Daughter charged with assault of father after not getting enough dinner — Ksenia Paromov

28-year-Ksenia Paromov was booked Tuesday on an outstanding warrant charging her with the assault of her father, Viktor Paromov. Police originally responded to the home in September after her father stated Ksenia was upset she had not been given enough dinner. As the argument escalated, she reportedly struck her father in the back of the head as he walked away, and threw several dishes, breaking them. She was initially taken into custody, but while in the patrol car she stated she needed medical attention, so she was transported to a local hospital and a warrant was signed for her later arrest.

Second person arrested in vandalism of Hutson Avenue home in Nashville — Tatumn Newman

VIDEO: Related to the prior arrest of Katelynn Sparks for destroying the Ring doorbell of a home on Hutson Avenue, 21-year-old Tatumn Newman is now charged with destroying a Ring Floodlight Camera at the same home, belonging to Tyler Buchholz. This incident occurred on February 17th, and the video included in the story shows her using a long pole to destroy the camera and floodlight. This is one of a series of events of vandalism and other crimes that have occurred recently at this address from a group of people who live at a nearby home and seem to be targeting this particular neighbor.

Mother assaults unappreciative son with chair, cup, and ironing board — Hend Gaber arrested

39-year-old Hend Gaber says she was upset over her son living with her without having a job, being disrespectful, and not paying any rent or bills. She told police that was the reason she threw a whole dining room chair at him as he sat in the living room. Also the reason she threw a large metal cup at him as he walked from the living room to the bedroom. It was also the reason she then picked up an ironing board and hit him with it as he continued to remain unphased. Police were called to the scene and took her into custody.

Shamira Jones jailed after assaulting boyfriend with broom & calling police on herself

Tahj Jackson says his girlfriend and mother of his child, 19-year-old Shamira Jones, told him she was packing her things and leaving him. He continued to attempt to go to sleep in the bedroom when she then ripped the covers off him and attacked him with a broom. In self-defense, he quickly overpowered her, during which time the broom struck her in the face and she called 911. When officers arrived, Jones stated: “I tried to hit him first, I’m not even going to lie… he probably has scratches on him”. Police documented his injures and took Jones into custody.

Ryan Stone goes into a brutal “fit of rage” when PlayStation 5 is unplugged by girlfriend

24-year-old Ryan Stone accused his girlfriend, Ashanti Moore, of “playing with him” when she had gone out to get contacts and her phone died. When she returned, he confronted her in their bedroom and pushed her to the floor. She then told him he had to leave the house and unplugged the HDMI and ethernet cords from his PlayStation 5, which “sent him into a fit of rage” during which he pushed her into a wall, grabbed the back of her head, pressed her face onto the floor, and struck her in the back of the head. She believes she lost consciousness during the assault.