New York man charged after beating another man on Broadway — Oladayo Thomas arrested

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville observed 23-year-old soccer player Oladayo Thomas physically assaulting another individual. Officers separated the two and instructed him to stay away and move along multiple times, however, Thomas continued to try to push past officers, stating he was going to beat the other person. Unable to be convinced the fight was over, and with every reason to believe it would only escalate if left alone, Thomas was transported to jail, where he was charged with disorderly conduct.

Matt Slater refuses to leave airport when deemed too drunk to fly American Airlines — BNA

Nashville Airport Police responded to American Airlines C15 Gate area Sunday after 35-year-old Matthew Slater was denied boarding due to his extreme level of intoxication. Officers attempted to explain he would simply be rebooked for the following morning and escort him outside of the secure area of the airport so he could arrange for somewhere to stay for the evening. Slater became increasingly upset he would not make his scheduled flight and refused to leave the secured area of the airport. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with public intoxication. Slater later posted on social media to his friends: “After SEVERAL delays, Massive problems and a night in an airport, finally making it to Chicago”.

How much alcohol did you drink? Tourist Kaleb Dillard answers: “A Lot!”

Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative found 21-year-old Kaleb Dillard laying down in the parking garage at 315 Deadrick Street with no idea how he got there, where he was staying, where he was going, or where his friends were. Dillard stated he consumed “a lot” of beer and was heavily intoxicated according to an arrest report. Due to his inability to care for himself, he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Local patron charged after assaulting downtown Nashville bartender — Jesse Horn

Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville Saturday night were notified that a bartender had been assaulted by a patrol, 43-year-old Jesse Horn. As officers responded, Horn immediately walked up into an officer’s face and became aggressive. Horn reportedly reeked of alcohol, could barely walk, and was unable to form sentences that resembled spoken English.

Downtown Nashville proved to be too much for Emma Sprague — public intoxication

21-year-old Emma Sprague was found passed out on the sidewalk by Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative near 3rd & Broadway in the early hours of Sunday morning. She was heavily intoxicated and refused all medical assistance. She did not have a working cell phone and officers were unable to locate any of her friends in the vicinity. Unable to care for herself, she was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Dakota Lowhorn punches woman in face in downtown Nashville; witnessed by MNPD

Metro Nashville Police Officer Connor Hosey says he witnessed 27-year-old Dakota Lowhorn punch a woman in the face while standing in the street just outside of Tin Roof Broadway in downtown Nashville. Officer had just been dispatched to the location for a report of two people attempting to fight and arrived as it began. Lowhorn attempted to chase after the female victim but was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Matthew Charboneau charged after breaking MNPD Officer’s ankle in downtown fight

Metro Nashville Police responded to Rippy’s on Broadway in downtown Nashville on Saturday in response to 41-year-old Matthew Charboneau yelling and causing a scene with patrons on the sidewalk. Officer Kevin Clausius attempted to de-escalate the situation, however, Charboneau came at him aggressively and the two fought. Police say that during the fight, Charboneau broke the officer’s left ankle. Once he was cuffed, Charboneau then attempted to headbutt Officer Erickson. The officer was transported to Vanderbilt for his broken ankle.

Chelsea Kelly fired 17 shots into the air while “celebrating father’s day & having fun”

28-year-old Chelsea Kelly is charged with felony reckless endangerment after admitting to fitting approximately 17 bullets into the air Sunday night just after 10 p.m., as part of celebrating Father’s Day and just “having fun”. Jason Bond called police to report he heard the gunshots coming from the home directly behind their AirBNB. Officers drove to the location and conducted a knock-and-talk at which time she confessed. Bond also states he had “red laser beans” coming into the home when the gun was being fired. Officers recovered a Taurus .40 cal and multiple shell casings.

Ayan Awad spits in cop’s face, says “it was not funny, it was hilarious!”

Management of the TownPlace Suites in midtown contacted police Saturday to report that 21-year-old Ayan Awad refused to leave the location. She insisted she was a guest at the hotel, however she had no reservation and reason to be on the property. She then went outside and got into a vehicle that did not belong to her, and threw a drink in the face of the valet who asked her to exit. Officers arrived and again explained she was not a guest here and needed to leave, and she continued to refuse to leave the property. After she was placed into custody she turned her head and looked directly at officer Kaitlyn Powell and spit in her face. When asked he she thought that was funny, she replied “it was not funny, it was hilarious.”