Jordyn Denham assaults roommate during confrontation about microaggressions

20-year-old Jordyn Benet Denham and her friend, Mikayla Shaw, had a domestic dispute with her roommate, Shaniya Manae Peters, at Fisk University on the afternoon of February 2nd. On February 4th, officers were dispatched to Shane Hall of Fisk University and spoke with Peters, who advised that she confronted Denham about what she believed were microaggressions. Then, Denham left the room, returned 10 minutes later with Shaw, and initiated a verbal altercation. During this, Denham started pushing Peters with her chest and hands before striking her in the face. Shaw then joined in, and they took Peters to the floor, holding her there, asking her to stay to talk to them. Peters eventually freed herself and ran out of the room, which ended the scuffle. Officers observed multiple lacerations on the right side of Peters’ face as she advised that the incident caused a crack in the drywall. Denham was deemed as the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault on February 16th.

Alabama Tourist Freddie Kirby assaults girlfriend after she compliments singer at Whiskey River Saloon

25-year-old Alabama Tourist Freddie Fernando Kirby had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Adorien Jashea Covington, in downtown Nashville on February 15th. On February 16th, Covington spoke with officers when they arrived, telling them that she and Kirby went to a Predators game the day before and then went to Whiskey River Saloon shortly after. Covington stated she commented on the band singer’s attractiveness, which upset Kirby. This sparked an argument outside the bar, which turned physical when Kirby pushed her to the ground. Then, when they were on their way home in an Uber, Kirby was hitting her repeatedly, leaving visible injuries, so Covington exited the Uber and walked home. Covington said that she woke up around 5 a.m. to Kirby hitting her again. Covington suffered from a busted lip, a swollen eye, a laceration on her left shin, and bloodstains on her clothes. Detectives then spoke with Kirby, who told them he and Covington argued in downtown Nashville. Kirby stated the argument turned into a physical scuffle when she hit him, causing a minor laceration to his cheek. Kirby told officers that the injuries Covington suffered were in self-defense. Kirby was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Camden Jones has two beers at Kung Fu Saloon before causing crash

21-year-old Camden Jones crashed into another vehicle at the Thompson Lane and Powell Avenue intersection in the late hours of February 16th. NFD personnel spoke with officers when they arrived and advised them that Jones was highly intoxicated in the back of the ambulance. Jones was unaware of how the collision occurred and told officers he was headed home from Kung Fu Saloon. Jones stated that he had two shots of liquor and two beers an hour before driving. Officers noticed he was visibly impaired and had him transported to St. Thomas Medical Center for treatment. The other party involved told officers that Jones ran a red light and collided with his vehicle, resulting in him being transported to Vanderbilt for a broken leg. Jones was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Bryan Rodriguez-Teletor charged with rioting after being a spectator at a Nashville street takeover

18-year-old Bryan Rodriguez-Teletor reportedly observed a “street takeover” as a spectator on Nolensville Road late Saturday night, where multiple vehicles drove recklessly and took over the street, preventing lawful citizens from going about their business. Bryan was a passenger in a vehicle that was driven by a juvenile. When police attempted to conduct a stop on the vehicle, it fled, and the juvenile failed to fully stop at three subsequent traffic stops.

Soldier Rico Brennan charged with DUI after leaving PLAY Dance Bar in Nashville

23-year-old soldier Rico Brennan reportedly drove through a flashing red light without stopping at 7th & Commerce in downtown Nashville on Saturday. Nearby officers observed and eventually caught up with the vehicle. During a traffic stop, officers noted visible signs of intoxication, and had to brace himself to stand once he exited the vehicle. He admitted to drinking “a couple of beers” at PLAY Dance Bar prior to driving. Once in custody, Brennan fell asleep multiple times and was transported to booking.

Ohio tourist Marilyn Richards assaults man after accepting his invitation to dinner at Opryland Hotel

40-year-old Marilyn Richards is charged with the assault of Justin Slade Dowdy, a man she met while in Nashville Friday. Dowdy invited her to dinner at 9 p.m. at a restaurant inside the Opryland Hotel, and she accepted. He arrived at the hotel before her, and she arrived a short time later with multiple members of her family. A male family member begins to assault Dowdy while Marily stands beside him. Marilyn then reaches down, picks up an item, and hits Dowdy in the forehead, causing him to bleed. She was charged with assault and transported to booking. 

DUI: Jonathan Yancey jailed after falling asleep behind the wheel at intersection 

25-year-old Jonathan Yancey was found asleep at the wheel of his vehicle while stopped in the middle of the roadway near Lebanon Pike and Donelson Pike just after 2 a.m. Saturday. NFD arrived and kept him warm in the back of the ambulance until police arrived. He admitted to drinking alcohol earlier in the night, had slurred speech, and was visibly intoxicated. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for driving under the influence. He later clarified that he consumed one Bud Light Beer and one shot of Tequila prior to diving.

Illinois tourist Ryan Villanueva assaults police & bouncers at Kid Rock’s bar in Nashville

26-year-old Illinois Tourist Ryan Villanueva began to knock things from the bar and stage at Kid Rock’s bar late Friday evening. Security told him to stop, which only caused Villanueva to get aggressive with them. He grabbed the arm of one of the security staff, William Tomlinson, and ripped open the top of his shirt. Tomlinson then escorted him to the ground, at which time Villanueva kneed him in the side of the head. He was detained for Metro Nashville Police, and when they attempted to take him into their custody were also met with resistance. While being searched, he kicked backward and hit Officer Chetan Babbar’s knee.

Aidan Chenoweth now charged in death of Sofia Balk after last summer crash

23-year-old Aidan Chenoweth was jailed this week as a result of a crash from June 2023 that took the life of Sofia Balk, a teenager from Missouri. The new warrants, which were issued earlier this month, charges Chenoweth with reckless homicide and two counts of reckless endangerment for injuries sustained to Dyln Jones and Cody Shelton. Police say both cars were traveling on I-24 when the Honda Accord, driven by Chenoweth, lost control and collided with the Ford Fusion, driven by Balk, before both crashed into a rock wall. All involved parties were transported to Vanderbilt. A witness stated Chenoweth passed him and multiple other vehicles while changing lanes at a high rate of speed. Police say data from the vehicle shows it was traveling at 95 mph seconds before the crash and was not in control of the vehicle. The two passengers in the Ford Fusion sustained major injuries to their bodies, and Chenoweth was pronounced dead at the hospital. He is free on a $55,000 bond.

Minnesota Tourist Bo Eriksson drunkenly yells profanities while resisting arrest at Walk of Fame Park

26-year-old Minnesota Tourist Bo Eriksson had an altercation near Walk of Fame Park in downtown Nashville in the early hours of February 19th. A small group of people flagged officers down, advising an intoxicated male, later identified as Eriksson, was dragging an intoxicated woman. Officers spoke with Eriksson, who was rambling about a scuffle he had earlier with a group of men when officers noticed he was the suspect they were searching for regarding vandalism at a bar in Printers Alley. Officers detained Eriksson to investigate the situation, causing him to become disorderly. Eriksson began yelling profanities and demanding his ID back from officers. Officers told Eriksson he was under arrest, and he pulled back, telling them, “No.” Eriksson resisted, causing officers to force his hands into position to be cuffed. Eriksson was taken into custody for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and public intoxication.