Samuel Mustapha arrested for shoplifting; tells officers “I needed the money”

24-year-old Samuel Nmn Mustapha matched the description of the previous shoplifter from July 16th at the Murfreesboro Pike Walgreens. On July 17th, officers were near The Wash Tub Coin Laundry when they observed Mustapha at the location and detained him for the occurrence. Under Miranda, he admitted to stealing from Walgreens and the East Thompson Lane Dollar General Market, stating, “I needed the money.” Officers obtained footage from both establishments showing him exiting the store without paying for under $500 worth of items. Mustapha was later then taken into custody for theft. Mustapha was previously arrested for shoplifting at Mapco.

Malcolm Finlay steals $347 worth of merchandise from Target

28-year-old Malcolm Antonio Finlay tried stealing from Target on White Bridge Pike on June 23rd. Target Loss Prevention Agent Lydia Rose Wheeler detained him and called 911. Wheeler stated that Finlay entered the store on multiple occasions and took merchandise without paying for it. Officers were provided footage of the thefts and discovered the stolen items totaled $347.85. He was then cited for the incident that day. Finlay was later booked on the theft citation on July 15th.

Pamela Clawson found lying on sidewalk near Harding Place, tells police she “took a painkiller”

59-year-old Pamela Clawson was observed lying on the sidewalk near Harding Place and Antioch Pike in the early hours of July 18th. After noticing this, officers stopped and conducted a welfare check on her. During the check, Clawson showed signs of intoxication. When officers spoke with her, Clawson provided a nonsensical story. Officers then called an ambulance for her, but she refused all medical attention. Clawson admitted to a firefighter that she “took a painkiller.” Clawson was then taken into custody for public intoxication.

Jerry Semar assaults Wedgewood Avenue Fairgrounds employee over parking spot

39-year-old Jemar Lee Semar had an altercation at a Wedgewood Avenue Fairgrounds parking lot with an employee, Robert Wayne Burns, on June 23rd. Semar and Burns told responding officers that they had a dispute over a parking spot. Burns advised officers that he heard a parking attendant call for assistance regarding an aggressive individual, later identified as Semar. Burns responded to the call with two other employees. When the employees approached Semar, he shoved Burns to the ground. This left visible injuries to Burns’ left knee and elbow, which multiple witnesses corroborated. Then, Semar told police he did push him, but only after Burns chest-bumped him. He was then cited for the incident that day. Semar was later booked on the citation of assault on July 15th.

DUI: Celebrity Barber Christopher Rhodes smokes blunt & drinks liquor while driving, tells police “I’m just heading to the club”

49-year-old Christopher Rhodes, owner of Christyles Celebrity Salon, was driving his white 2018 Nissan Altima down 3rd Avenue North at about 11:01 p.m. on July 14th. After Rhodes turned around, officers observed the stench of marijuana. Officers followed him until they conducted a traffic stop on James Robertson Parkway. Officers approached the vehicle and then asked them about the marijuana smell. Rhodes’ passenger stated, “We just finished smoking a blunt.” In plain view, officers noticed a bottle of liquor in the backseat with small glasses in the front cupholders containing liquid consistent with the alcohol, so they had both of them exit the vehicle. Officers then searched the Altima and discovered a blunt with about a gram of marijuana, a jar containing 2-3 grams of marijuana, and “RAW” rolling papers. When prompted, Rhodes consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and after being informed of implied consent, refused to provide a chemical sample. Then, officers obtained a warrant for two vials of his blood and transported him to Nashville General Hospital. As he was transported to the hospital, on camera, Rhodes stated, “If I take a couple of shots at the hotel and smoke a little, what is the problem? I’m just heading to the club. I will be at the club.” Rhodes was then taken into custody for driving under the influence on July 15th.

Cameron Freeman drunkenly yells at aunt, hits her in mouth during altercation

23-year-old Cameron Freeman was involved in a domestic incident with her aunt, Debra Gould, at their Lutie Street residence on July 14th. When officers arrived, they spoke to the caller, Freeman’s uncle, who stated that Freeman was yelling and pushing his wife. Officers then spoke with Gould, who told them that while she was in her front yard, Freeman approached her and started yelling at her. She added that Freeman pushed her and hit her in the mouth, busting her lip. Officers later made contact with Freeman, who was observed yelling at Gould. Freeman appeared heavily intoxicated during their interaction. Several witnesses in the residence corroborated Gould’s statements, so Freeman was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody for domestic assault.

TSU Professor Brian Nagy drunkenly yells at neighbor’s doorbell camera after violating order of protection

52-year-old Brian George Nagy violated an order of protection that his neighbor, Ashley Gates, had against him on July 13th. On July 14th, Gates alerted the authorities, calling them to her Meharry Boulevard residence, advising them that Nagy had appeared on her doorbell camera while he watered his grass. She provided officers with footage showing Nagy appearing impaired as he proceeded to yell, “Stop recording me!” After this, he pulled out his cell phone and started recording Gates’s porch door camera as he leaned onto her property. Gates added that she was not home at the time of the incident but wanted to press charges. Nagy was taken into custody for an order of protection violation.

Kareem Andrews violates order of protection by spam-calling ex-girlfriend numerous times

38-year-old Kareem Andrews was seen spam-calling his ex-girlfriend, Alicia Wheeler, violating his order of protection on May 31st. Andrews was previously arrested for domestic assault, which put conditions in place where he was ordered not to contact Wheeler. On May 31st, Andrews called Wheeler several times, asking her to come to his residence. After the initial call, Andrews called several times during the day, using different numbers repeatedly. Andrews also used several blocked numbers that Wheeler recognized. When using a blocked number, Wheeler answered and recognized Andrew’s voice as the one that spoke to her. A warrant was issued, and Andrews was taken into custody on July 13th for violation of a no-contact order.

Dalen Galvez assaults ex-girlfriend, threatens to cut himself with knife during suicidal episode

23-year-old Dalen Galvez was reported as a suicidal subject with a knife at the Dupont Avenue apartment complex at 11:46 p.m. on July 12th. When officers arrived, Galvez was sitting by a dumpster at the complex. Once Galvez was asked about the knife he had in his hand, he dropped it. Galvez was stated to be making suicidal statements and seemed visibly distressed. Officers then made contact with Madison Mobbs, who was seen sobbing in a vehicle nearby. Mobbs told officers that she and Galvez had previously dated. She went on to say about a month ago, she and Galvez had a domestic incident where she needed to have an order of protection issued against her and was arrested. Mobbs stated Galvez has constantly attempted to communicate with her up to this point, but she has not responded. On July 12th, Galvez sent her suicidal statements saying that he was mentally tired, along with photos of where he had cut himself on his arms. Mobbs could not respond due to the order of protection. Galvez then arrived at Mobbs’ apartment and knocked on the door.

Mobbs stated that she slightly cracked the door due to Galvez reeking of chemicals. Galvez then made his way inside and began acting erratically. Galvez started yelling, throwing his arms around, and got into Mobbs’ face, making suicidal statements. Galvez told her that he dropped his pocket knife and razor blade outside on the ground. Mobbs said she would get it for him and used the opportunity to go inside her car and lock the door. Before she could lock it, Galvez followed her and yanked the car door open. During this, Galvez continued to make suicidal statements. While Galvez was talking, Mobbs was able to lock the door. Galvez went back inside Mobbs’ apartment and returned with a bottle of Rosalie. As he did this, Mobbs called 911. Galvez then revealed a kitchen knife in his waistband and started walking toward the dumpster, where he acted like he was cutting his arm. In fear of violating her protection order, Mobbs remained inside her vehicle. Mobbs told officers that throughout the incident, Galvez claimed that he was going to call the police on her for violating her order of protection so she could do what he wanted.

Officers then went back to Galvez to speak with him about the incident. Galvez told officers he came over because he knew her door would be unlocked. Galvez continued to make suicidal statements to officers and medics, so he was transported to Skyline Hospital. Dalen Galvez was then taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated burglary on July 13th.