Samy Girgis charged in domestic assault of wife in Antioch

52-year-old Samy Girgis was booked Friday on an outstanding warrant from March charging him with domestic assault. Police say they documented injuries to his wife, Laurice Malika, at TriStar Century Farms ER in Antioch on March 4th. His wife says he grabbed her by the chin/cheek while in their bedroom and then bit her arm and injured her finger. Girgis was not present at the scene, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Wendy Williams given a $50 bond after assaulting her wife with small pumpkins

59-year-old Wendy Williams was charged with domestic assault of her wife, Maureen Williams, just two days before Christmas. Police say the two were in a verbal argument that escalated when she initially slapped her wife on the shoulder, causing slight pain. Wendy then reportedly began throwing several “small pumpkins” at her wife, striking her in the leg. Wendy Williams admitted to the assault and was taken into custody.

Brentwood Police cut the cord on teen plug Trace Latourette — jailed on $137K bond

18-year-old Trace Alan Latourette is jailed in lieu of a $137,500 bond after police conducted a traffic stop for a non-working light license plate light and discovered a firearm and a cornucopia of drugs. During the traffic stop on Split Log Road on December 19th, Brentwood Police discovered four marijuana-filled pickle jars, with weights of 14.7 grams, 56.9 grams, 132.9 grams, and 138.8 grams individually. A Glock .45 and a magazine was recovered from the driver’s door area. A black backpack inside the vehicle contained four extra magazines for the firearm, three cell phones, and $3,748 in cash, along with a digital scale. In the passenger seat was an open case of Twisted Tea, with an empty consumed can nearby, and another case in the back seat. A red bag inside the vehicle contained a Tupperware container with 30-50 rolled marijuana joints inside, 100 THC vape cartridges, and 10-15 nicotine vaping devices.

James Smith — drunk with a handgun & weed at Double E’s Bar and Grill

59-year-old James Smith was kicked out of Double E’s Bar and Grill on Lebanon Pike after consuming a large amount of alcohol and becoming disorderly with other patrons. He then fell asleep in his car in the parking lot. Later that night, security approached his vehicle to check on him, at which time Smith stood up and reached into his pants in a draw/stroke motion. Security tackled him to the ground and disarmed him. Officers arrived to find him detained and took custody of the Glock 43X and two blunts from his pants pocket.

Chase Cummins asks for a ride home, MNPD takes him to jail

After a night of drinking in downtown Nashville on Christmas Eve, 22-year-old Chase Austin Cummins approached a Metro Nashville Police Officer at 3rd & Broadway and asked for a ride home. When officers learned he lived in Franklin, they advised they could not accommodate him since he lived outside of the county. He didn’t have enough money for a taxi and wasn’t able to locate a friend to assist. Left with no other options, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Kameron Wheeler pulls knife on bouncer, asks “do you like your teeth?”

32-year-old tourist Kameron Sean Wheeler walked out of Jason Aldean’s bar Saturday night as they were closing and attempted to go back inside but was denied due to the bar closing. Wheeler became belligerent with Jeremiah Riordan after being told he would have to wait for his wife to exit and he could not re-enter. Wheeler then pulled a pocket knife and threatened Riordan with it while asking, “do you like your teeth?” He is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Lashai Scales becomes unruly in Southwest Airlines line & threatens, “meet me outside!”

25-year-old Lashai Nicole Scales was reportedly skipping people in the line at the Southwest ticketing counter and causing disturbances with other passengers at the Nashville International Airport just after midnight, Christmas night. As she witnessed other passengers talking to police about her actions, she became enraged and caused yet another disturbance and screamed, “meet me outside!” in an effort to initiate a fight. As she was being taken into custody for disorderly conduct, she pulled away and resisted officers.

Jeremy McQuillen, 48 — doing drunken donuts in church parking lot

48-year-old Jeremy Bryan McQuillen was observed doing “donuts” in the parking lot of a church parking lot on Old Hickory Blvd Friday night. The pastor of the church asked him to leave and noticed that he appeared to be intoxicated and called 911. As officers arrived, McQuillen attempted to leave the frozen area of the parking lot and, upon contact, was acting erratically and had multiple signs of intoxication. McQuillen admitted to drinking alcohol, and several open alcohol containers were located inside the vehicle.

Drunken airline passenger John Enloe jailed after causing scene at Nashville Airport

Airport Police responded to a disturbance at Gate C10 Thursday, where an American Airlines Pilot simply pointed at 44-year-old John Alexander Enloe, who he described as “the man in the red shirt.” Enloe, who was visibly intoxicated, told police he was actually the victim of an assault. He explained that another passenger continued to place their bags in what he considered to be a public walkway, and he continued to move them out of the walkway. The other passenger made contact with Enloe’s hand as it was on their suitcase, and Enloe claimed an assault.

Officers advised Enloe he could go to the magistrate’s office and swear out a warrant if he wished to prosecute for the perceived assault. Unhappy the police were not arresting his alleged assailant, Enloe began screaming and dramatically replaying the events leading up to the officers’ arrival. He was screaming at uninvolved flight crews and cursing with children present in the area. After he refused to calm down, Enloe was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.