Brandon Calloway assaults girlfriend, prevents her from leaving home during argument

23-year-old Brandon Calloway had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Jayla Hall, at their shared Brickmont Drive residence in the early hours of March 13th. At approximately 8:52 a.m., Hall’s father alerted the authorities, stating that his daughter was assaulted and choked by her boyfriend. When officers arrived at his Northbrook Road residence, they spoke with Hall, who said that her boyfriend had choked her in the past, the last time being about a week ago, but advised that he did not do so today. Hall then explained that they had argued, so she tried to leave. However, Calloway stood in the doorway, telling her she was not leaving and that they could talk about it. After this, Hall said she went to the backdoor, but he physically prevented her from leaving, repeating that she should stay so they could talk about it. Then, Hall said she picked up a handful of drywall mud and threw it at him to make him get out of the way. In response, Calloway pushed her to the ground. Hall landed in the mud, got up, and started to walk to her father’s house after Calloway took her car keys. Hall later returned to the location, retrieved her keys, and went back to her father’s home, where she informed him about the incident. Officers then tried to go to their shared Brickmont Drive residence to speak with Calloway, but no contact was made. Calloway was taken into custody for domestic assault and false imprisonment on March 27th.

DUI: Heather Stevens drinks before crashing car on Lebanon Pike

42-year-old Heather Stevens was jailed on January 11th after crashing her car on Lebanon Pike. When police arrived, Stevens was under the care of the Nashville Fire Department. The officers made contact with two witnesses, Ms. Denise Brown and Mr. James Raley. The couple stated that they observed Ms. Stevens in the driver’s seat of her vehicle, pale-skinned, sweaty, in and out of consciousness, and drooling. After being evaluated in the ambulance, Stevens was asked to perform sobriety tests. She performed poorly, was placed into custody, and transported to booking.

Brittaney Abrons jailed after throwing objects at ex-boyfriend during argument

35-year-old Brittaney Abrons was jailed on Thursday after an argument with her ex-boyfriend turned violent at their home on Double Tree Lane. Joshua Pittman told police that an argument started when she demanded he move out. She began throwing household items at him when he told her he needed more time. Joshua was able to block most of the items thrown, but one hit him on the hand, resulting in a cut to his finger.

DUI: Katherine Webb says she didn’t drink any of the 20 “vodka shooters” inside her crashed car

Police say they found around twenty 50ml “vodka shooters” in the crashed vehicle of 25-year-old Katherine Webb after she crashed into a block wall on Reynolds Road Saturday evening, deploying all of her airbags. Webb was still inside the vehicle and refused to open or unlock her doors. First responders had to break out a window to enter the vehicle and get her transported for medical treatment. Webb claimed she only had 2 shots of vodka earlier but did not consume any of the “vodka shooters” inside the vehicle. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI.

Natalie Rodriguez charged with assaulting her mother, who asked her to go to the grocery store

23-year-old Natalie Rodriguez is charged with hitting her mother in the face and her body, reportedly upset her mother, Christina Valles, had asked her to go to the grocery store. Officers arrived at the Branch Oak Trail home Saturday afternoon, where the mother reported she had asked Natalie to get food and household supplies for her two juvenile children. Natalie reportedly became verbally aggressive and hostile, eventually escalating to assaulting her mother, leaving her with some injuries, which were documented by responding officers. Christina’s husband separated the two until police arrived.

Germel Caballes too drunk for downtown Nashville during son’s bachelor party

48-year-old Germel Caballes was lying on the sidewalk outside Rippy’s Honky in the early hours of Saturday morning when police encountered him and checked on his welfare due to his extreme level of intoxication. He refused medical assistance and then became verbally and physically hostile with officers and his son, who was with him as he was celebrating a bachelor weekend. Due to his inability to care for himself, he was charged with public intoxication.

Kirk Neal charged after putting a cigarette out on his boyfriend’s head during breakup assault

26-year-old Kirk Neal is charged with domestic assault after his boyfriend, Lance Perlas, says Neal put a cigarette out on his head when he told him he wanted to end their relationship. He says Neal became extremely upset and physically aggressive and spit in his face and punched him. Neal then reportedly knocked him to the ground and climbed on top of him, and put out a lit cigarette on the back of the victim’s head while continuing to punch him. The victim’s brother, Charles Fine, was able to pull Neal off him, and his mother, Betty Fine, confirmed the events to the police. Officers documented injuries to the victim’s face, head, and knees.

Carlos Che Quej found drunk and injured, sleeping on a stranger’s lawn in Nashville

27-year-old Carlos Che Quej was found sleeping on a stranger’s lawn on Saturn Drive Saturday night just after 10 p.m. when officers made contact with Che Quej, he was unable to answer most questions, but was able to convey he had consumed “8 or 9 beers”. It was unclear how he sustained multiple facial injuries, but he refused all medical assistance. The homeowner wanted him off his lawn, so he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Woman says California visitor chugged beer & destroyed her kitchen — Justin Hickey arrested

Geri Michelle Robinson says she had 28-year-old Justin Hickey, of California, to her home this week, and he suddenly became verbally aggressive while chugging bottles of beer. He then began using the bottles to break things in the kitchen and used a Sharpie to write “disparaging remarks” on a door and vandalized her refrigerator.

When officers arrived he was still verbally berating the victim and admitted to his wrongdoings. He was charged with vandalism and is free on a $1,500 bond.