Ohio tourist Marilyn Richards assaults man after accepting his invitation to dinner at Opryland Hotel

40-year-old Marilyn Richards is charged with the assault of Justin Slade Dowdy, a man she met while in Nashville Friday. Dowdy invited her to dinner at 9 p.m. at a restaurant inside the Opryland Hotel, and she accepted. He arrived at the hotel before her, and she arrived a short time later with multiple members of her family. A male family member begins to assault Dowdy while Marily stands beside him. Marilyn then reaches down, picks up an item, and hits Dowdy in the forehead, causing him to bleed. She was charged with assault and transported to booking. 

Illinois tourist Ryan Villanueva assaults police & bouncers at Kid Rock’s bar in Nashville

26-year-old Illinois Tourist Ryan Villanueva began to knock things from the bar and stage at Kid Rock’s bar late Friday evening. Security told him to stop, which only caused Villanueva to get aggressive with them. He grabbed the arm of one of the security staff, William Tomlinson, and ripped open the top of his shirt. Tomlinson then escorted him to the ground, at which time Villanueva kneed him in the side of the head. He was detained for Metro Nashville Police, and when they attempted to take him into their custody were also met with resistance. While being searched, he kicked backward and hit Officer Chetan Babbar’s knee.

Henrietta Umeh assaults Lea Avenue Apartments employee over mail

30-year-old Henrietta Umeh was issued a summons for an incident on December 15th, 2023, at Lea Avenue Apartments. Kendra Kirksey, an employee at Lea Avenue Apartments, stated that Umeh aggressively confronted her. According to Kirksey, Umeh was very rude throughout their encounter and demanded to get a package from the mail room. As Kirksey tried to get to the mail room, Umeh demanded to speak to the upstairs leasing office staff. After Umeh received her package, Kirksey tried to go upstairs to explain the situation to the leasing staff. Kirksey stated this was when Umeh then stepped out of the elevator, called her a “bitch” and got very close to her face. Umeh also slapped Kirksey’s hands away from the elevator buttons. Kirksey returned to the front desk, where Umeh followed her and knocked over her water bottle before walking off. Umeh was booked on a citation on February 5th.

Jonathan Keene arrested for attacking police officer at Centennial Hospital in 2021

46-year-old Jonathan Scott Keene randomly attacked Metro Nashville Police Officer Nathaniel Jones while he worked with a patient at Centennial Hospital in June 2021. Jones was sitting in a chair when Keene jumped onto him, knocked him out of the chair, and squeezed him with his arms. The reason for the incident is unknown as there was no prior contact, business, or communication between the men beforehand. Multiple individuals, hospital staff, and another officer were needed to stop Keene. Keene was taken into custody for the assault of an officer on February 6th, 2024.

Tyler Bidwell drunkenly threatens man with firearm after calling him racial slurs at Marathon Music Works

30-year-old Tyler Lynn Bidwell had an altercation with Christopher Daniel McGowan at a concert in Marathon Music Works on February 3rd. McGowan explained to officers that he and his friend were enjoying the music until Bidwell began disrupting them. Then, Bidwell started calling McGowan and his friend derogatory slurs while pushing them before brandishing a firearm. Officers did not find a gun upon searching Bidwell, but they noticed he was highly intoxicated, asking them the same questions repeatedly. Bidwell was taken into custody for public intoxication and assault.

Patrick Edwards assaults Regal Hollywood Theater manager after damaging signs

27-year-old Patrick Zaldy Edwards damaged movie prop signs inside the Regal Hollywood 27 Theatre on Thompson Lane in the late hours of January 4th. Barry Chandler, a manager at the theatre, observed this and approached, asking him to stop. Then, Edwards grabbed Chandler’s eyeglasses off his face, causing damage to them. Edwards was booked on the citation of assault on January 31st.

Timothy Pinter assaults man during confrontation over harassment

45-year-old Timothy Pinter had an altercation with Michael Borja on September 8th. Borja spoke with officers, telling them that Pinter had been harassing a female friend of his and was confronted by him when he was leaving her home the morning after an incident. He stated Pinter yelled at him, so he exited his vehicle while he approached. Borja then told Pinter to leave his friend alone, to which Pinter replied, “What are you going to do about it, you p*ssy a*s b*tch?” before swinging a punch at him. Borja advised he felt threatened, so he pulled his gun to defend himself, but Pinter said, “You are not going to do anything, you p*ssy a*s b*tch,” and swung at him again. He told them he was afraid he was going to hurt him. Pinter was booked on the summons of assault on January 30th

Jacqueline Mccowan pushes security guard at Elizabeth Duff Transit Center

57-year-old Jacqueline Michelle Mccowan pushed a security guard, Jonathon Cortez Henderson, at the Elizabeth Duff Transit Center at WeGo Central on Martin Luther King Boulevard in the late hours of January 31st. When officers arrived, Mccowan was yelling at the transit center’s security officers and getting in their faces. Officers tried to get her to stop, but she continued as she walked to another location employee. Mccowan began interfering with officers attempting to detain another individual in an unrelated incident. She was visibly intoxicated and deemed a danger to herself, so they detained her. Officers were told that Henderson attempted to get her to leave repeatedly and stop interfering with the police. Then, she walked up and pushed him, causing him to stumble backward. The incident was caught on camera, so officers reviewed it and were told that Henderson wanted to prosecute. Mccowan was taken into custody for assault, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication.

Elizabeth Newland attacks bartender with Red Bull can in downtown Nashville

50-year-old Elizabeth Victoria McCormick-Newland, the wife of Nashville Fire Captain John Newland II, had an altercation with Kourtney Jane Smith, a bartender at the Lucky Bastard Saloon, in downtown Nashville on January 27th. Smith told officers that McCormick-Newland threw a Red Bull can at her during an argument, leaving a minor laceration on her forehead. She refused medical treatment but advised officers that she wanted to prosecute for the unprovoked attack. Officers reviewed surveillance from the bar, which was consistent with Smith’s statement. Security at Lucky Bastard had McCormick-Newland detained until officers arrived. After their investigation, McCormick-Newland was taken into custody for assault.

Walgreens Cashier gone wild — Teresa Himes charged with assault of customer

66-year-old Teresa Himes was working at the Walgreens on Central Pike on Christmas Day when Ladavion Lemon, 20, approached the counter with a bag of peanuts with the express purpose of obtaining cash back on his purchase. During the touch screens on the payment machine, he skipped the option to receive cash back, and the purchase was completed. The two then got into an argument about him not being given the option to receive cashback. He became angry during the interaction and squeezed the bag of peanuts, causing it to pop. Himes then reportedly grabbed the young Black man’s arm and began to twist it, taking the peanuts he just paid for. Police were called, and she was issued a citation for assault. She was booked on the outstanding citation this week.

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