Tennessee TikTok lovers duel it out during dirty breakup — Giovanna Dalessandro & Avery Holt

A Tennessee TikTok duo with around 5 million combined fans across their platforms each found themselves in a Clarksville, TN, jail this week, only hours apart. The former lovers, 21-year-old Giovanna Linda Marie Dalessandro & 20-year-old Avery Noverra Holt, who lived together at Kirkwood Place, recently broke up, and ‘Gio’ returned to Texas. This week Gio returned with a posse that included his mother and a diva with alleged brass knuckles to retrieve some of his belongings, and things quickly escalated, landing three people in jail after police say Gio brandished a handgun and Gio’s mother says she was assault by Avery.

Mikelin Evette Beck charged with biting, hitting, and scratching a woman who was walking a dog

56-year-old Mikelin Evette Beck was jailed this weekend on an outstanding warrant from October charging her with the assault of Teresa Alvarado. Beck reportedly approached the victim as she was walking her dog outside her house, grabbing her arm, hitting her on the back of her neck with her elbow, scratching her face, and biting her arm. The victim had a knot on the back of her neck, and scratches and bruises on her body as a result of the assault.

Drunk Florida Man Shawn Daniels assaults juvenile on Broadway in downtown Nashville

46-year-old Shawn Daniels stumbled out of a bar and onto the curb of Broadway in downtown Nashville Friday night and braced himself against a vehicle on the street. Inside the car was two individuals, one of them a 16-year-old male. They yelled for the man to get off the vehicle, and words were exchanged, which resulted in Daniels reaching through the window, striking the juvenile in the face, and pulling him by the shirt. As the two individuals in the car were exiting to confront the man, Metro Nashville Police Officers observed and intervened, placing Daniels under arrest. He admitted to being intoxicated during the assault.

Realtor Hayley Thornton charged after throwing drink in face of bouncer at Whiskey Row

23-year-old Realtor Hayley Thornton and her boyfriend, Liam Chatham, were in an altercation at Whiskey Row earlier this month, and while Chatham was taken into custody as one of his charges was a felony, Thornton was issued a state citation charging her with assault, on which she self-booked this week. The citation alleges that Thornton was attempting to get into the bar via a side door that wasn’t for public access, and when she was denied entry, she reportedly threw her drink in the face of a security guard. She was booked on the citation and was given a court date to appear in September.

Brighthouse resident Erica Brunner charged in assault of treatment center staff

34-year-old Erica Brunner, a resident of the Brightquest Residential Treatment Facility in Nashville, was being driven to a doctor’s appointment by a staff member when a “miscommunication” occurred, and Brunner refused to get out of the van when they arrived at the location. They returned back to the Brightquest residential facility, where Brunner reportedly attacked a staff member, Hannah Rose, by grabbing her hair, throwing her to the ground, and assaulting her. Rose says Brunner then picked up two coffee mugs and threw them at her and another staff member.

Joseph ‘Joey’ Schwartz charged in drunken assault of employee at Jason Aldean’s Bar

24-year-old tourist Joseph Joey Schwartz, from Maryland, found himself in the Metro Nashville Jail overnight when he attacked a Spanish-speaking cleaning employee at Jason Aldean’s bar overnight. The worker says he was mopping an upstairs bathroom at the downtown Nashville venue when Schwartz appeared and began blocking the doorway and preventing his free movement. He says Schwartz, who was extremely intoxicated, then began to beat the victim in his face, leaving him with multiple lacerations that required medical treatment. Schwartz was taken into custody and charged with assault and public intoxication, and given pre-trial release back to his home in Maryland.

70-year-old Barbara Komisar ROR’d after assaulting a man over a refrigerator

70-year-old Barbara Komisar left Allen Kelley bruised, according to court documents, after she entered his Bransford Avenue home while he was sleeping and pushed and grabbed at him. He states Komisar and her daughter were apparently upset with him about a refrigerator inside a residence which they were having issues with. Officers documented the photos of the victim’s injuries in the report.

Charletta Braden stayed in her apartment after eviction, beat employee with wooden stick when they entered

Bellwood Park Apartments says 43-year-old Charletta Braden was formally evicted from her Pennington Avenue apartment via the proper court process, and a few days later they sent employee Jonathan Haynes to perform a regular maintenance check of the apartment, which should have been vacated. As he knocked on the door and announced himself as he does when entering all units, he received no response. HE then used a master key to open the door, which Charletta Braden swung open from the inside, catching his ring in the key and pulling him inside. Braden had a large wooden stick which she used to swing and hit Haynes in the head, leaving him injured. He retreated to the office until police arrived.

Cameron Lewis charged after threatening to shoot Antioch Taco Bell employee over wait times

39-year-old Eric ‘Cameron’ Lewis was issued a state citation for assault after he exited his Nissan Maxima and went inside an Antioch Taco Bell on June 13th and confronted employee Tykee Williams about the wait time, becoming very irate. When the front counter employee explained he was not going to be spoken to in that manner, Lewis reportedly stated he had guns in his vehicle and would get them and shoot the employee and come behind the counter and assault him. Lewis refused to answer any questions when police arrived and was issued a state citation.

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