Jerry Semar assaults Wedgewood Avenue Fairgrounds employee over parking spot

39-year-old Jemar Lee Semar had an altercation at a Wedgewood Avenue Fairgrounds parking lot with an employee, Robert Wayne Burns, on June 23rd. Semar and Burns told responding officers that they had a dispute over a parking spot. Burns advised officers that he heard a parking attendant call for assistance regarding an aggressive individual, later identified as Semar. Burns responded to the call with two other employees. When the employees approached Semar, he shoved Burns to the ground. This left visible injuries to Burns’ left knee and elbow, which multiple witnesses corroborated. Then, Semar told police he did push him, but only after Burns chest-bumped him. He was then cited for the incident that day. Semar was later booked on the citation of assault on July 15th.

Johnnie Feaster threatens to rip woman’s hair out during argument at truck stop

65-year-old Johnnie Feaster caused a disturbance at the truck stop on Old Hickory Boulevard on June 14th. Officers arrived and made contact with Cheryl Polk. While trying to park her rig, she stated that Feaster drove past her and started an argument because she was parking slowly. Polk said that after Feaster walked away, he returned and started arguing again. During the argument, Feaster told Polk that he was going to knock on her ass and pull out her hair to the point that she had to wear a wig. Feaster then put his hand up like he was going to hit Polk. Polk entered the store to get help from the employees and call 911. After their conversation with Polk, officers approached Feaster near his truck. Feaster told officers he had been trying to pull his truck around the store while Polk was trying to park. He stated that after he drove around her, Polk told him to “kiss her ass,” which he felt was a racial remark. Feaster told Polk that if she repeated it, he was going to “put my foot in your ass.” Officers cited him for the violation that day. Feaster was later booked on the citation of assault on July 9th.

Kurt Sax drunkenly punches ex-girlfriend’s security guard in face

68-year-old Kurt Sax had an altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Patricia Landis, and her security guard, Adam Benjamin Chavin, at his Old Hickory Boulevard apartment on July 11th. Officers were advised that Sax and Landis were going through a breakup, and Landis was moving out of his apartment. Landis hired Chavin as a security guard due to Sax’s violent behavior and alcohol abuse. Earlier that day, Sax became intoxicated and belligerent towards Chavin and Landis. This soon sparked an argument where Sax shoved and punched Chavin in the face several times. Chavin defended himself by pushing Sax and wrestling him to the ground. Landis corroborated Chavin’s statements. When officers arrived, they noticed Sax was visibly intoxicated, showing signs of impairment. Officers noticed Sax had a knife lying on the couch. Landis informed them that Sax also had multiple firearms in the house. Then, Sax approached officers aggressively, so they detained him for the occurrence. Sax was taken into custody for assault and disorderly conduct.

Yulanda Montgomery attacks woman in Hobby Lobby over social media feud

39-year-old Yulanda Mechell Montgomery had an altercation with Angela Lavender at the Gallatin Pike North Hobby Lobby on March 11th, 2023. Lavender reported that she recognized Montgomery as the person who made hostile and combative comments towards her on social media while in the store. Lavender tried not to interact with Montgomery to avoid conflict. Then, she said that Montgomery recognized her and started attacking her inside the establishment. Lavender stated Montgomery began striking her in the face repeatedly, leaving lacerations on her face and mouth. The store cameras captured the incident, and officers later obtained a warrant for Montgomery’s arrest on March 24th, 2023. Montgomery was later taken into custody for assault on July 7th, 2024.

Eric Delbouno slaps coworker in face, blames him for being fired

32-year-old Eric Delbouno was seen assaulting his coworker, Dylan Koressel, on Victory Ave near Nissan Stadium on a riverboat cruiser on July 5th. When the officers arrived on the boat, they spoke with Koressel. He stated that he and Delbouno were roommates for work purposes. Koressel advised officers that when Delbouno walked into their room, he told Koressel that he had been fired. Koressel then asked Delbouno what was wrong. Delbouno explained that he failed a breathalyzer test and that it was his fault. Koressel informed the officers that he then told Delbouno to relax. However, Delbouno became aggressive and told him “f*ck you” to his face. Koressel then attempted to calm Delbouno down, but he then proceeded to slap him in the face. Koressel then identified Delbouno to officers, and he was taken into custody for assault on July 6th.

Michelle Brunkhorst bites woman during scuffle at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk

61-year-old Michelle Brunkhorst had an altercation with Annie Frey at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk on Broadway late May 2nd, 2023. Frey stated that she and her family were on the 2nd floor, where they could see the band performing. Frey said this was when Brunkhorst approached and started pushing her to watch the band. This sparked a scuffle, during which Brunkhorst allegedly bit Frey, causing injury. Afterward, Frey notified security and police, but Brunkhorst had left the location already. During the investigation, detectives called Brunkhorst, and she admitted to the fight but stated that Frey had started it by elbowing her. Brunkhorst added that she did not recall biting her. Frey and Brunkhorst both said they were visiting Nashville and had been drinking before the incident occurred. A warrant was issued for Brunkhorst’s arrest on November 10th, 2023. Then, Brunkhorst was taken into custody for assault on July 8th, 2024.

Alanna Kellow throws woman’s belongings at Lainey Wilson concert, tells her “You need to get your sh*t out of my way!”

54-year-old Alanna Lee Kellow had an incident with Brittany Beasley at the Lainey Wilson concert at Ascend Amphitheater late June 1st. Beasley told officers she was watching the concert when Kellow came up behind her and threw her jacket and popcorn. Beasley asked Kellow what she was doing, and Kellow told her, “You need to get your sh*t out of my way!” before Kellow’s husband pushed her. Then Beasley added that Kellow said, “No, you fat b*tch, get your sh*t out of the way!” Beasley informed officers that she was pregnant with a child. Beasley stated she told Kellow and her husband that they needed to leave her alone, to which they responded by yelling obscenities at her. Kellow was then cited for the altercation that night. Kellow was later booked on the citation of assault on July 2nd.

Brittany Beasley hits woman in back of head at Lainey Wilson concert

34-year-old Brittany Beasley had an altercation with Alanna Lee Kellow at the Lainey Wilson concert at Ascend Amphitheater late June 1st. Kellow and her husband alerted nearby officers of the attack. After police investigated, they obtained video evidence showing Beasley hitting Kellow in the back of her head. Beasley was then cited for the occurrence. Beasley was booked on the citation of assault on July 2nd.

Shane Fogle punches man in face during fight at Jack’s-Bar-B-Que

20-year-old Shane Fogle was involved in an altercation at Jack’s Bar-B-Que on June 20th. Footage of the incident shows an unknown individual, now identified as Fogle, punching Lan Dickerson in the face. Dickerson struck Fogle back, causing them to fall to the ground. Once they were on the ground, people came in and separated them. While Dickerson was still on the ground, Fogle attempted to kick him in the head but missed. Jack’s Bar-B-Que posted the video on their social media account, and members of the public identified Fogle as the attacker. Fogle’s attorney also contacted the authorities and stated that the person in the video was Fogle. The altercation left swelling on Dickerson’s left eye. Fogle was later taken into custody for assault on July 3rd.

Terra Flye assaults boyfriend’s sister & mother during argument

25-year-old Terra Flye was seen assaulting her boyfriend’s sister, Sariya Birdine, at their Anderson Road residence on June 21st. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Birdine outside the residence, and they immediately noticed a bloody scratch across her chest as well as swelling on her forehead. Birdine told officers that Flye and her brother, Cameron Simmons, were being disrespectful to her mother, Kimberly Donelson, all day and heard both Simmons and Flye arguing with Donelson. Birdine stated that she went upstairs to see what was going on and ended up getting into an argument with Simmons before Flye pushed over Donelson and began attacking her. Birdine claims that at this point, both Simmons and Flye attacked her.

Officers then spoke with Donelson. She claimed that after Flye pushed her over during the argument, she saw both Flye and Simmons beating on Birdine. When officers talked to Flye, she told them that when Birdine was arguing with Simmons, Birdine stated, “Come get your Man” to Flye, which prompted her to get up and push Donaldson. Flye went on to say that she only grabbed Birdine’s dress. Officers then asked Flye if that was how Birdine got a scratch on her chest, to which she replied most likely. When asked about the scratch on her head, Flye said it was probably from the fight, but she did not know. Flye was deemed to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for assault.

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