Bryan Bosworth-Smith passes out in drive-thru for 25 minutes with handgun after smoking questionable marijuana

Police found 20-year-old Bryan Bosworth-Smith passed out in the driver’s seat of his vehicle at a McDonald’s drive-thru with a pistol in his right hand and his car in drive on Saturday. Officers attempted to immobilize the vehicle using their patrol cars and used a loudspeaker, lights, sirens, for over 25 minutes while knocking on his window until he finally woke up in a state of shock and panic – taking his foot off the brake and continuing to hold his weapon. Once they broke out the glass of his rear window he dropped the weapon and complied. He stated he had smoked marijuana which he had bought via a phone app prior to driving.

George Michael McGee charged in domestic assault of girlfriend during an argument over keys

Police say 30-year-old George McGee asked for the keys to his girlfriend’s vehicle so he could take it to work, but she advise he should take his own car, instead. His girlfriend, Latece Jarvis, was holding her keys during this conversation and says he attempted to take the keys from her, and the two “tussled” over the keys, and he caused her to sustain a cut to her thumb, which was documented by police. He is charged with domestic assault.

Keith Struebing charged in DUI after dinner & drinks in downtown Nashville

Police say 33-year-old Keith Patrick Struebing was “significantly exceeding the speed limit and weaving through traffic” on West End Avenue when they eventually caught up to him. During the traffic stop, Struebing stated he had two drinks at a dinner at a hotel and was returning home. He then admitted to two more prior to dinner and eventually stated “I probably drank too much” in slurred speech. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI.

Jordan Jackson charged with destroying TV panel at Nashville Underground during struggle

21-year-old Jordan Jackson was told he had to leave the Nashville Underground early Sunday morning for being aggressive and hostile due to his level of intoxication. Security Supervisor Steven Derner and Officer Charles Powell confronted Jackson when he “shoulder checked” Powell. As he attempted to restrain Jackson a scuffle ensued and Jackson Powell into a large TV panel, destroying it. The damage is estimated to be between $3-5,000.

Tequlia Cowboy manager chases Bryce O’Conner for several blocks after vandalism

Tequila Cowboy Manager Joshua Lynch says he followed 22-year-old Bryce O’Connor all the way to the Shelby Street pedestrian Bridge and “detained” him after he vandalized a door at the downtown Nashville bar. Video from the incident shows O’Conner kicking an employee entrance door inside the business. The damage was estimated at $2,000 and included replacing the electronic locking system.

Another tourist too drunk for Nashville — Chace Gast arrested

Police found 21-year-old Chace Gast, without a shirt or shoes, attempting to get into an apartment on Lea Ave near downtown Nashville. He seemed extremely intoxicated, didn’t have a key, and wasn’t entirely which apartment he was actually staying at. The HOA advised he was not staying at this location to their knowledge, and for his own safety he was charged with public intoxication and transported to booking.

Nyak Koang charged with disorderly conduct after shooting outside 3000 Bar

22-year-old Nyak Koang is charged with taking a swing at another female during an argument outside the 300 Bar while police were investigating a shooting that had just occurred. Police attempted to disperse this group of women who were engaged in a loud and disruptive argument, however, they refused to leave the scene that police were attempting to investigate. Koang was the primary instigator and was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct.

Kathleen Nannie blows 0.225% BAC after fleeing scene of crash in downtown Nashville

Police found 20-year-old Kathleen Nannie outside of her vehicle at 1301 Division Street, sitting with security staff after she crashed into another vehicle near 17th and Broadway and fled. She told police she had two drinks with vodka prior to driving. She refused to answer any questions without a lawyer being present but did state she would not pass a breath test and then continued to state “I shouldn’t have been drinking and driving”, according to police. She eventually took a breathalyzer and blew a 0.225% BAC, almost triple the legal limit.