DUI: Juan Smith scores 0.215% BAC after falling asleep on I-440 East, tells police he’s “Not in Clarksville”

30-year-old Juan Smith was observed sleeping behind the wheel of his vehicle with the engine running near Interstate 440 East Exit Ramp to Nolensville Pike around 3:08 a.m. on July 18th. Responding officers located him with his transmission shifted into drive and his foot on the brake. Then, officers noticed he had numerous open alcoholic beverages in the center console and his car door. After this, officers woke him up and had him exit the vehicle. Smith showed signs of intoxication and reeked of alcohol as he told police he was leaving a friend’s house and returning to his Clarksville residence. Smith noted that his residence was about five minutes away. Officers then asked Smith if he knew what city he was in, to which Smith replied, “Not in Clarksville.” When prompted, Smith consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. After being read implied consent, Smith agreed to provide a breath sample, resulting in 0.215 BAC%. Smith was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

DUI: Dominic Ritter attempts to hide bong after crashing car on Highway 70

18-year-old Dominic Ritter was the at-fault driver involved in a crash at the Highway 70 and McCrory Lane intersection on July 18th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Ritter, who reeked of marijuana. Ritter admitted to smoking marijuana while swimming, which he had just come from. A witness advised officers that Ritter had hidden items in the brush behind where his vehicle stopped. Police then searched the area and discovered a small amount of marijuana and a glass bong. Ritter admitted to hiding the paraphernalia before police arrival. Ritter consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Ritter was then taken into custody for driving while impaired, an implied consent violation, and simple possession.

DUI: Nashat Khaled stops in middle of Charlotte Pike, tells police he was going to Jack in the Box

20-year-old Nashat Khaled stopped his 2022 Volkswagen SUV in the middle of the roadway, facing the wrong way, near Charlotte Pike and Eastboro Road on July 18th. When officers arrived, they observed him parked with his engine off, activated their emergency equipment, and found him sleeping in the backseat. While speaking with officers, Khaled began sweating profusely and stated he was on the way to Jack in the Box. Then, Khaled said he was outside of his apartment complex and had strep throat before admitting to taking a Clonazepam pill about two hours before driving. Officers later located a prescription for Azitromycin, an antibiotic, in his vehicle. Then, he consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. After being informed of implied consent, Khaled refused to provide a chemical sample. Khaled was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an implied consent violation.

Cornelius Moses Jr. strangles minor girlfriend after being confronted for texting another minor

18-year-old Cornelius Moses Jr. was involved in a domestic altercation with his minor intimate partner and roommate at their Carroll Street residence on July 8th. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with the minor, who stated that she and Moses Jr. had gotten into an argument due to him texting another minor on his phone. During the argument, Moses Jr. vandalized her room by destroying her TV, ripping the drawers out of her dresser, and throwing her clothes all over the room. After this, the minor informed officers that Moses Jr. strangled her for three minutes as well, but she did not lose consciousness. The minor also alleges that when she tried to call 911, Moses Jr. took her phone and destroyed it, preventing her from calling emergency services. The minor then used her sister’s phone to call 911 before going outside. She claimed that when they went outside, Moses Jr. had a black Glock 19 in his hand and threatened to shoot her before fleeing.

Officers then spoke with the minor’s little sister, who told officers she heard a commotion while using the bathroom. When she entered the bedroom, she claimed that she had observed Moses Jr. throwing her sister’s items all around their bedroom. The sister claims she then witnessed Moses Jr. punching her sister in the arms and body before he got on top of her and began strangling her. The sister also confirmed that Moses Jr. did have a handgun in his pocket and informed officers that she heard Moses Jr. threaten to shoot her sister. Officers then spoke with the mother of the two minors, Shawnoah Philips, who claimed that while she was asleep, she heard someone yelling her name. Philips informed officers that she ran upstairs and saw Moses Jr. destroying her daughter’s room. After this, Philips claims to have observed Moses Jr. get on top of her daughter and begin punching her before she saw Moses Jr. take her phone and smash it. Philips also said that her daughter attempted to get into a car when they eventually went outside. However, Moses Jr. prevented her from doing so by shutting the door. Philips also informed officers that she saw Moses Jr. flee the scene but could not confirm if she saw a weapon during the incident. The minor called Moses Jr. while officers were on the scene, and they began arguing as she tried to get his location. Moses Jr. was heard calling the minor an “opp” and other obscenities before he spoke with officers. Moses Jr. then claimed he would return to the location and “take his charges.” Moses Jr. never came back to the area, and a warrant was later issued for his arrest. Moses Jr. was later found and taken into custody for vandalism, interference with an emergency call, and aggravated assault on July 18th.

Jude Philley plays with his willy in back seat of woman’s car, tells police he was “adjusting a hernia”

26-year-old Jude Philley was seen masturbating in the back seat of a rideshare on June 25th. When the driver observed this, she waited until she saw other people and exited her car. Philley then also left the vehicle. Detectives used the name and address for the ride to identify Philley as the offender. On July 10th, Detectives spoke with Philley, who confirmed that he was in a rideshare on the day of the incident and described the driver. Philley initially stated that he was “adjusting a hernia.” Philley later added that the driver propositioned him to show her his penis. According to Philley, he then showed the driver his penis, and she told him to leave. Philley made other inconsistent statements during the interview. During another interview at the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department on July 14th, additional inconsistent statements were made. Philley was later taken into custody for indecent exposure on July 17th.

Zulikha Hussein Ali refuses to leave Eazy-Tech despite being told multiple times to leave

25-year-old Zulikha Hussein Ali had a domestic incident with her intimate partner, Farsat Galnasky, at his place of business, Eazy-Tech, on Nolensville Pike on July 17th. Galnasky alerted the authorities, telling them that he and Ali had been arguing since the previous Saturday. Then, he added that today, around 11 a.m., she showed up at Easy Tech and refused to leave, so he called 911. When officers arrived, they located her sleeping in Galnasky’s office on his couch. Officers informed Ali she needed to leave, which she disregarded. Then, officers explained through a Kurdish interpreter that she would be arrested if she did not comply. After Ali refused once again, she was detained for the occurrence. Ali was taken into custody for criminal trespass.

Ke’darius Haynes jailed after buying four ounces of marijuana

20-year-old Ke’darius Haynes was observed receiving a large plastic bag of marijuana at the Clarksville Pike Save a Lot on July 17th. Detectives were surveilling the establishment when they noticed a maroon Honda sedan backing up next to a white Toyota, where Haynes was sitting as a passenger. Haynes exited the car and entered the passenger side of the Honda for less than 30 seconds. During this, he had a brief conversation with the driver, was handed a bag of marijuana, and exchanged handshakes before re-entering the Toyota. Detectives followed the Toyota and conducted a traffic stop, during which they detained Haynes and the driver. Officers discovered a two-ounce bag of marijuana inside Haynes’ pants. Officers then located another two-ounce bag of marijuana wedged between the passenger seat and the center console. Under Miranda, Haynes stated he agreed to meet with the individual in the Honda via Instagram to purchase two “zips.” A “zip” is slang for two ounces of marijuana. The total amount of marijuana found was 114.3 grams/4 ounces. Haynes was then taken into custody for possession with intent.

Austin Jones taken into custody after telling officers; “I do not give a fuck”

24-year-old Austin Richard Jones caused a disturbance at the downtown Public Library on Church Street in the early hours of July 17th. Security at the establishment asked him to leave the premises because he had a “glazed” stare and wandered around saying expletives, but he refused and started cursing at them. When officers arrived, they noticed Jones was visibly impaired, and before they could tell him to leave, he said to take him to jail because “I do not give a fuck.” Jones was then taken into custody for public intoxication.

Taonia Johnson throws bricks at woman’s home & vehicle causing $1,000 worth of damage

24-year-old Taonia Johnson and her unidentified accomplice vandalized Marcytia Buford’s property at her residence on November 7th, 2020. Buford reported that they threw bricks at her home and vehicle, causing around $1,000 worth of damage. A warrant was issued for Johnson’s arrest on November 10th, 2020. Johnson was later taken into custody for vandalism on July 17th, 2024.

Treneka Johnson rips woman’s Ring doorbell camera out during altercation over daughter

36-year-old Treneka Johnson damaged Ashley Hale’s ring doorbell at her Highway 70 South apartment on June 29th. Hale called 911, stating that Johnson believed her daughter was in her apartment. Hale added that Johnson pulled her ring doorbell camera off the wall and carried it to her car. She then provided officers with footage showing Johnson wearing the same shirt that said, “Girls Code.” Officers then located her, and she admitted to taking the ring camera and throwing it near a dumpster. Hale informed them that she wished to press charges. Then, Johnson was cited for the occurrence. She was later booked on the citation of vandalism on July 15th.