Nathaniel Reed vandalizes woman’s car when he’s unable to ‘make the baby batter’ — $5K bond

49-year-old Nathaniel Reed is charged with vandalism after he broke the taillight on a woman’s car after his ‘little friend’ was unable to unlock the ‘ultimate achievement’ due to his level of intoxication. Officers responded to the call just before 2 a.m. Friday and met with Frances Warren, who was distraught and in distress, stating that Reed was upset and drinking alcohol and became irate toward her when he was unable to ‘make the batter’ while they were intimate. She says he went outside the residence and she heard something break, and when officers arrived, it was discovered Reed had shattered the tail light on her vehicle.

Erin Cogswell deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville #Arrested

Erin Cogswell was repeated escorted out of Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville and told not to return, yet she continued to enter the location. Bar staff eventually contacted Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative, who responded and noted she was “heavily intoxicated” with slurred speech and reeked of alcohol. She declined the option of medical treatment and was taken into custody, charged with public intoxication.

Brittney Colgan charged with DUI after leaving Lipstick Lounge, falling asleep behind the wheel

Metro Nashville Police located 37-year-old Brittney Colgan asleep behind the wheel of her vehicle after she was involved in a crash near Fern Ave. and Brick Church Pike. She eventually awoke to officers knocking on the window but couldn’t immediately figure out how to roll the window down. She admitted to drinking two gin and tonics at the Lipstick Lounge before driving. She stated the accident occurred at Lipstick Lounge, and she believed the person who hit her lived near Fern Ave., and that’s why she was in this area to locate the person. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody.

DUI: Angie Vaughn blows 0.20% BAC; also has an outstanding warrant for a hit-and-run

54-year-old Angie Vaughn was involved in an automobile crash involving property damage at Abbot Martin Road and Brandywood Drive Saturday evening as the driver of the vehicle. She admitted to having a “few screwdrivers a few hours ago” when she was asked about her alcohol consumption before driving. A breathalyzer would reveal a 0.20% BAC at booking, where she was charged with DUI. As she was being processed, it was discovered she also had an outstanding warrant from an accident on Christmas day of 2020, where she fled the scene after she was made aware that police were en route, but the other driver had already collected some of her information and taken her photo.

Victoria Menz charged with DUI after Belmont Blvd crash

Metro Nashville Police say 55-year-old Victoria Menz was unsteady on her feet and reeked of alcohol as they found her outside of her crashed vehicle at the intersection of Belmont Blvd and Woodmont Blvd late Friday night. She told officers she was coming home from downtown, where she consumed a “single margarita and several sparkling waters” throughout the evening. She performed poorly on all field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for DUI. She would later blow a 0.157& BAC on a breathalyzer.

Nene Wiggins shatters boyfriend’s mirror after searching his phone, upset at what she found

Metro Nashville Police responded to a disturbance on September 27th, where 19-year-old Galaneicia ‘Nene’ Wiggins and Jadonte Hodges were each calling 911 to report the other person. There was mumbled background screaming on both calls, and officers arrived to find Wiggins standing outside the home of Hodges, her boyfriend, screaming into his window. Wiggins explained she had searched his phone and found text messages she did not like, so she shattered a mirror belonging to Hodges all over his bedroom floor, causing lacerations to his foot, which was now covered in blood.

Quantavius Brown pulls Draco after argument & posts revenge porn of ex-girlfriend on social media

Metro Nashville Police say 25-year-old Quantavius Brown grabbed a Draco and held it in his hand as he stated his ex-girlfriend, De’Aushanai Smith, “needed to leave and would do whatever it takes” after the two argued on September 22nd. An order of protection was served on him later that day, but he was not deterred. The following day, Smith unsuccessfully attempted to reach out to her on Instagram and via phone to persuade her not to testify against him. Hours later, she began receiving messages from friends and family that Brown had posted multiple videos on social media platforms of them having sex, one of which she wasn’t even aware she was being recorded.