Tahj Jackson jailed after officers discover his Jeep is stolen during traffic stop over tinted windows

22-year-old Tahj Antoine Jackson was observed driving a vinyl-wrapped dark gray Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT with a dark-tinted windshield near Tisdall Drive and Green Lane on May 20th. After noticing this, officers conducted a traffic stop, where they checked the vehicle record, showing the VIN belonged to a black 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, underneath the vinyl wrap of the Jeep Jackson was driving, the vehicle was white. Then, officers searched the secondary VIN and discovered it belonged to a white 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Taylor Newbern, the owner, reported the white 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee stolen on May 2nd, 2023. Jackson told officers he had the Jeep for about a year and refused to provide any additional statement. Jackson was taken into custody for theft.

Jerson Calderon-Lopez flees police in Infiniti Q50 after being stopped for illegal tint

20-year-old Jerson Calderon-Lopez was booked on March 16th when officers pulled him over in a white Infiniti Q50 with illegal windshield tint. There were reports of a suspicious vehicle with occupants pulling on car door handles in a parking lot on Premier Drive, and Calderon’s Infinity matched the description. The car sped off when police initially tried to conduct a traffic stop. Aviation followed the vehicle and observed four passengers flee on foot onto the railroad tracks near Briley Pike North. Aviation was able to give specific locations and advised that Calderon was hiding on a rockface in the thick brush behind Centennial Boulevard. Police found Calderon and placed him into custody. He admitted to being the driver and not possessing a driver’s license. Calderon also stated that two of the passengers were under 18. Calderon was then transported to General Hospital for a medical clearance before being transported to booking.

Devonte Thompson punches baby-mama in face multiple times

30-year-old Devonte Thompson was booked Tuesday night after assaulting the mother of his three children on Longstalk Road in Antioch. Corii Bond said the two had gotten into an argument about childcare, so she tried to get in her car to leave, but Thompson followed her, opened her passenger’s side door, and punched her in the face repeatedly. Police observed a contusion and swollen upper lip.

FedEx driver Christopher Burt charged after reportedly threatening to beat up a man

Samuel Hill says 55-year-old FedEx driver Christopher Burt blocked part of the road on Old Hickory Blvd in February, causing him to become upset. The two got into an argument over the parking location, and Samuel says he was in fear of being assaulted when Burt reportedly threatened to “beat him up.” Police arrived and issued Burt a citation, charging him with assault/fear of bodily injury. He was booked this week.

Nevaeh Knight goes on clothing rampage in H&M store at Opry Mills Mall

20-year-old Neveah Knight was inside the H&M store at the Opry Mills Mall on January 3rd when police say she became upset and went into a rage for an unknown reason. She was throwing clothes around inside the store and acting extremely disorderly. Staff asked her to leave the store, and she refused. Police responded to the store, and she was issued a citation for criminal trespass and escorted from the property. She was booked on that citation this week.

Eric Estrada charged with sexual battery of woman on couch while his girlfriend slept in their bed

Alejandra Fuentes says 21-year-old Eric Estrada was drinking Friday night and crawled onto the couch where she was sleeping and began to touch and kiss her while pointing a gun at her head and stomach. She says she was eventually able to push him away and run to the bathroom, where she screamed for help and then ran to the bedroom where Estrada’s girlfriend, Yenis Betancourth, and infant daughter were sleeping. A gunshot was then heard and reported by multiple people in the area. Officers took Estrada into custody and recovered a loaded Glock 19.

Joseph Griffith fights brother in attempt to bring gun into Diamante Night Club in south Nashville

21-year-old Joseph Griffith was taken into custody after getting into a fight with his brother, Christopher Griffith, when Christoper attempted to stop him from bringing a gun into the Diamante Night Club in south Nashville. The two physically fought in the parking lot, leaving both with visible injuries to their faces. Joseph was cleared at the hospital and then transported to booking, where a full body scan at intake revealed a 9mm bullet rolled up in the front pocket of his jeans.

Bachelorette Brigade Bridesmaid arrested in downtown Nashville — Alexandra Savage

25-year-old Alexandra Savage was in charge of the #BrideTribe this weekend, which traveled to Nashville to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Hailey Cooper and Will Hewett. As the chief planner of the bachelorette brigade, she created a vibrant social media campaign to #BuyHerAShotShesTyingTheKnot and #HypedToBeAHewett, complete with a graphics package and associated Venmo account. The party arrived in Nashville and continued to the Valentine on Broadway Saturday night, where security eventually asked Savage to vacate the premises due to her extreme level of intoxication and ‘over the topness.” She initially left but returned moments later and was detained until Metro Police took her into custody, charging her with public intoxication and criminal trespass.

Alejandro Vasquez charged after drunkenly interfering with police & medics at Kid Rock’s Bar

Metro Nashville Police and Fire responded to an incident at Kid Rock’s Bar late Friday night where they were assisting a patron turned patient. The patient’s friend, 23-year-old Alejandro Vasquez, began interfering with medics while also being extremely intoxicated from alcohol. After multiple requests for him to give them space and step away, he was eventually so combative that officers decided to detain him. As they attempted to place Vasquez in handcuffs, he tensed up and pulled away from the officers, and they eventually took him to the ground in order to gain compliance. He refused to be placed into a patrol car, and it took multiple officers multiple attempts to get him transported to booking, where he continued to be combative with officers.