Canadian Robert Farrington jailed after “poking” Nashville Firefighter in downtown Nashville

39-year-old Canadian Robert Farrington was “poking a firefighter” at Rippy’s bar in downtown Nashville late Saturday night, causing them to alert nearby police. The firefighter told officers that Farrington was previously fighting two other individuals as they approached him and ended the altercation. He continued to “poke” the firefighter and was extremely intoxicated throughout the interaction. Unable to provide information about his friends or hotel, he was taken into custody and transported to booking. He pulled away and became combative during his arrest and was additionally charged with resisting arrest.

Duaij Alkhalia pushes officers, resists arrest at Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar

23-year-old Duaij Kalifa Alkhalifa was involved in an altercation at Jason Aldean’s Bar on November 12. Alkhalifa tried pushing through officers to get to the other individual involved in the incident and refused to back away when they ordered him to. Officers told him multiple times to stay back, but he refused, so they placed him under arrest, to which he began to resist. Alkhalifa was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Christopher Kemp found drunk in parking lot, runs away from police

21-year-old Christopher Kemp was jailed on November 12th after officers observed him lying in the parking lot of the Horton Events Building on Lafayette Street. When officers approached Kemp and asked for his ID, he stood up and started walking away. They stopped him by restraining him, but he pulled away and ran into the middle of the intersection of 7th and Lafayette. When officers displayed their taser, Kemp finally complied. He had bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, and sluggish speech and movements consistent with the use of narcotics. Officers also observed a bottle of beer beside him. A trespass waiver was already on Kemp’s file for that location, so he was taken into custody.  

Joshua Tumnyni resists arrest; tells officers “That’s why we need guns to kill officers”

22-year-old Joshua Tumnyni was driving recklessly on Long Hollow Pike on November 5th as he sped towards the left lane that officers had blocked off due to a disabled vehicle. As officers waved him down for questioning, Tumnyni attempted to re-enter the right lane. He advised officers that he noticed their blue lights activated and that the only reason that he was attempting to pass vehicles in the right lane was because he was running late for work. Tumnyni then continuously refused to provide his driver’s documents to officers. He sat back in his vehicle in a defensive posture after being warned that he would be removed if he kept being non-compliant. Officers opened the door and grabbed Tumnyni’s arm, and then he began reaching towards the passenger seat, causing officers to draw their tasers. Tumnyni was successfully removed from the vehicle as he told officers, “That’s why we need guns to kill officers.” He was taken into custody for reckless driving, resisting arrest, and retaliation for past actions.

Elias Martinez jailed for disorderly conduct after causing scene over “witches” that were “out to get him”

22-year-old Elias Martinez was disorderly in a market on October 30 as officers observed a small crowd watching Martinez from a distance. Martinez was speaking Spanish about witches who were “out to get him” while being very reactive with metal signs in each of his hands. Officers warned Martinez numerous times to put down the signs as they had a market employee translate for them and when he continued to refuse, they had to discharge their taser. Martinez was put into handcuffs and hobbles as he tried to kick the officers arresting him. Martinez was placed in custody for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Quintin Humphrey assaults roommate; “Y’all gonna have to team up on me!”

25-year-old Quintin Humphrey was arrested on October 28th for a warrant issued on October 26th for a domestic assault against Alicia Zaludova, his roommate. On 10/26, Zaludova called deputies and stated that when she came home, Humphrey became upset because she was making “too much noise.” A verbal argument ensued in the living room, and Humphrey grabbed Zaludova’s phone and keys before throwing her outside the house and locking the front door. Officers observed bruises on Zaludova’s right elbow but were unable to reach Humphrey for questioning.

On 10/28, deputies were dispatched to Porter Terrace for a call regarding a domestic disturbance and spoke with Zaludova as they arrived. She stated that Humphrey needed to be served an order of protection. Officers noticed Humphrey in the back of the residence as he began to walk towards officers stating he was just going to leave. Humphrey then refused to put his hands behind his back as he was warned about his warrant and told officers, “Y’all gonna have to team up on me” before being taken to the ground. Humphrey was taken into custody for domestic assault and resisting arrest.

Ian Brockway spits on an officer, threatens to find his home and “beat his ass,” per report

33-year-old Ian Brockway was jailed Tuesday night after his girlfriend reported that he wanted to kill himself due to their breakup. Ms. Thomas advised the police that Brockway had left the house with a knife. Police noted that they had multiple units looking for Brockway, but he was nowhere to be found. During the search, Brockway was still sending Ms. Thomas text messages about harming himself. He was finally found on the other side of a fence behind the residence. He was extremely intoxicated and refused to prove that he didn’t have any weapons by continuing to walk away toward the house. As officers attempted to place Brockway into cuffs, he pulled away until he was finally cuffed and walked to the patrol car, where he spat on Officer Edmund. While in booking, he told Officer Edmund that he would “find out where he lived and beat his ass.”

Casey Tuffo assaults police, threatens to kill them and their families after Vibes bar incident

23-year-old Casey Tuffo threatened to kill officers and their families after being placed in custody this weekend. Officers were dispatched to Vibes Bar & Lounge regarding a fight. The security of the bar detained Tuffo, who was believed to be the suspect in the fight. Officers arrived and observed Tuffo screaming that there was no probable cause for his arrest. Tuffo complained about his wrist hurting, and as officers attempted to fix the handcuffs, he pushed Officer Pfeiffer and began to run away. Officers told Tuffo to stop multiple times but had to draw Tasers to get him to comply. Tuffo was taken into custody for disorderly conduct, evading arrest, resisting, public intoxication, and assault of an officer.

Cheyenne Cole jailed after allowing somone to drive her vehicle under the influence of drugs

24-year-old Cheyenne Cole was jailed on Thursday night after police rolled up on a white truck on Dickerson Pike and found the driver passed out, snoring, and unresponsive with his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Cheyenne was the passenger and began to dig in Nathaniel’s pocket, pulling out a small bag of a white powdery substance and attempting to hide it inside of her prison purse. Police grabbed Cheyenne to place her into cuffs as she pulled away and tried to stomp out the small bag that had fallen. Nashville Fire Department transported Nathaniel to the hospital, where he told them that the bag in question contained fentanyl and could be found in Cheyenne’s wallet. Police found a straw that had white powder residue on the inside. It was also discovered that the vehicle was registered to Cheyenne’s father and that she was solely responsible for it, resulting in her being charged with a DUI per se.

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