Sydney Kendall jailed after tossing bottles at Play Dance Bar, kicking officer in groin at booking

27-year-old Sydney Kendall was at Play Dance Bar on Church Street in the early hours of Saturday morning when she left the club, got into her vehicle, and began to throw liquor bottles from her car toward other vehicles in the parking lot. Security altered MNPD, who approached Kendall, causing her to put the car in reverse in an attempt to flee. She eventually stopped the vehicle, exited, and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. Though initially agreeing to take a breathalyzer, once she was at booking she refused to comply with any testing. As she returned from the breathalyzer room, Kendall became irate and shoved officers. She dropped to the floor, kicked one officer in the groin, and pulled on their gear as she was being held against the wall.

Camron Ellis charged in assault of boyfriend, rips TV from wall, stomps it

20-year-old Camron Ellis was jailed Sunday morning after police responded to Woodale Lane and spoke with Aaron Mitchell, who advised that he and Ellis had been together for a year. He said Ellis had been drinking and wanted to go out to a club, but Mitchell didn’t want to go out; he wanted to go to bed. Ellis kept talking and wouldn’t leave him alone, so he ignored him. When Ellis realized he was being ignored, he became angry and started packing up his belongings to leave. In the process of packing, Ellis broke Mitchell’s ceramic toothbrush holder in the bathroom. He then walked into the bedroom yelling, grabbed the water tank from a dehumidifier, and hit it against the headboard, stating to Mitchell, “You don’t think I’ll hit you with this?”

That’s when Mitchell called 911, and Ellis went upstairs, ripped the TV off the wall mount, and stepped on it. Mitchell explained that the TV belonged to him, and he had it for 2-3 years. The police observed the broken toothbrush holder, droplets of water from the de-humidifier, and the damaged TV and photographed all of it as evidence. There was also damage to the ceiling and walls from Ellis ripping out the mount. When officers tried to speak with Ellis, he wouldn’t cooperate and stated he just wanted to leave. He also refused to identify himself. Ellis was determined to be the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Todd Gash charged in assault of ex-boyfriend and new woman living in their shared home

56-year-old Todd Gash got into a shoving match with his ex-boyfriend and told police he was a “big fat puss.” MNPD officers arrived at a residence on Upton Ln and spoke to Todd’s ex-boyfriend, the victim, Ben Worsham. Ben said he and Todd recently broke up but co-owned the house they currently live in. Ben’s friend, Tara Latham, moved in with them approximately three weeks ago, and that was the cause of Todd and Ben’s issues. Ben said that Todd arrived at the house, intoxicated, and began blaring his horn before he and Tara went outside to see what was happening. Todd then became angry and pushed Tara; Ben stepped in between them, then Todd and Ben got into a shoving match. During the incident, Ben said that Todd pushed him into a wrought iron fence, bruising his neck. Tara stated that she was uninjured by Todd shoving her. Police spoke to Todd, who said that Tara is “a bitch, a cunt with a capital C, and he fucking hates her” and that Ben “is a big fat puss.”

DUI: Oathe Letier Blanch refuses field sobriety tests because “boyfriend can’t attend”

34-year-old Oathe Blanch almost hit a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper on I-24 before admitting to drinking various alcohol prior to driving. In the early morning hours of July 31st, THP Trooper Healy reported that he saw a blue sedan swaying in and out of the lanes of traffic several times on I-440. He said the car almost struck his vehicle as they merged onto I-24, so he conducted a traffic stop. The driver of the blue sedan was Oathe, who reportedly smelled strongly of alcohol. Oathe then told Trooper Healy that he had drank an unknown amount of beer, rum and coke, mixed drinks, and Fireball before he drove. He then showed several indications of intoxication while performing some of the sobriety tests but said he could not finish because “his boyfriend could not attend.” After being placed into custody, Oathe refused to give a blood sample and was transported to booking.

Tyler Goodrum — drunk and disorderly at Play Dance Bar in Nashville

22-year-old Tyler Goodrum became disruptive at Play Dance Bar late Sunday night, causing security to escort him from the building. He reportedly became aggressive with bouncers at the bar, and Metro Nashville Police responded to the scene. He stated he had been drinking Vodka and said he would just sleep in his car when asked if he had a safe way home. Visibly intoxicated, and unable to care for himself, Goodrum was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Andrew Murray brutally beats another teen during homophobic rampage in Antioch

18-year-old Andrew Murray reportedly approached Robbie Simonik at the Elm Hill RV Resort on Bell Road on June 2 and asked, “Why do you keep looking at me? Are you gay or something?” The victim stated he didn’t want any trouble and walked away from Murray. Murry then followed the victim, suddenly pushed his body against a tree, and held him there. Murray then punched the victim in the face, head, and chest until he was unconscious, leaving severe contusions, a concussion, and possible facial bone fractures.

Zachariah Heil tosses drink on boyfriend; beats him to the ground after returning home

24-year-old Zachariah Heil and his boyfriend, Matthew Duncan, were out drinking at a bar late Saturday night when they began to argue. Heil reportedly threw a drink on his boyfriend, and the two later returned to the car. The victim then confronted him, and in response, Heil struck him in the face. He was assaulted yet again when they arrived at their front yard and continued to punch the victim after he was on the ground. A warrant was issued for Heil’s arrest, and he was booked on that warrant Tuesday evening. 

Joey Ortega knocks his boyfriend out with a punch to the face at Tootsie’s in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 35-year-old Joey Ortega punched his boyfriend, Andrew Beck, in the face as they were approached the couple outside Tootsie’s on Broadway in downtown Nashville Friday night. A verbal argument attracted the attention of police initially, and as they approached, Ortega cocked his fist back and released it, landing his boyfriend on the sidewalk. He was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

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