Luke Ratliff refuses to cooperate after DUI traffic stop on I-40: 102 in a 70mph zone

It took the presence and force of three THP Troopers and two Metro Nashville Police officers to escort 40-year-old Lucas Andrew Ratliff from his vehicle to the ground after a DUI traffic stop and assistance from two security guards at Metro General Hospital to hold him down for a forced blood draw on November 21st. Troopers initially stopped Ratliff on I-40, where he was paced at 102 mph in a 70 mph zone. During the traffic stop, Ratliff would not make eye contact with officers and had slurred speech, and refused to exit the vehicle, stating he “does not want to.” A warrant was granted for his blood, and he was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail and charged with DUI.

William Jenkins charged after sexual incident at Vanderbilt University Parking Lot

Vanderbilt University student Kristen Lambert says she was in a campus parking lot when 34-year-old William Lozelle Jenkins walked up to her car and approached her driver’s side window, blocking her from leaving. He reportedly unzipped his pants, lowered them, and began to pleasure himself while telling Lambert, “I’ll make your ***** wet,” and “my drugs will make you *** faster.” Officers located Jenkins and took him into custody after a brief struggle and the assistance of additional officers. He had an encounter earlier in the day where he was intimidating and following a Vanderbilt employee and was told to leave the property at that time.

Jeremiah Walker charged after Printers Alley assault and tussle with police

Metro Nashville Police say 35-year-old Jeremiah Walker assaulted a security guard in Printers Alley in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning. As they responded to the scene, the manager of the venue advised Walker was now standing outside of The Whiskey Shot. Officers located Walker, who was trying to leave the area in an Uber, and advised he was being detained as the suspect in an assault. Walker refused to cooperate, refused to move out of the road, and tussled with officers. He was eventually taken into custody and transported to booking.

Carrie Lierl goes wild at Nashville International Airport

31-year-old Caroline Suzanne Lierl was at the Nashville International Airport late Saturday night when employees observed her to be extremely intoxicated and contacted Airport police. Lierl claimed she was on a flight to Cincinnati at 7:17, but no such flight could be found, and she did not have a boarding pass. She was asked to leave the area and go about her evening; however, she refused and became a disturbance to airport operations. As officers took her into custody for public intoxication, Lierl kicked Officer Tomlin and Sgt. Berens multiple times and attempted to flee the scene to avoid arrest.

A drunken Alyssa McCoy booted from Tootsie’s & wraps her legs around MNPD Officer Blake Lutz in assault

Police say 29-year-old Alyssa McCoy was ordered to leave Tootsie’s late Wednesday night due to her level of intoxication. She refused and demanded the bouncers explain to her why she had to leave. They attempted to escort her from the venue, at which point she became aggressive with them, and they detained her until the police arrived. Police were going to issue her a citation for the trespass and let her arrange a safe way home, but Alyssa McCoy refused to sign the citation or provide a fingerprint for it. As officers were placing her into physical custody, she used a car to push away from them. Once in handcuffs, McCoy wrapped her legs around Officer Blake Lutz and refused to let go. As officers separated her from his leg, she began to kick him multiple times.

Dryson Gatlin charged in brutal hammer attack of girlfriend

Valenta Slaughter called 911 to report her boyfriend of three years, 27-year-old Dryson Vindrick Gatlin, had struck her with a hammer, and she requested an ambulance. Police arrived at their shared apartment on Glastonbury Road to find the victim with multiple hammer injuries with blood and cuts to her face and significant swelling to her head, along with bleeding. Officers located a bloody hammer on the living room floor, which was covered with broken glass and blood droplets. Gatlin was detained inside the apartment, where he claimed his girlfriend was the first one to brandish a hammer and attempted to strike him first. Gatlin had two cuts on two of his fingers of unknown origin. Gatlin refused to be placed in a patrol car but was eventually transported to booking.

Daniel Alarcon, 18, drinks an entire bottle of liquor, would rather go to jail than hospital

18-year-old Daniel Alarcon was initially sent to Skyline Hospital for treatment when officers encountered him due to his young age and extreme level of intoxication. Upon arrival at the hospital, he became extremely belligerent and refused to obey any directives from medical staff. Officers attempted to de-escalate the situation so he wouldn’t have to go to jail, but he refused all attempts and continued to disrupt the usual business of the hospital. He was eventually placed into custody after he stated he would “rather go to jail than stay in the hospital.” Once they attempted to place him in cuffs, he stated he wanted to “just go home” instead. Alarcon admitted to drinking an entire bottle of liquor.

Alejandro Wright rips shirt off in wild rage against girlfriend in downtown Nashville

31-year-old Alejandro Grant Wright was at the intersection of 4th & Broadway Saturday when police say he was in a “heated verbal argument” with his girlfriend, Valeria Galvan. He was reportedly irate and causing such a scene that he drew the attention of all the citizens in the immediate downtown area. Wright then ripped off his shirt and walked aggressively at his girlfriend as officers intervened to prevent any physical assault from happening. Galvan says she was in fear of being hurt by Wright.

Tourist Will Maracich was not a winner at Losers Bar & Grill

24-year-old tourist William Maracich from South Carolina was detained by security at Losers Bar in downtown Nashville late Saturday night after he caused a disturbance in the bar due to his extreme level of intoxication. Police arrived in response to the disturbance and took Maracich into custody, at which time he resisted being cuffed. Once at booking, Maracich refused to exit the patrol car, resulting in officers carrying him into booking.

Mark Combs: drunk & disorderly at Martin’s Towing

Metro Nashville Police responded to Martin’s Towing late Thursday night to find an extremely intoxicated 21-year-old Mark Combs, who refused to leave the property after being asked. Combs yelled and screamed at police during the entire interaction, and as they were placing him into custody for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and trespassing, he earned an additional charge of resisting arrest when he refused to be placed into the patrol car.

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