Brayan Escobar jailed after attacking man with his father

27-year-old Brayan Escobar was taken into custody for aggravated robbery on May 3rd. On May 2nd, David Ray McCormick told the police that he was driving his truck down Roosevelt Avenue toward Gallatin Pike North when he stopped at the stop sign. McCormick stated a small silver sedan pulled up in front of him, cutting him off. Then, he said, two male Hispanics, later identified as Escobar and his father, exited the car and approached him, trying to open the door, during which they started attacking him. This forced McCormick to defend himself during the altercation. McCormick said one of the men picked up a large brick and threw it at him, hitting his chest and leaving a large abrasion and several bruises. McCormick added that they pulled his keys from his truck and tried to take his wallet and phone. Video footage from a nearby store captured the incident, corroborating McCormick’s statements.

While officers assisted McCormick, Escobar and his father flagged officers down near Gallatin Pike South, requesting medical assistance for a stab wound. They were transported to Skyline Hospital, where Escobar provided a statement of how his father was stabbed. While speaking with officers, Escobar described the location and aspects of McCormick’s identity as well as providing a picture of his car’s tag. McCormick later admitted to defending himself with a 10-inch piece of rebar to fight them off but stated he did not believe he stabbed anyone. Escobar and his father were deemed the primary aggressors. Escobar was then detained for the incident.

Keshari Tucker charged after threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend

21-year-old Keshari Tucker was involved in a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend, Cortesia Lawrence, at Chickasaw Avenue on November 19th. Lawrence told officers that she went to see Tucker, and when they were sitting in her vehicle, he appeared to be high, even though he denied it. Then, she said that he reached over, took her cell phone from her hands, and pulled her by her hair back into the car when she attempted to get out. Tucker put her in a headlock when she tried to get out again before reaching into his sweater pocket, telling her that she could not leave and that he was going to kill her. Lawrence was able to get out of the car on her third attempt, and people from the neighborhood started to come out onto the street. One of the neighbors told Tucker to put the phone on the ground and leave the area, which he did. Later that day, Lawrence was with her friend, Kenley Lawrence, who received a phone call from Tucker, which Cortesia recorded with her phone as he was on speakerphone. He began to speak about the incident, where he admitted to having a knife and that he wanted to “poke” Cortesia in the stomach. Tucker was taken into custody for theft of property and aggravated kidnapping.

Keishonna Stewart: multiple shots of Don Julio made me do it

21-year-old Keishonna Stewart yelled at police after she did not pull over immediately when they turned on their lights. Police flashed their lights at her after they saw her almost crash into another vehicle on Myatt Dr. When she pulled over in the center turn lane, she opened her door, and police saw a handgun under her driver’s seat. She refused to leave the vehicle when police commanded her to, so they had to pull her out. Keishonna resisted being placed into custody and refused to walk to the patrol car. Police noted the smell of alcohol on Keishonna and read her Miranda. While under Miranda, she willingly told police that she had drank “1 to 3 shots of Don Julio.” Police inventoried her vehicle and had it towed after she consented to a blood test.

Chastas Knight charged with vehicular assault after using meth while driving

35-year-old Chastas Knight is charged with vehicular assault after police say she sideswiped a Nissan Altima and drove head-on into a Nissan Altima in May of 2022. One of the drivers, Tina Forward, suffered a broken finger, and the other driver, John Ayers, suffered multiple broken bones and limbs. Knight also suffered several broken bones and was transported to the hospital, where she admitted to using methamphetamine prior to crashing into the two vehicles. Warrants were later issued for her arrest, and she was booked into jail this week.

Mark Northrup bounced from Honky Tonk Central after making woman uncomfortable

32-year-old Mark Northrup was reportedly making a woman uncomfortable at Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning. She alerted a security guard, who asked Northrup to leave the bar. The bouncer, Mark Thomas, says Northrup chest-bumped him before he escorted him to the door. Near the exit, Northup fell to the floor and grabbed the bouncer’s leg. Police were nearby and observed Northrup to be heavily intoxicated. He was charged with assault and public intoxication.

Keanah Fitzpatrick charged with public intoxication downtown, held on Florida warrant

Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative Sunday encountered 31-year-old Keanah Fitzpatrick, who was causing a scene at 3rd & Broadway in downtown Nashville. As they were taking her into custody on a simply public intoxication charge which would have been dismissed eight hours later, mobile booking received a notification she had an open warrant out of Florida for which they wanted to extradite her. Fitzpatrick was transported to jail, where she awaits extradition.

Married tourists visit Nashville Jail while on vacation in Music City — Ralph & Rhiannon Martinez

Metro Nashville Police Officer Jaren Breece responded to a fight call at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row on Broadway in downtown Nashville to find 44-year-old Rhiannon Martinez ending her fight with another patron, and he advised her to leave the property. She cursed toward the other involved party and began to leave but turned back around and continued to instigate the fight further. She was extremely intoxicated and unable to care for herself, so she was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. As she was being placed into custody, 51-year-old Ralph Martinez began to interfere with her arrest and was advised to stop. As he continued to interfere after being given chances to walk away, he was also placed into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.