard

Officers responded to a single-vehicle accident call from Karyn Sloan at Aurora Avenue in the early hours of September 30th. Upon arrival, Officers observed damage to Sloan’s property. Sloan stated she heard a vehicle press the gas aggressively in front of her house before witnessing a gray Dodge Challenger lose control and run into the bushes in her yard. She then told the Officers that her husband got into his vehicle to attempt to follow or locate the Challenger and was able to advise Officers that it was located at Globe Place. Upon arrival, Officers observed 42-year-old Nickolas Daugherty asleep in the passenger seat of the Challenger. Daugherty showed visible signs of intoxication after being woken up by Officers and having to step out of the vehicle. He refused to perform sobriety tests, and then officers read Daugherty his Miranda Rights before obtaining a search warrant for a sample of his blood. He was then arrested for driving under the influence, hit and run, implied consent, and leaving the scene of an accident- damage $ 1,500 or less.

Dylan Divine deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville

Officers were flagged down by Miranda Lambert’s Bar Staff regarding an individual trying to enter after being told he was not welcome due to his behavior and level of intoxication. 29-year-old Dylan Divine was observed to be visibly intoxicated by Officers. Divine could not provide information about where his friends were, his phone, or his address. He was placed into custody as he was believed to be a danger to himself if left unattended.

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